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Chapter 41: Biker Gang

It was true that they were having a heated conversation, but that was all the man with the buzz cut man.

The skinny scholar could not get a word in edgewise.

That sentence was like a knife stabbed into the skinny scholars already puzzled heart.

His expression instantly darkened.

He glanced at the metal rod in Wang Wens hand and did not say anything else.

The others had also discovered Wang Wen.

The buzz-cut man said, “This is good.

Now that were a full team, lets begin the challenge!” He stood up and turned toward the girl next to him.

“Little girl, remember to hide behind me.

Follow closely and dont run away, okay”

The girl was stunned for a moment before nodding obediently.

The skinny scholar, who had been peeking from the side, saw that and curled his lips in disdain.

He made a light sound, not loud enough for the buzz-cut man to notice him.

“Tenth floor, begin.”

As the mechanical voice faded, the figure of the miniature aircraft in the air faded and eventually vanished.

The door in front of the garage gradually rose.

The sound of a roaring motor and strange cries could be heard from outside the door before it fully lifted.

“A biker gang” the buzz-cut mans expression changed.

He quickly looked around and found nothing in the garage except a few broken tires.

Before he could decide whether he should take a tire for self-defense, a group of leather-clad men on motorcycles rushed into the garage and quickly surrounded them.

The leather-clad men wore helmets, and their expressions were obscured, but judging by the sounds of the motors and the sharp screams, they were clearly not good men.

In the end, the buzz-cut man took the chance to take a tire and looked at the leather-clad men vigilantly.

It was unclear what the other party intended.

The buzz-cut man felt lucky and hoped the battle could be resolved peacefully.

Wang Wen, who was quietly watching from the side, saw through his thoughts and shook his head discreetly.

Another idiot thought that the towers lower level had reduced difficulty.

A battle was inevitable, regardless of whether it was the 10th or the 100th level.

As long as they were on a violent extreme level, a battle was unavoidable.

If he did not strike first and wait for the other party to attack, was he planning to be buried on the spot

Wang Wen gripped the hammer tighter in his hand.

His new teammate appeared to be untrustworthy, so he had to take matters into his own hands.

How troublesome!

Those people had also been worshiping the girl, and they were even willing to lay down their life for her.

Suddenly, a motorcycle exploded in front of them.

The leather-clad men moved in unison, encircling the tower climbers.

The first blow landed on the unlucky fatty, and one of the leather-clad men who followed close behind pulled back.

The fattys neck was slashed with the sharp machete.

Fresh blood splattered.

Almost half of the fattys neck had been severed.

The fatty covered his neck in an attempt to stop the bleeding but to no avail.

His face turned pale in an instant, and he fell to the ground.

The buzz-cut man finally stopped when he realized the other party was about to kill him.

He roared and threw the tire at a man in front of him.

The tire landed precisely on the leather-clad mans head, knocking him off the motorcycle with great force.

He landed on the ground and rolled toward his companions behind him.

“Run!” The buzz-cut man shouted at the girl.

He took the lead and ran toward the gate.

After passing through the chaotic area, he conveniently picked up a machete.

The girl followed him.

She even ran faster than him.

When she noticed that situation, she slowed down and got behind him.

If he had the energy and time to do it, he would take care of the girl.

He did not care about the others.

Fortunately, the others were also coping well.

The skinny scholar had already jumped and ran to the girls side to hide when the fatty was killed.

Once the buzz-cut man was out of the way, he just ran away.

Wang Wen was the unlucky one.

He was the second person to be targeted after the fatty.

One of the two motorcycles crossed each other and attacked his head with a stick, while the other stabbed his leg with a knife.

He was determined to cripple Wang Wen.

As for whether he wanted to keep the upper body or the lower body, it was up to him to choose.

Unfortunately, Wang Wen was an adult and wanted to keep his whole body.

His left hand swung out in an unusual arc, and a short arrow flew outward quietly.

It struck precisely into the gap at the bottom of the mans helmet.

The leather-clad mans body slanted, and he and his motorcycle fell to the ground.

He spun in a circle and withdrew to the wall.

Then, there was no movement.

Another leather-clad man, who had rushed over from the other side, was slightly stunned when he saw that scene.

He wanted to use all his strength to throw the weapon in his hand, but he was knocked down by Wang Wens stick.

Wang Wen moved his numb wrist, intending to finish the fight.

Surprisingly, he discovered that the buzz-cut man had opened a path.

He was secretly delighted and quickly came to a halt.

He followed the wall and escaped to the main door.

The road outside the garage was wide and flat.

Villa-style structures could be found on both sides.

High spiked guardrails prevented any attempt to scale the wall and escape.

The only thing that remained was the road, which stretched for as far as the eye could see.

The buzz-cut man ran for a while but could not find a turn or exit.

He was dumbfounded and quickly went to the side of the road to grab the part of the fence that had no spikes at the bottom.

He shook it hard and tried to break it with force.

Wang Wen looked in the direction of the road.

He could vaguely see that the bikers in the garage had regrouped and were lining up to rush toward them.

He paused for a moment before walking toward the buzz-cut man to lend a hand.

The buzz-cut man saw Wang Wen and nodded, indicating for the two of them to work together.

The girl rubbed her fists and was about to help, but the buzz-cut man stopped her.

“Let us men do the physical labor.”

The skinny scholar noticed that the girls attention was entirely focused on the two of them, and he paid no attention to them.

He could not help but snort mockingly.

“Two idiots with powerful limbs and simple minds.”

His voice was extremely low.

Other than Wang Wen, who was in front of him and whose ears moved slightly, only the girl turned her head to look at him in puzzlement.

The thin scholar was overjoyed that he had successfully drawn the girls attention.

For a while, he wanted to show off his special abilities.

He quickly removed his shoes and climbed through the gaps in the dense spikes on the guardrail!

The girl opened her mouth in shock.

When the thin scholar saw her surprise, he was very proud of himself.

He turned his head and said, “Dont worry, Ill pull you up as soon as I get there.”

His voice had yet to fade away completely.

Perhaps it was due to the buzz-cut mans violent shaking, or maybe it was because of the skinny scholars action of climbing the wall.

A sizzling electric current suddenly appeared on the spiked fence.

Wang Wen immediately pulled his stick and retreated to a safe distance.

The buzz-cut man was also quick enough to retreat in time.

He let go of his hands and jumped backward.

The thin scholar was in the worst situation.

His eyes rolled, and his body shook as he got stuck on the guardrail.

His hands and feet were also twisted in awkward angles.

Wang Wen took off his coat.

Then, he used his coat to wrap the hammers handle.

He raised it and used it to separate the skinny scholar from the guardrail.

The skinny scholar was sent flying a few meters away.

When the skinny scholar landed on the ground, he started twitching and vomiting blood.

He pointed at Wang Wen and trembled.

He could not speak.

Wang Wen lifted the hammer and said, “Youre welcome.”

When the skinny scholar heard that, he took a deep breath and looked like he was about to die.


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