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Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a round of applause to your champion... Marlion clutched the mic with both of his hands and brought it right between his mouths.

He took a deep breath and shouted at the top of his voice, LAANDLOOOOOOORD!!!

He timed so well, that the moment he screamed the name, Felix dashed right through the finish line.

The spectators didn\'t wait for him to tell them to, as they were already cheering and clapping until their voices cracked and hands turned bright red.

Yet, none of them paused for even a second to take a break.

They were giving Felix the standing ovation he deserved after showing them a spectacular game that went beyond their expectations.

He flew solo from the moment the game started until it ended.

He fought and eliminated any player, partnership, and alliance that was blocking his path.

In their eyes, he might be a newbie but he gave them a performance that wasn\'t accessible by their ticket price.

Heck, they paid merely 50 SC for normal seating, yet they watched a peak tier gold rank performance that needed at least at bare 1000 SC per ticket!

They couldn\'t wait until they go back to their friends, forums, groups, and clicks, to brag about this marvelous evening.

Just the thought of it made them feel twofold the excitement.



Felix\'s name kept being chanted periodically each second creating a wave of ardor through the entire stadium.


High above in the VIP rooms.

The two elders clapped their hands as well with satisfying smiles over Felix\'s performance.

Never thought he would have unlocked even a super strength passive with such a massive boost. The elder rubbed his beard and added with intrigue, I am getting more interested in the beast bloodline he is using.

Did you notice He never used his peak ability at all during the race. The elderly woman said.

True, the only thing he used so far is two active abilities and one passive.

It\'s too hard to judge his integration based on what he showed. He smiled, But after we rope him, we can question him later on the details of his bloodline and his integration.

Are you going to make a move now She asked.

No, let\'s wait a day or two to see what other clans will offer him. He shook his head.

Alright, should we increase the encitement offer just in case She suggested.

No, the cleanse potion is enough to rope him, unless others offered something better. He chuckled, But I doubt it.

She nodded in understanding and focused on Felix, who was currently stepping outside of his car while stretching his hands behind his back.


Excited and impatient, Marlion immediately jumped from the commentary platform into the ground, landing right next to Felix.

He was clearly eager to interview him.

Too bad, the moment he opened his left mouth, not a single sound left his lips.

Despair engulfed Marlion as he stared at the tag above Felix\'s head.

>No Interviews<

Before, he assumed that Felix was just one of the many newbies who were only participating in the game to add numbers and make the veterans look good.

However, after Felix made a joke of them all without even using his peak active ability, his biased view instantly switched.

At this point, he wanted nothing more than to speak to the champion and barrage him with inquires about his bloodline, personality, wishes, why he hid his face, and so many questions that were bloating head up.

Sadly, that tag kept muting him every time he decided to speak.

Felix chuckled at this sight and waved his hand mildly towards the spectators who were singing his name out loud.

Then under their eyes and the surviving players, He disintegrated into white particles.

Noooooooo!! Marlion yelled with a horrified expression.

But, nothing much changed as Felix was truly gone.

He dropped on his knees while murmuring in despair, What about the Trophy Ceremony Asking for a wish Spending game points under the fans\' eyes! He punched the ground with his side fist, almost tearing up, So many things to do, but you bastard escaped, leaving me to entertain the audience with those losers.

Marlion was truly not overreacting, as the trophy ceremonial and wish-fulfillment were one of the things everyone loved to watch.

Without them, the spectators would honestly feel a bad taste in the mouths after they leave the stadium.

They were the perfect closure to any game.

Unfortunately, Felix didn\'t give a ** about their happy ending.

There was no way in hell he would expose his wish or the items he bought with his game point during a goddamn live stream.

The only ones who never missed such free publicity were the full-fledged idols, who feed on attention...


On the other hand, the ceremonial trophy acceptance was already a boring procedure for Felix, as he experienced it many times in his previous life.

So, there was nothing left to keep him after winning the game unless he won a title.

Felix wouldn\'t mind staying to receive it if that happened.

Simply because he never got a title in his previous life! Neither unique title nor an MVP title.

Getting them was harder than it looked.

Just like in this game, Felix was struggling to just win the game, yet to obtain the unique title, he had to massacre every player with him.

What a joke! He barely killed seven players.

Don\'t even mention forty-five.


half an hour later, Felix stepped outside of the shower with a towel covering his nether region.

Ah, what a bless. He sat on the living room couch in a relaxed manner.

\'Queen, show me the prize pool please.\'

Shortly after, a long holographic list appeared in front of him.

