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Chapter 63: Dont Fight

The landlord awkwardly touched his nose, took the initiative, and led Weak Kidney Brother to the fourth floor.

He opened the door to a clean room.

The walls were neatly painted; the white sheets were clean; the bed was white; a small table was against the wall, and old-fashioned refrigeration and air-conditioning machines hung on the wall.

The fact that an old-fashioned computer separated from the computer on the other side of the window was absurd!

There was a kitchen, a balcony, and a bathroom.

That kind of configuration was already similar to ordinary residential buildings outside of the slums.

Weak Kidney Brother held up the device to show the audience the layout of the room while saying, “Oh, this room is pretty good.”

Luo Shan, who was in front of the phone, curled his lips in disgust as he looked at the room displayed on the screen.

He lowered his head and operated the phone for a while.

In the comments section, Sick Indifference asked a question.

[How much is the most expensive room there]

Weak Kidney Brother frowned and thought for a moment, “Theres no limit.

Some rooms cost 50 points and 100 points.”

[Sick Indifference tips Weak Kidney Brother with eight gold and silver treasure basins, worth 160 points]

[Lets rent a room for 100 points.] The cool text effects and the systems tip message showed up.

Weak Kidney Brother was stunned.

Someone suddenly mentioned it in the comments section.

[It seems like the boss is using the special effects text to chat.]

The audience immediately exploded.

[Look at his level; hes only level 7.]

[Theres only one free special effect every day for people with level 5 to level 10 on the platform, right]

[Hes paying to chat!]

[What a waste!]

[Might as well pay for an extra fish tonight!]

[Thats because you dont understand wealthy people.]

The sudden appearance of the nouveau riche energized the atmosphere in the live broadcast chat room.

Weak Kidney Brother was also a little at a loss.

Previously, viewers who appeared in the live broadcast room were ordinary people with only a point to spend on him.

Only older viewers who had known him for a long time and appreciated his live broadcast style would occasionally tip him more than 2 points.

Suddenly, a reward of more than 100 points appeared.

His mind was a little chaotic.

He was excited and confused.

He kept thanking the camera.

One of the commenters was jealous.

[It doesnt look like the rich can count.

The platform deducts 40% for fees, so hes only giving 160 points to rent a room that costs 100 points Is it enough]

[I dont think you can count.]

The jealous commenter was insulted.

He became enraged as a result of his embarrassment.

[Come on.

Calculate it then.

How much is left after deducting 40% from 160 points Did you learn that in school]

However, the other commenter retorted.

[Before insulting someone, use your brain.

Was there nothing left from the first two rewards Dont insult someone else because youre not good enough.

You think the rich cant count]

When the jealous commenter read that, he changed the target of his attack.

He spat at the other commenter.

[Where did you come from This money is not for you; why are you so enthusiastic Are you always this attentive toward your parents]

[Lets avoid the trolls.

Im just telling it as it is.

Also, do not worry about my parents.] The other commenter was also sharp with his words.

Finally, the jealous man said something illogical.

[How many times are you going to protect them Do you need to butt in when Im talking about other people Do I need to throw money at you I can give you 200 points to keep your mouth shut.

Are you good to your parents”

Weak Kidney Brother tried to stop the fight as the atmosphere in the live broadcast room became more intense.

“Everyone, please do not fight.

Are you teenagers”

He had never seen anyone try to stop a fight like that.

However, the other commenter did not stop attacking the jealous man.

[So eloquent, civilized dog.]

[Go on then, I am waiting for my reward.]

[200 points I dont think you even have 20 points.]

The jealous man retorted.

[You want to compete with me I can give my parents 200 points today.

Can you do the same]

The other commenter did not fall for that.

One mocked the man.

[I dont think youre very smart.

You cant even understand us.

I didnt ask for 200 points.

You were the one who said youd give me that.

I also didnt say Id give you any points.

I know Im poor, unlike you, who are also jealous of wealthy people.

What a joke!]

The stupid and jealous man kept repeating the same thing.

[Stop talking nonsense.

You think youre so great just because you use your mouth Do you dare to compete Ill do whatever you reward me with today.

Come on!”

The conversation between the two of them filled the comments section.

The rest of the audience was simply watching the show.

Occasionally, a few people would try to stop the fight.

When they realized there was no effect, they made no further noise and joined the crowd of onlookers in silence.

The heated debate between the two piqued Luo Shans interest.

A beautiful special effect text floated through the screen.

[I will go up against that foul-mouthed badass.

Today, I will take whatever reward you offer me.]

The jealous mans tone immediately softened.

[What does it matter if I talk to him Why dont you go and watch Weak Kidney Brother]

That strange man was so angry that Luo Shan, who was in front of his phone, laughed.

Then, he sent another message.

[You can compete with him to see how capable he is.]

The jealous man was about to say that he could not do it.

However, before he could finish typing…

The system displayed a line of messages.

[Sick Indifference rewards Audience12138 with one skyscraper piece, worth 1000 points.]

All the gifts were announced!

It was announced on all platforms!

Weak Kidney Brother was taken aback.

It was only a short line, but it drew many viewers from other streaming rooms.

It was the first time in his streaming career that he had witnessed such a thrilling scene.

Even though that tip was not for him, it had occurred in his streaming room, and his popularity would skyrocket!

Weak Kidney Brother was so happy that he could not open his eyes.

He dashed off to find a luxurious room with 100 points.

However, he also informed the befuddled landlord.

“I am no longer renting the room.

Can I get my money back that I already paid”

Before he went downstairs, he cleverly discussed with the confused landlord, “Im not renting the house anymore.

Can I get back the money I paid previously”

The landlord was a little unhappy, but the young man did not need the room.

It would not be good to take all his money for it.

However, he was unwilling to do that.

After all, he had climbed up to the fourth floor and sweated all over.

It would not be good for him to work for nothing.

So the two of them bargained.

In the end, Weak Kidney Brother would get back his 15 points.

He was so happy that he could not open his eyes.

The landlord earned 5 points, but he was also so happy that he could not open his eyes.

He thought that he could add a dish for his wife and children that night.

Both of them were very happy.

In the live broadcast chat room.

The new viewers who had just entered were a little confused.

They remembered that the name in the message was Audience12138.

Why was the host called Weak Kidney Brother

Was the tip not for the host

Then who was it for

Was it someones birthday


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