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Chapter 95: A Good Show

The two people heard that.

Zhu Xingguo looked at Wang Wen in confusion.

Ren Ruoruo followed his gaze and looked at the Square Formation.

She did not see anything but a sea of monsters.

The portal was still spewing out monsters.

The monsters were unable to find anyone to fight with, so they turned around and destroyed themselves.

It self-destructed without a target!

It was simply insane!

Ren Ruoruo looked exhausted and speechless.

On the other hand, Newcomer Liu, who had already given up, was in a good mood.

He happily watched the little monster set off fireworks.

He no longer had any psychological burden.

After finishing the wine in his hand, he was ready to leave the tower.

There had to be some food to accompany the wine.

Those scenes in front of him were the best accompaniments to the wine.

He drank it all to his hearts content.

Wang Wen made no further comments.

He dashed to a teleportation door and began tinkering with it.

He took some small bags from his backpack, selected a few, and opened them.

He then constructed a small spitter-like mechanism on the ground.

He followed the trigger to the 69th floor and placed it where the teleportation door spat out the monsters.

The spitter-like mechanism would be activated as soon as the monsters left the door.

Finally, he poured the selected small bags into the spitters stomach, completing the mechanism.

He stood up and observed the mechanisms smooth operation.

The portal simply lit up and ejected a mob.

The mobs successfully activated the trigger.

The angry little bat, blocked by something as soon as he left the door, was about to self-destruct.

The bottom spitter emitted a small puff of yellow mist to envelop it.

The small bat fell to the ground.

It appeared to be very content as it made a nest among the corpses and began to snore happily.

It did not self-destruct!

Wang Wen nodded in satisfaction.

“Keep an eye on the mechanism,” he told Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, whose eyes were shining.

“Remember to get me when the spray runs out.”

Zhu Xingguo nodded repeatedly and guarded the small spittle like he was guarding his newborn son.

Ren Ruoruo followed Wang Wen cheerfully to another teleportation door.

Her heart thumped as she walked.

She remembered the captain was a poison master.

He appeared to be able to stun the little monster without self-destructing!

What kind of divine intervention was that

Could a poison master be so awesome

She had never heard of a Square Formation played in that manner after climbing the tower for so many years!

A poison master!

It was absolutely terrifying!

Wang Wens technique made Ren Ruoruos scalp numb.

Her gaze swept across the thousands of giant cockroaches in the Square Formations center, and her heart struggled to breathe.

The monsters in the four portals would not self-destruct if her theory were correct.

Then there was hope for annihilating that big monster horde!

If all of the big monsters were annihilated…

Then that Square Formation…

How much money should there be

She did not dare think about the exact number.

She was afraid that she would self-destruct.

She watched helplessly as Wang Wen finished making a small trigger spitter in the second teleportation portal.

She heard him say, “Watch this carefully.

Remember to come to get me when theres no more spray.”

“Wow… I had no idea the captains voice was so gentle.

A talented man could be so handsome.” She looked at Wang Wen with stars in her eyes.

Surprisingly, she did not listen to him.

Instead, she said, “Then put in more spray.

I want to see the mechanisms with you!”

“Whats there to see” Wang Wen shook his head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Ren Ruoruo looked at Zhu Xingguo, trying to make him work harder and run more while watching the two doors at the same time.

Finally, she discovered that Newcomer Liu, who had been sitting and drinking, had relocated to a nearby area.

He was sneaking a glance at the watering can out of the corner of his eye.

When he saw the little bat faint on the ground without self-detonation, he would occasionally burp.

His self-esteem as a big shot on the 320th floor did not allow him to go there and drool like a small boy.

However, he wanted to inspect Wang Wenbus trap.

He sighed and imagined as he looked.

It would be best if he could let go of his burden and dance to his hearts content to express his excitement.

As an experienced person, he could already see it.

The captain of a 100th-floor team that appeared out of nowhere was actually a poison master!

Furthermore, he just so happened to have a powder that could stun the monsters on that level!

Was that person f*cking climbing a tower

He was there to make money, right

Newcomer Liu felt that he had not drunk much and was already feeling dizzy.

He was dizzy.

He was lucky and had the fortune to meet the Square Formation a few times.

However, he had never successfully fought all the splits.

The experience was much more shocking than hearing the legends outside the tower.

It was a big monster with 100,000 points, but its value would only be calculated after they cleared the level!

Every time a small monster died and caused a splitting explosion, he felt he had missed hundreds of millions of points.

Everyone knew that.

If they were lucky enough to encounter a giant cockroach that was not so powerful and a small bat that would not die so easily…

If the team worked together and did not cause internal strife, there was still hope they could finish the splitting level.

However, he had never tasted the beauty of clearing the Square Formation.

That was because there was a critical key to that dungeon—one must not be greedy.

One must not be greedy!

Once, he was lucky and formed a team to encounter the Square Formation.

He was almost done with the boss monster.

However, someone got greedy and wanted to earn more, so he killed a small monster at the last moment.

He did not expect the small monster to have mutated!

There was no spiritual master in the team, so no one noticed that it had an additional spiritual lock connected to its own kind.

Once it died, all the monsters in the field died with it!


That scene could not even be described as spectacular.

It was the first time since he climbed the tower that he felt despair.

He could have easily gotten 100,000 points from that level.

He could only watch as the monsters that had laboriously dragged on for half an hour died on the ground.

That kind of heartache.

That kind of breakdown.

That kind of anger made him want to kill someone.

He would never forget it in his life.

If it were not for the fact that the tower would punish those who attacked tower climbers in the World Tower…

Based on the atmosphere at that time…

That greedy guy would not have lived long enough to leave the tower.

A life for a life.

Right there…

There were over a thousand giant cockroaches there!

How many points would he get

Newcomer Liu did not dare to think about the exact number.

He was afraid he would self-destruct.

It was true that he was on the 320th floor.

Who said that the wealth after the 300th floor had to be in the millions

Let alone hundreds of millions.

He did not even have a million.

He earned more on the 300th floor, but he also spent more.

That was not much different from the consortiums outside the tower.

The higher ones title was, the more social interactions they would have.

Naturally, the expenses would increase as well.

The higher the tower climbers tower, the more expenses he would face.

A better training ground, more nutrition, more critical information, and more powerful tools.

Everything was about money.

Occasionally, he would take a day off to visit family and friends.

After boasting about being on the 320th floor, he must be prepared to pay the bill.

Why else would they be so accommodating and listen to him brag about the entire meal

Nobody worked as a professional comedian.

However, if he could win in that Square Formation, he would have billions of points!

He would no longer be afraid to pay for meals in the future!

He would no longer have to be cautious when searching for items and information!

When he reached the 330th level, his life would become happier; he would no longer have to buy small bottles of wine that he liked!

Newcomer Liu was addicted to his fantasies.


Liu, if you come any closer, the poison will spray on you,” Wang Wen said, waking him up.


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