The list had more than a hundred items on it each with their own price.

// High grade stone (common element/uncommon element/rare element/) = 5 points/10 points/100 points.

Peak grade stone(common element/uncommon element/rare element) = 40 points/60 points/600 points.

The Crimson Storm Bull\'s broken horn = 500 points.

Three Petals Elemental Flower = 600 points.

Beautifying Flower = 780 points.



Purity Fountain Drop = 1200 point //

Felix scrolled the entire list until he reached the last item which was the purity fountain drop.

He glanced at his current points that were displayed at top of the list and saw that he collected 1300 GP from the race.

1200 GP was from directly eliminating six players and the extra 100 GP was counted as an assist after he indirectly caused Warshock\'s death.

Though, it was only because his poison managed to affect him, if it didn\'t happen, he wouldn\'t have gotten anything.

Just like the case with MightyMonka.

His death had no relation to him.

Thus no points were rewarded. 

Without further ado, Felix pressed purchase on the purity drop, and the serial number of the item was registered in his bracelet.

He was left with only 100 GP.

Still, Felix felt like he obtained a bargain, as he knew that material like purity drop wasn\'t supposed to be included in a bronze game in the first place.

Thus, he was quite please with his purchase.

After dealing with his points, he closed the list and asked the queen, How many more drops would I obtain if I wished for them

Five drops sir Felix, that\'s the maximum amount you can ask for.

Sigh, it still far from 20 drops needed, but it\'s a good start. He requested, Please fulfill my wish.

I want the drops.

Are you certain The moment you agree you can\'t ask for a refund. She informed him.


Instantly, the serial numbers of the five drops were added to his bracelet.

6 drops from 20 needed to make Elemental Potion at the first game. He smiled, Not a bad start.

Felix never planned to buy the elemental potion using his coins for two reasons.

One, the potion\'s known market price was 5 billion SC.

Two, even if he had the necessary capital he wouldn\'t be able to find it either in public auctions, markets or even in black markets!

The potion was so rare that only a dozen arrive each year from the Forsythia Witch Empire, which belonged to the sacred Witch race, to the Milky Way Galaxy!

That\'s right! Only a couple of potions for an entire goddamn galaxy! A galaxy that had four major empires and hundreds of kingdoms all fighting tooth and nail to get one single potion.

Yet, Felix was supposed to contest with them for it

Not in a lifetime with his tragic reputation.

That was why Felix decided to collect the materials needed for it and make a deal with a witch to concoct it for him.

This was the method used by the majority of bloodliners, who seek unobtainable potions.

Though, this method was quite risky, as Felix could lose his materials and the order fees if the concoction process failed.

But this was the only way he had to obtain it.

He already had knowledge of the materials needed, and he planned to buy whatever he could with SC and use his victory wish for those he couldn\'t purchase.

Just like the purity fountain drop.

Felix was hell-bent on getting this potion no matter how the odds were stacked against him.

As without it, he wouldn\'t be able to obtain another element to be enhanced by Asna.

He already reached 100% poison affinity, leaving only his illusion element still stagnated at 12%.

However, Felix never bothered with this element as the beasts that use it were either extinct, impossible to hunt, or low tiered not surpassing tier 4.

Not to mention the resources needed for it were only sold in the auctions, even the cheapest one.

Thus, the method of buying high-grade stones and using them wasn\'t going to work on this rare element.

That being said, the enhancement cheat was actually not his most pressing issue.

His real objective from the potion was to unlock another element and seek its primogenitor bloodline!

No matter how strong and amazing the Jörmungandr bloodline, it had to be replaced in order to reach the first stage of replacement!

Felix had absolutely no plans to be stuck in the purification realm forever, where his elemental energy was trash, physical strength was weak, and mental defenses none existent!

All of those basic powers were added only after continuous replacement of bloodlines over and over again until he reached the Origin Realm.

If Felix integrated with the Jörmungandr bloodline at the 6th stage of a replacement instead of awakening with it, he would have been able to merge his inducements without worrying constantly that his energy was insufficient.

Thus, only when his body reached the peak could he truly bring the real potential and powers of the primogenitor bloodlines.

That being said, he would never settle with any bloodline except ones that either had the same strength as the Jörmungandr or stronger than him.

Nothing below it!

His bloodline path was going to be created only by the best bloodlines in the universe.

He did not care if he was going to throw tens billions of coins to concoct the elemental potions.

If the process failed once, He would try again, If it failed twice, he would try again.

He would keep trying and trying until it worked!



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