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Chapter 163: Do Not Expose (Part 1)

Wang Wen, who had lived for two lifetimes, was in a good mood.

He had witnessed many things.

He was unconcerned about other people treating him to a meal, but he did care about having other guests.

Wang Wen smiled as he led Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo to a seat after seeing Zhang Wei run around tiredly with sweat all over his head.

They sat diagonally across from the three main seats; it was very casual.

Zhang Wei took the initiative to pick up the teapot on the table and pour water for Wang Wen and the other two, leaving the waiter next to him with no choice but to prepare hot towels.

Captain He noticed Zhang Wei greeting Wang Wen with enthusiasm and frowned imperceptibly.

After drinking a mouthful of tea, he said indifferently, “Captain Wang, is it I heard you can pass through the 69th floors gas chamber quickly.

Not bad; youre young and promising.”

Wang Wen, on the other hand, was whispering to Zhu Xingguo, “You must not rush.

You must first validate the power supply device.”

He stopped teaching his disciple after hearing the voice.

He raised his head, reflecting on what the other party had just said.

Then he cupped his hands politely and said, “Youre too kind.

Youre better, of course!”

Captain He did not give a damn what he was saying.

“Since we are sitting at the same table today, why dont you show me the steps to do that level quickly I can also help you analyze if there are any areas for improvement.”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were fine with what he had said.

However, Wang Wen was stunned.

How could a 300th-floor veteran say such a ridiculous thing

Was he naive, or did he believe that others were gullible

He looked at the other person, perplexed, trying to find evidence in that face to prove whether he was truly stupid or just acting silly.

Finally, the two underlings on the other side were dissatisfied.

They yelled at Wang Wen at the same time, “What are you doing standing there My brother is in a great mood today and wanted to show you how to climb the tower.

Dont you get it Hurry up and show us the steps!”

Captain He said to his subordinate, “Its not a big deal.

I am merely analyzing his steps.

I might not even be able to help him.”

Zhang Wei noticed the atmosphere was off, so he quickly attempted to mediate.

He smiled and said to Wang Wen, “Captain Wang, he is right.

You see, you took more than two minutes to clear the poison gas chamber.

Today is a good day for you to show the steps so we can discuss them together.

Wouldnt it be fantastic if we could reduce the two minutes to only one”

Zhang Lanlan subconsciously felt that it was inappropriate.

Still, because she was not knowledgeable enough to understand the value of information about the poison gas chamber, she gave up and said nothing, just like Luo Shan back then.

When Captain He and the others heard him say more than two minutes, they were taken aback.

Captain He was surprised.

He had already assumed that the rookie was a capable person.

He was there to eat because the Season Hotel was very expensive.

He had reached the 300th floor.

He knew adding another climber to the team would make the journey easier.

That was how he became a big brother to other tower climbers.

After spending a long time on the lower floors, his efficiency and safety improved, and he received many compliments.

He would only need to stay in the tower for a few days if he spent all his money on that trip.

It was so he could escape the tower unscathed.

Without worrying about food and drink, he could easily earn tens of thousands of points.

He had been very pleased.

However, he was hesitant to return to that kind of life.

He assumed the identity of a big shot on the 300th floor to throw dinner parties all over the place.

Everyone around him was glorifying him.

They said exactly what he wanted to hear.

That meal had the same purpose.

Two people from the lower floor team promised to treat him to a meal every day.

Finally, they said something along the lines of delicious cuisine.

Those would be luxurious meals.

However, they had not even put a hot pot on the table.

‘Eat my *ss!

His mind must have blanked when he agreed to go there.

Then, the two young people appeared to have an epiphany.

They promised him a meal at the Season Hotel.

They said they would reserve the entire place.

How could he have missed out on something so wonderful

Even though the man had reached the 300th floor, his salary was not high.

With his strength, he could only fight at levels below 200.

He would only make a few thousand points per trip if there were no special checkpoints, and his income was less than 10,000 points.

If he came across a special checkpoint, it would be at an extreme level.

He knew he would have to flee quickly if he could not make much money.

Furthermore, his long-term luxurious lifestyle had conditioned him to be lazy; he did not want to enter the tower weekly to earn money.

Only after he had spent most of his money did he force himself to get up and go.

As a result, he did not have much money.

A meal in a private room at the Season Hotel would cost 100,000 points per meal.

It was a rare occasion.

There was only one time in his memory when he was lucky enough to bump into a rich young master in the tower.

After he left the tower, the rich man thanked him for leading him while they were there.

The man had invited him to the hotel for a private meal.

That one time was enough for him to miss it for a lifetime.

At that moment, the two young tower climbers decided to invite him to a private meal.

He knew he would be sorry if he did not attend the meal.

As a result, he brought two lackeys with him for support.

Then, he met the people from the 69th floor that the two young climbers had mentioned.

Previously, he assumed that it was that the rookies were experimenting with something.

In terms of the gas chamber, they must have only been half a minute quicker than the average 8 minutes to clear the room.

Of course, the ability to do that was already a commendable performance.

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