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Five minutes later...

Felix was sitting in the living room fully dressed.

He wasn\'t doing anything besides stare at the ceiling with an absent-minded expression.

He kept trying to access his consciousness and fix his relationship with Asna, but he had no idea where to start.

Heck, he still could not figure out what truly upset her to such a degree.

He knew that his taunts were a bit too much, but still, they were just taunts.

Based on Asna\'s personality she should have shrugged them off by now and started planning a way to get her revenge.

That what he assumed would happen and what he actually prepared for, not this.

\'Sigh, it seems like my only option is to talk to her face to face.\' He gave a bitter smile and closed his eyes.


Inside the consciousness, in the mist made mansion, Felix sat on the bed next to Asna, who was still using the flame spirit form.

5 minutes had already passed by and Felix tried everything to make her speak again.

From apologizing, complementing to even tickling her.

Yet she was still as unresponsive as a log.

Alright, it\'s better if I just leave then. Felix sighed and stood up, planning to exit his consciousness.

There was nothing much to do anyway.

He already tried everything to no avail.

So it was better to just head out than to remain next to her in total awkward silence.

However, the moment he got up from the bed, he heard a soft whisper.

A whisper inaudible if one didn\'t pay attention.

But in this pin-drop silence, Felix heard it as loud as thunder.

I have been sealed for over 20 million years.

But I slept the entire duration, waking up only when someone stumbles upon my prison. Asna\'s mellow and enticing voice that Felix was used to hearing was completely gone, as she spoke in a tone filled with misery and suffering, You have no idea what it feels like to be sealed from your childhood with old fogies until you grow old just like them by only sleeping. Her voice suddenly cracked, as she sniffled, 20 million years of my life was wasted lying dormant.

If you didn\'t come I would have been there for eternity.

So even if I don\'t show it, I am still grateful that you saved me. Just as Felix opened his mouth, trying to respond, he closed it shut as he heard her continue while sobbing, But you keep mentioning those memories that I desperately want to erase.

That\'s what hurts me the most.

Being reminded constantly that even when I am living a 2nd chance of life.

I am still 20 million years old.

Ashamed and feeling guilty, Felix lowered his head as he remembered his careless remarks.

He kept speaking lightly about her being sealed like it meant nothing to her.

He never once thought or bothered to put himself in her shoes and try to understand what she had gone through. 

20 million years The human race didn\'t exist in the universe for even 3rd of it! Yet, Asna spent that entire period doing nothing but sleeping in utter loneliness.

It was already a miracle that she didn\'t snap and went mental.

God knows everyone would have.

Now, after finally being freed from her shackles, she got sealed yet again in Felix\'s body.

But, she wasn\'t despairing as much as in her previous life.

Since now, she truly had a chance to start a brand new life, away from the bad experience she had gone through before.

It might not be as good as she wanted and dreamed of, but at least it was something, it meant something...for her.

You are right, this is our 2nd chance of life, not mine alone.

And you deserve to live it as you wish. Felix caressed her softly and said, For now, you can\'t do so, but don\'t worry, it won\'t be long before you get to enjoy your freedom. He gave her a solemn expression he never showed before and promised, You have my word.

Asna\'s flame spirit form abruptly was replaced with her human form.

Due to their close distance, her head manifested near his face.

He stared at her hazy golden eyes stunned speechless, not knowing how to react.

Yet, she just had made it worse by hugging him gently.

Can you visit me each day I don\'t want to sleep for years again. She whispered her request in his ear.

Felix could only nod his head stiffly in agreement.

Meanwhile, his eyes kept darting from her exposed cleavage to her breathtaking face.

He was truly about to have a nose bleed from this sight.

But he had to hold it in.

He didn\'t want to embarrass himself in front of her.

Asna, can you calculate only the years that you were awake in the ruins He requested hastily while looking at the mansion ceiling.

Asna did as she was told and started calculating seriously while still lying in his embrace.

Felix kept staring at the ceiling with a deadpan expression, waiting patiently for her to finish.

Uhmm, I gained consciousness 2000 years before I got sealed.

Add it to the 500 years I was awake during the imprisonment. She smiled charmingly and said, It means I am only 2500 years.

Felix dodged her smile reflexively with his eyes and replied.

Alright, in this life your true age is 2500 years.

I will never mention 20 million years again.

I love it! Asna jumped from his embrace while clapping her hands in delight.

Felix sighed in relief after she finally got off.

His dragon was really about to take a peek.

But, don\'t you think 2500 years is too young She suddenly asked.

What do you mean 2500 years is already quite old to me. Felix raised his eyebrows in bewilderment.

Oh, I forgot your human race mortal average lifespan is merely 80 years. She chuckled while covering her mouth and explained, However for my Unigin race, we don\'t have a lifespan, we are eternal.

As long as the universe stands we stand as well with it.

That\'s why we were sealed instead of being killed by the Go... She suddenly coughed, So the oldest of us decided to a set life growth for newborns like me, from gaining consciousness to finally being able to do our duty as beings of laws.

Baffled, Felix just kept listening to her without having a single clue what the f*ck she was talking about.

Laws Eternals Gaining Consciousness Why the hell she blatantly hid the name of the individual or group responsible for sealing her.

His mind was in a complete mess with those kinds of questions.

Asna heard them as well, yet she didn\'t address them at all.

She simply continued her explanation about the age, The first 1000 years is our childhood.

You can say the first ten years for humans.

After so, we enter adolescence.

Sadly, it ends only after 3000 years.

From then on, we become a.d.u.l.ts to eternity, and start fulfilling our birth duty.

So 2500 years is quite young for me, as it means I am not even an a.d.u.l.t. She offered him a playful smile while advancing in his direction.

Is this what you want A teenage girl living in your consciousness my dear Felix She asked.

Felix eyelids twitched at her teasing and started backing away from her until he reached the end of the bed.

Asna you can add 500 years and make yourself an a.d.u.l.t, I don\'t give a ** honestly. He replied.

Asna climbed on the bed and began approaching slowly on all four.

Her sleeping gown was a bit messy, making her expose parts of her pale unblemished skin to Felix, who was sitting stiffly at the end of the bed.

Are you sure about that my dear Felix She asked while licking her lips in a seductive manner.

Felix instantly made a tactical retreat after seeing the situation derail to his worst nightmare.

She was about to reach him and see that his dragon was as stiff as a log! Felix, would never, never! Give her the satisfaction of seeing him getting aroused by her.

F*ck you Asna, if you keep doing this **, I swear I will either assault you or not bother visiting you ever again. Of course, He didn\'t forget to leave one last remake while running away.

Unbothered about his threat, Asna fixed her clothes and humphed lightly, That\'s for belittling my beauty before.

In the end, she was still butthurt about him disparaging her beauty by his remarks.

She wouldn\'t be Asna if she didn\'t take her revenge.

And don\'t you dare use my face as a mold for your stupid games.

I don\'t want everyone to copy my face. She suddenly yelled.

Fine!! You cheapskate, why do you need to be so b*tchy about it! it\'s just a face. Felix replied in irritation after being denied even this.

Asna ignored his tantrum and watched him close the face modification interface.

The bastard immediately opened it after leaving his consciousness.

Obviously, he was planning on taking advantage of her good mood and request her permission.

Sadly, she told him off, before he even opened his mouth.

Sigh, I guess the hoodie will be my friend for a long time. He mumbled.

Amused and delighted, she giggled softly after seeing him try to customize the hoodie with a gloomy expression.


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