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In front of a humongous medieval castle that was completely built by white bricks, Felix stepped out of his car and walked toward the castle\'s metallic gate.

He clicked on a key and the car immediately went to park itself automatically in the parking lot.

Sir, can you please show me your invitation

Unworried, Felix projected his referral letter to the front desk clerk, who was standing outside of the castle.

The clerk scanned the letter by his bracelet to see if it was forged or not.

A few seconds later, he bowed his head to Felix and welcomed him in a respectful manner.

Sir Felix, your attendance delighted our distinguished establishment.

He stood up straight and showed him the way to the hall with his hand, where the other guests were currently socializing before the auction official start.

Thank you.

Felix smiled in appreciation and entered inside the Beethoven auction building, which was owned by one of the best auctions companies in the empire.

It was responsible for thousands of auction branches spread widely in each kingdom, whether in real life or in The UVR.

Felix managed to enter one of their auctions in his previous life due to receiving Goati\'s referral letter, and what he saw inside utterly blew his mind.

From famous celebrities, high ranked SG players in the empire, to powerful authoritative personals.

Felix at that point was merely an average individual who lucked out on an opportunity to mingle with those characters.

That resulted in being an outcast in each gathering, whether in the hall before the auction began, or the banquet after it ends.

No one bothered to give him a single minute to converse with him.

Thus, he could only leave before the auction banquet after he couldn\'t handle being shunned at the corner of the banquet akin to an abandoned dog.

There was no point in staying in an outclassed party.

However, this time things were going in a completely different direction, as the moment Felix stepped inside the noisy hall, wearing a formal ash grey suit, polished black leather shoes, and a white tight fit shirt with a black tie, he managed to capture the interest of the majority inside.

The reason they even turned was not only due to his clothing, but mostly due to his dreadful violet serpent-like eyes, plus his overbearing aura he kept emitting.

An aura that only those at the top or confident to reach the top had.

Those famous individuals could easily spot a goat inside a sheep herd from a mile away.

That\'s why Felix\'s emergence caught their interest, especially when no one saw him before in any gathering.

Who is that handsome man

I never saw him before.

But he can\'t be nobody right

He is either disguising his face, or he is from another empire.

Stop jesting, how can someone attend this VIP auction house meeting while hiding his face

True, I believe he is from another empire, or a high ranked SG player who is using a different persona inside the platform.

That\'s more logical.

This must be then his real face.

Felix ignored their murmurs and loud gossips, and simply carried on moving indifferently to an empty seat on the bar.

The reason he used some of his real features instead of the random disguise, was to throw them off from realizing that he arrived here using a referral letter, and not earned an invitation by himself.

It was easily noticeable if someone was using a disguise or his real face, just from the way he carried himself.

And Felix overbearing aura screamed of confidence and pride.

Unknown losers would never be able to have that confidence, especially if they entered this den that was full of famous and powerful individuals.

Felix in his previous life got instantly recognized as a lucky individual who chanced upon a referral letter, just from his constant nervousness when he approached them.

That led him to being shunned throughout the entire evening.

Felix didn\'t want the same to happen.

He knew that this was an opportunity to make some connections with those individuals.

It didn\'t matter if he made friends with celebrities or even just high ranked players.

Every one of them could benefit him one way or another.

So he must elude them somehow to believe that he was as famous as them to facilitate their upcoming conversations.

Since they assumed that he was a high ranked player using his real face.

Then he must carry on the lie and get as many benefits as possible from it.


I am quite intrigued by his SG persona.

I might even have contested against him before. Said a striking blue-haired man with snowy white eyebrows and beard while eyeing Felix ordering a drink at the bar.

How about we go ask him together Aaron A croaky response came from a well-toned man wearing a flamboyant red suit, who was sitting on the same table as the blue-haired man.

No, I would rather not humiliate myself.

I bet he will 100% reject us.

So you go ahead. Aaron waved his hand dismissively.

Forget it then, better go try my chance with Miss Molly.

Lion, you never give up, do you Aren\'t you afraid she will report you to enforcers for harassment Aaron chuckled.

I wish.

At least then I will receive a response for her. Lion said in a joking manner.

However, he wasn\'t joking about going to Miss Molly in the slightest.

