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Chapter 58 – Something Was Mixed In!

Having defeated the dragon and descended from the mountain, we continued to head towards the village on foot.

“From the looks of things, the Tengu village will be fine for now.”

I said, and then Iria answered.

“Yes! And I’ll send people to bring them some food supplies as well.”

“Aye, thank you.

The Golems can carry it.

And I’d also like to send personnel to teach them about the use of various weapons.”

“It will be a great boon for us if we can rely on their aid from the sky… By the way, what do you intend to do with that magic stone you acquired earlier”

“I think it would be best to have the Tengu use it… While it depends on how powerful the flames will be, if used from the sky, it might be comparable in strength to that of a dragon.”

“I see.

Flames from the sky… That would be very powerful indeed.”

“Tengu are smaller and faster than dragons.

And with proper armor, they might be stronger as well.

Of course, I cannot be sure until I study the magic stone… Ah, you can see the village now.”

The gates were now in view.

It felt odd to call it a village, when there was such a great wall surrounding it.

Once we arrived, I saw that Ecleshia was waiting for us.

“I hope that none of you were hurt”

“Aye, thank you.

And we were able to defeat the dragon.”

“I see.

That is a relief…”

Ecleshia said with a sigh.

“Nothing abnormal happened while you were away.

Well, I am a little concerned that the Mopes seem to be late in returning.”

“The Mopes They went hiking to the north, didn’t they”


You can still see them from the top of the tower…but they haven’t returned yet.”

“I see… Perhaps I should go and take a look.

I hate to ask this of you Ents, but could you tell them to start digging a waterway from the hot spring to here”

“So safety has been secured then.

I will let those who are free know at once.


Ecleshia then noticed the clamor rising from the north side.

“Baaahhh!” It was the exciting bleating of the Mopes.

I suppose the Mopes had returned then.

However, they did not seem very happy.

“I wonder what it could be Lets go.”

And so we headed to the north side of the village.

And then, we were greeted by some confused Mopes.

“Baaah! Oh, no!! This one will not get up!”

“Someone! Help!”

Apparently, something had happened to one of the Mopes.

“I will examine the Mope! Let me through!”

I waded through the Mopes, towards the center of the flock.

And then, Celes the Mope noticed me.

“Ah, Sir Joshua! It is a disaster! One of our own has collapsed!! We tried everything, such as massages, but to no avail!”

“Perhaps it was something that the Mope ate …Huh”

The thing that lay in front of Celes was definitely covered in hair.

But it was also no Mope.

It was black, but much smaller.

“This is not a Mope…”

“Baaah! Really! I was wondering why it was so small!”

The Mopes began to mutter to each other in surprise.

However, its state of health was more important than its identity right now.

And so I approached the mysterious, black ball of fur and cast healing magic on it.

Melk also helped as she waved her staff.

And then, the fur ball spat out some grass.

“Baaah! Wha-what is that!”

The Mopes all moved away from it.

Next to me, Iria unsheathed her sword.

“Sir Joshau.

I am ready.”

“A-ah… But wait…this…”

I parted the fur and looked inside.

And then bulging eyes stared back at me from within the fur.

“…Is it a living creature”

The fur ball began to move, and then it latched onto Celes’s udder.

“Wh-what! Do not drink so heavily! Bahh!”

Apparently, the fur ball was drinking Mope milk.


Came the high-pitched voice from the fur ball.


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