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Chapter 84: Everybody Guessed It

Zhu Xingguo, who was strong, relied on his physical strength.

Despite his fear, he attempted to decipher the room under Ren Ruoruos instructions.

“Over there, the nine squares are in the following order—lower left, up, right, lower right, left, upper left, right, upper right, and lower.” Ren Ruoruo rested her back against the wall.

She gave Zhu Xingguo instructions piece by piece to carry out the operation.

“At the end of the text message, the last one in the middle is replaced with the board.”

Sweat dripped from Zhu Xingguos eyelids and pricked his eyeballs.

He adhered to Ren Ruoruos instructions and inserted the final board into the nine squares.

The sound of heavy gears and chains gradually became audible.

Wang Wen, who was crouching on the ground and silently reading the text message like he was constipated, was startled by the sound.

The lovely sound of gears was the sound of an unlocked password.

It meant that a password had been unlocked in that time-limited secret room!

Who or what was it

He was still analyzing it.

Who could have done that so quickly

He looked up to see what was making the noise and discovered a bull poking the password with his thick fingers.

A girl leaned against the wall and gently instructed.

A few times, the thick fingers poked at the password.

The sound of gears rang out once more.

The time difference between the two passwords was less than ten seconds!

Wang Wens mouth was wide open.

He stood helpless as the soft girl instructed the Big Bull to unlock the passwords one by one.

The lovely sound of gears rang out repeatedly.

His mouth widened and widened.

The mystery in his eyes grew stronger and stronger.

The bull eventually carried the woman and walked in front of him.

He tried to ask, “Captain, was that the last one” His thick fingers pointed at the text message on the ground.

“Would you like me to do it”

Ren Ruoruo and Zhu Xingguo were like old friends.

They had managed to solve the puzzles without any mishaps.

The one in front of them was the one chosen by the captain.

If they had any issues, it would be with that one.

The most difficult time had arrived.

If it had been any other team, the two of them would have tried to hide as far away as possible.

If they could not leave the tower…

However, they were in the same group that day.

They wanted to give it a shot.

Even if it was extremely dangerous and went against their usual survival principles.

They wanted to give it a shot.

Wang Wen nodded.

He stood up and moved aside to make room.

Ren Ruoruo moved closer toward the puzzle.

That distance allowed her to see the text message more clearly.

Simultaneously, if something unexpected happened, at least one more person might survive.

“Turn the first figure clockwise 90 degrees.

Aim the tip at the groove.” Ren Ruoruo took command.

“Turn the second figure counterclockwise 180 degrees.

Hold the third figure while turning, and do not let it follow.

Those were the twins mentioned in the text.”

Obediently, Zhu Xingguo fiddled with the figure.

He knew that no one would betray his teammates at that time.

It was pointless.

On the 100th floor, there were very few rewards for time-limited decryption.

A password only had about 100 points, and Wang Wen had long since changed the reward distribution to equal points.

Betraying his teammates would not earn him many points at the time, and it would ruin his luck.

The only thing that worried Zhu Xingguo was the thing that made his captain frown.

“Pay attention, the final step!” Ren Ruoruo said.

“Before pulling out the last figure, rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise!”

“Okay,” Zhao Xingguo said as he slowly rotated the figure until it was stuck in the correct position.

He let go of his hand and wiped his brow.

He looked at Ren Ruoruo and Wang Wen.

They had no surprises in store for him.

It appeared to be the final action.

Finally, the truth was revealed.

That last move determined whether he lived or died.

As a result, he turned around to face his teammate and captain.

His eyes were filled with unfathomable emotion.

It was similar to a certain saying.

Would one put their life in danger for others

As a professional tower climber, Zhu Xingguo had never put his life in danger for the sake of others.

There were hundreds of millions of tower climbers worldwide.

Why would they put their lives in danger for the sake of others What difference would it make

All tower climbers had the same goal, and that was to survive and progress to the next level.

Put their lives in danger

For others

What a farce!

Putting their lives in danger was a joke!

Accidentally dying was even funnier!

What a stupid joke!

What a big joke!

The most important thing was to stay alive.

It was the best decision the climber could ever make.

Even if it meant stepping on someone elses life to get to the top, he would do it without hesitation.

That was all tower climbers self-awareness.

It was widely known.

It was a survival principle!

Nobody would break it.

Adults were not stupid.

They would not do anything stupid!

However, that day was a little odd.

As if his mind was not clear enough, Zhu Xingguo decided he wanted to be a fool.

It was utterly perplexing.

He thought it would be very easy to do something stupid for that team because of the circumstances.

He had not felt that content in a long time.

He had not felt that happy in a long time.

He really missed it.

He could not bear the thought of losing it.

So he turned to face his teammates and the captain.

He said his goodbyes quietly.

Goodbye, friends he had only known for a day!

Zhu Xingguo remembered the scene from the first time they met to the present.

He let out a bull-like howl.

Ren Ruoruo burst into tears when she saw him turn around.

She was well aware that the bull was determined to die.

She turned around to face him.

It was a reluctant look, but it was also a farewell.

She reached out quickly and grabbed the corner of Zhu Xingguos shirt.

She wanted to say something but could not think of anything.

She was terrified of death.

She was not mentally prepared to put her life in danger for the sake of others.

However, when she saw someone willing to put his life on the line for her, she was saddened and pained.

That was not the kind of mentality a professional tower climber should have.

That was very unprofessional.

How should she proceed

She could not keep it together.

Zhu Xingguo examined her fingers, which had turned white.

He turned around and walked further away.

He was so far away that he could no longer reach her.

Ren Ruoruo sobbed and covered her mouth.

Wang Wen, who was standing next to her, was perplexed by their performances.

‘What are those two doing he wondered.

‘Why were they staring at me The password had already been figured out.

Are you going to take it out If you are not going to pull it out, I will! Why were you sobbing After passing through the time-limited secret room, I should be crying, right Do not tell me you have the same issue as I do.

Wang Wen was a little unsure.

He looked at Zhu Xingguo, crouching on the ground, and Ren Ruoruo, crying bitterly against the wall.

He felt touched.

Only the boy had helped him solve the time-limited secret room in his previous life.

He did not anticipate his teammates assisting him in his new life.

That was a good thing.

A blessing that had been elusive for a thousand years.

The majority of climbers were self-centered.

It was normal for them to cause harm to their teammates in exchange for benefits.

Even if they were from the same team, they would climb the tower while stepping on the corpses of their teammates.

However, his teammates had helped him for free.

It was extremely rare.

It seemed like he was lucky!

Wang Wen sighed deeply, turned toward Zhu Xingguo, and said, “Thank you.”

That thank you resulted in a massive disaster.

Ren Rourou could not take it any longer and sobbed aloud until her entire body went limp, and she collapsed to the ground.

She looked at Zhu Xingguo.

He turned around and wiped his face with his hands.

He had made his decision without hesitation as if he had received the most valuable response.

He made a firm grasp.

He drew the last figure without hesitation.


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