As he stood up from his seat while fixing his suit\'s sleeves.

Then, he took a deep a deep breath and advanced in direction of three drop-dead gorgeous ladies, each wearing a different glamorous dress that kept men stealing glances at them from time to time.

Lion focused only on the lady in the middle that was laughing sweetly while having a curly purple lock of her exquisite hair coiled around her finger.

However, her laugh suddenly paused after noticing Lion approaching her.

She frowned her eyebrows in irritation over the upcoming harassment.

Stella, Natalie quickly find a way for me to get rid of this nuisance. She requested softly while pulling them away from Lion to buy time to think for a way out.

The ladies turned around and figured out what she meant after seeing Lion as well.

Stella immediately said coldly, Why don\'t you just report him for harassment The bastard doesn\'t want to take a cue by himself and leave you alone after your constant rejections. She continued talking out loud so those near her and especially Lion to hear everything, So just report him, no one will blame you when he gets his account blocked.

The ongoing chatter of those around them instantly quietened down after realizing that a juicy drama was about to unfold in front of them.

Immediately after hearing what Stella said and seeing the people\'s sudden silence, Lion paused his footsteps, not having the guts to continue forward.

He simply narrowed his eyes at Stella, who had her lips curled up in disgust.

She didn\'t even try to hide it.

Felix took a small sip from his drink while watching with amus.e.m.e.nt, \'Lucky, getting free entertainment before the auction starts.\'

\'Why doesn\'t this b*tch mind her business\'

Lion glanced hatefully at Stella, who was pulling a hair lock behind her ear using a middle finger pointing at him.

He switched his vision to others, who were looking at him with clear anticipation in their eyes, waiting to see him getting humiliated in public.

\'Tsk, Should not have made a move when those two b*tches were with her.\'

He changed his direction and headed left, ignoring the disappointed sighs of those around him.

He was not a fool to make himself a joke before the auction starts.

So, it was better to advance on Molly later when she was alone.

He went towards a clerk and asked him out loud where the bathroom was.

The Clerk gave him the directions politely.

Thank you, I was planning to ask an acquaintance about it. He smiled politely towards the clerk and added out loud while heading towards the bathroom, But it seems that her beauty got into her head, thinking that all men are here to hit on her.

Everyone chuckled lightly at this pathetic shot of saving face.

However, they understood that if he didn\'t try to make an excuse to get him out of the hole that Stella put him in, He would get belittled even further.

After all, to back away from just one sentence would put a quite large dent in his charisma.

God knows those snobs would rather die before embarrassing themselves in front of their peers.

Molly sighed in relief after seeing his back disappear at the corner.

She hugged Stella and kissed her on the cheek, leaving a hazy purple lip mark.

Eww! I told you not to kiss me with your purple lipstick! You always leave a mark, ruining my make up. Stella pushed her away and took a small mirror from her bracelet.

She sulked instantly after seeing the mark on her cheek.

Molly and Natalia giggled sweetly and put their fingers in their mouths under the gazes of men in the hall.

Then, they rubbed them on Stella\'s cheek, trying to remove the mark.

Sadly, they just made it worse as it got spread even further.

... Stella looked at her purple cheek speechlessly.

\'Is this my reward for doing a good deed\'

Without waiting for those around them to laugh at her, she snapped her finger and her cheek was returned to its previous state.

If it was not for this, Molly and Natalia would not have played with her like this.

Friendship would break between females if this happened in real life.

Satisfied with her looks, she closed the mirror and put it back in the bracelet.

She then eyed her pranksters with a spiteful gaze.

You asked for it. She grinned and looked around her, evaluating every man in the hall to see who would be fit for her payback prank.

Too old....Married....


Womanizer piece of **....Gay...No fun to play with.

She kept commenting softly each time her eyes landed on a man.

The two girls felt nervous every time they hear her murmur.

What is she planning to do with us Natalia whispered to Molly while eyeing Stella worriedly.

I don\'t know. Molly sighed, But we won\'t like the results.

She is always heavy-handed with her pranks.

It\'s you! Stella said, smiling.

Their whispering stopped after seeing Stella walking towards an unknown man, sitting at the bar counter, drinking small sips of bluish drink while reading in concentration something on his Holographic screen.


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