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Chapter 40: Recovery

After the break, he stood up and walked around the room, carefully inspecting every wall that had been hit.

He eventually discovered a stone wall that had been hit by the giant hammer but had cracked more severely.

Yes, one of the very slight possibilities that he had thought of when he was absent-minded was the observation-type semi-violent skill.

At that level, there was no open door mechanism.

The climber needed to pay attention to the damage caused by the impact while dealing with the monster.

Then he would do his best to direct the monsters attack to that location until it broke through the wall.

The second level was completed.

That was a rookie-killer difficulty.

It was a one-in-a-million chance.

It could only happen to people who have had a string of bad luck.

Had he been depleted of good luck

Wang Wen was at a loss for words.

However, after some thought, he felt relieved.

How much luck would it take to find it

That trip had most likely drained all of his luck in previous and subsequent lives!

It was normal to have bad luck!

He nodded silently and no longer hesitated.

He turned around and discovered the hammer handle still attached to the mechanical monsters debris pile.

It was like a stabilizing needle without the hammers head.

He took it in his hand and weighed it.

He knocked on the wall to gauge its thickness.

He sighed as he rolled up his sleeves.

‘Come on.

If you made a mistake, you should accept responsibility for it.

‘After all, you have got to fight!

Time passed slowly.

It was three hours of frantic fleeing.

Wang Wens fragile body was so tired that he did not want to move when he climbed out of the hole in the wall and landed on the ground of the second floor.

He had lost so much blood, and he had dug so deep into the wall.

It was too much for even the physical monster of the neighboring system, let alone his tiny arms and legs.

He had a big fight with the Tiansheng Groups Mirror the previous night.

Wang Wen, on the other hand, remained calm.

The hammer handle in his hand was not a rare item, but it could continuously smash the wall for such an extended period without breaking.

Its power was unexpected.

He appeared to be able to use a strong stick for the rest of the journey, which was good news.

He stood still, leaning against the wall with the stick.

He observed the environment of the second floor while resting and regaining his strength.

On that floor, there were no monsters, only vicious traps.

At first glance, it appeared that the majority of them were old friends.

Cheng Qiaoyi was the teams strongest member in his previous life.

However, that did not imply that Wang Wen was ignorant of traps.

On the contrary, he was still a master of traps, just as Shen Rushuang suspected.

Cheng Qiaoyi was only an amateur, despite being an all-rounder.

Wang Wen, who had finished resting, began dismantling the traps after a few minutes.

He walked through the entire process.

The few he did not know were also variants of an old friend, so he solved the problem as soon as he could.

He waited until he could use the hammer handle to pierce through the bottom of the last mechanism and remove the murderous short arrow.

The third-floor door swung open.

Wang Wen sat up straight.

He examined the various mechanisms scattered on the second floor, leaving only the final short arrow behind.

He walked up to the third floor while holding the hammer handle.

Wang Wen, who had calmed down and became serious, finally demonstrated the true standard of the World Towers number one person.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine.

There was no longer any delay in clearing the barrier.

He even took a bath in a place with a clean water source.

Then, he quickly caught a large pile of fish and prawns attracted by the fresh blood.

He gathered some dry reeds and pebbles to light a fire.

Then he cut the fish and prawns in the water with the sharp arrow and washed them clean.

He ate a salt-free, natural, and unique barbecue with fragrant wood.

One meal, one wash.

His strength had greatly improved.

His spirit had also significantly improved.

That wild environment was as relaxing as a poison masters vacation.


He had figured out the most dangerous poison insect trap.

The rest of the standard environmental science discovery was unimportant.

Wang Wen would have stayed there for a few days if it had not been for the fact that there were two extreme temperatures at noon in that tower.

It was still the same old formula.

He regained his composure and remembered climbing the tower in his previous life.

He eventually made it to the tenth floor.

All the extreme levels in the World Tower had an unavoidable feature that required brute force to complete.

Most of the time, brute force cracking referred to a head-on battle.

One had to break or defeat some of the people blocking the way in order to enter the next floor.

That was also a test of the tower climbers overall strength to prevent some people from exploiting the situation and relying on their unique abilities to break through to the higher levels.

It was a violent extreme level, so they would need more people in a team.

Wang Wen did not form a team, so he was stopped by a miniature scanning device at the entrance to the tenth level.

A mechanical voice said, “For the next level, please form a team of five people to enter or be assigned randomly to a team in the area thats short on members.”

After all, the next step was the violent cracking segment.

No matter how strong the worlds number one was, he could not ignore his weak physique.

Wang Wen held the hammers handle in one hand and played with a small chain stick to look for a stick.

He casually said, “Randomly assign.”

A mechanical voice said, “The area will be searched for a team thats not full.

The entrance will be opened once distribution is complete.

Please come in, Mr.


I wish you well.”

Wang Wen took a step up to the tenth floor.

In front of him, a private garage-like scene appeared.

Three men and a woman were chatting while sitting on the tires that had been placed at random.

The three men sat at the side.

Wang Wen felt dizzy when he saw the only woman in the room.

He had never met her.

However, after two lifetimes, he could be considered knowledgeable.

Who would have guessed he would be surprised by a monster one day

She was clearly his age, but her body seemed mature.

The golden ratio was insufficient to describe her because she had too many superlatives.

Based on the superlatives, her long, straight legs remained free of excess fat.

What was even more shocking was that she had an innocent expression on her face!

She would open her eyes wide when listening to the others as if to demonstrate politeness, causing her ponytail to swing back and forth.

If one did not look below her neck, one would think she was a young and sweet girl next door.

The girl shifted her gaze when she noticed an outsider had entered the garage.

Wang Wen subconsciously tightened his grip on the hammers handle, nearly yelling, “Monster, take that!”

From another angle, it was clear how monstrous the girl was.

The three mens attention was clearly focused on the girl.

Nobody noticed there was a stranger in the garage.

One of them was a young man with a buzz cut.

He was tall and wore a sleeveless denim vest.

He sat next to the girl, almost touching her legs.

“You can be at ease with me here,” he said with a smug look.

“I will bring you to the 50the floor!”

The two younger boys beside him, one fat and one thin, appeared to want to get close to the girl, but they could not compete with the young man.

A greasy fatty and a fair-skinned skinny scholar would not have the same core competitiveness as a strong man in the World Tower, especially on the violent extreme levels.

The fatty might be a little better, but he might be more open-minded.

Even if he could not get a word in edgewise, he could still happily accompany the others.

That skinny scholar was different.

His fair and handsome appearance was clearly the center of his popularity.

At that moment, whenever he encountered a soul-stirring monster, he would always try to take the initiative to talk to it, but the buzz-cut young man would always block him.

He could not take it anymore after a few times.

He did not dare to provoke the intimidating-looking young man.

He could only stand up, eager to lash out at the device.

When he stood up, he saw Wang Wen, whose figure had been obscured by the buzz-cut young mans tall frame.

Surprised and irritated, he asked, “Why did you come in like a ghost Are you even breathing”

Wang Wen arched his left brow.

“I didnt want to disturb you because you were chatting so loudly.”


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