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Chapter 126: A Strange Scenery

The water stone giants body was quite unique.

It would always exist as long as there was water.

Even if it was broken, it could be replenished by drinking water.

It appeared to be immortal; it lived up to the title of being a supreme treasure.

However, its strength was awkward.

Wang Wen had discovered during the battle that all of its movements were based on its massive weight.

It did not have too much extra power.

Wang Wens human power was incomparably great to an ant, just like any other humans.

He could easily pick up an entire biscuit!

However, as a human, he could not lift many things.

No extra power allowed him to move an overly huge meal, but an ant could.

The stone giant was the same.

Its strength was incomparably huge to a human, but to its own body, it had its limits.

The bag would buckle no matter how much water was given.

Furthermore, its body strength was very ordinary.

It appeared to be regular limestone.

It had a rough surface that absorbed a lot of water.

It could knock down some tough pieces with the strength of an average human.

It was the same as saying it was a stone with an extraordinary ability to absorb water.

It was simply a little larger.

The lake bottom cleaning work could only be done to that extent without using a handy tool.

If one commanded it to knock it down forcefully, it was easy to break its fingers.

Wang Wen stood on the dike, gazing into the distance.

The difference in water levels between the lake and the river created a dozens-meter-high waterfall.

Even though the bottom of the lake was muddy from the giants mud play, the large amount of water mist created by the rumbling falling water was also a beautiful sight.

It was incredible.

After spending some time admiring the mudslide waterfall, Wang Wen continued to control the giant.

He would play to his hearts content because the opportunity was so good.

He had not been to the beach or river in a long time to play in the mud.

He motioned for the airship to come down and pick him up so he could see better from the sky.

Although he was perplexed as to why the female mages legs shook violently as she boarded the airship, her pupils dilated, and she looked over in fear.

Wang Wen was no longer in the mood to care about the others.

He extended half of his body and gazed down at the ground.

‘Hmm, the terrain is still not beautiful enough.

Lets fix it!

First, he widened the river entrance upstream of the lake.

Then, he removed the dry riverbed.

The depth was half the distance between the lakes surface and the depth.

The depth was also pushed upstream by a hundred meters.


Two hundred meters.

In any case, the giants big hand would dig out more than ten meters of soil.

Two hundred meters would only take a few more digs.

He dug out the entrance to the river upstream, which looked like a staircase.

Then, he pressed the bottom firmly to smoothen the corners of the stairs.

That would make the waterfall flow more gentle and aesthetically pleasing.

The water would fall into the lake at the bottom of the two steps.

Wang Wen clapped his hands and looked at his masterpiece with satisfaction.

The giant also clapped its hands, making a loud rumbling sound.

The villagers were scared and cried out, retreating further.

The upstream estuary was finished.

The big project came next.

Wang Wen planned to completely transform the downstream estuary so it would never flood again.

Many villages and small towns could be seen downstream of the lake from the air.

Even if the lakes bottom were dug out, the water level would still rise in the future.

Only by simultaneously lowering the downstream estuary and widening the entire passage to the gravel beach on the other side would the lake no longer be a small arc of the lake, and the flood would naturally cease to exist.

He would do it after he had given it some thought.

The water stone giant stretched out his mud-covered palm and soaked it in the lake.

He began to dig a hole.

His next target was the entire gravel beach at the rivers inner bend.

He dug out all the excess gravel on the periphery of the mud mountain he had just built with his own hands and piled it into the depths of the inner bend, forming a chain of mountains led by the mud mountain.

The river water flowed over as soon as he dug out the gravel beaches.

Wang Wen considered it and concluded that it did not appear to be a professional playing with mud.

So he first used the excavated gravel and mud to construct a dam at the upstream mouth to block the river.

Then, he slowly dug out the gravel beaches downstream.

He did it layer by layer.

He used a lot of small stones.

He also embedded many large stones into the ground.

It was not as bad as a strange stone landscape.

The depth of the large pieces of gravel beach dug up was about the same as the lake bottom.

Looking down from the airship, the L-shaped corner had transformed into an F shape.

The lakes surface was at least three or four times wider.

There were several mountains that were roughly the same height as the water stone giant.

Aside from the fact that no green plants were growing, it was a truly miraculous sight!

Those mountains were formed by the fertile lakes mud.

Wang Wen was confident that green plants would be abundant in the future.

Wang Wen was pleased with his imagination and creativity because the barren gravel beach could be transformed into such a scene.

To avoid landslides, he directed the giant to compress the mountain as much as possible.

He also lowered his center of gravity as much as possible so that he would not fall forward even if he could.

The airship pilot looked on as he carried the immortal who had casually moved the mountains and filled the seas to transform the mountains and rivers.

There was sweat on his brow.

He suddenly realized that the immortal appeared to be a warrior who joined the army and went to the front lines.

The person in charge of the airship smiled at the thought of it.

He believed that if the stone giant capable of pulling mountains and rivers appeared on the battlefield, the enemy would be scared out of their wits!

Wang Wen had no idea why the person in charge of the airship beside him was laughing so loudly.

He glanced at him in puzzlement.

He did not have the opportunity to say anything.

He was very busy then.

The final step was to dig the downstream rivers mouth low enough to level the entire terrain with the lakes bottom.

A substantial amount of soil was turned over and piled up behind the god-made mountains.

The river channel downstream was rapidly lowering.

When the terrain, the estuary, and the lake were leveled, all debris and soil blocking the road or causing a mess would be removed.

The piled-up mountains would be flattened.

The river was wide open, and the water flowed freely all the way down.

It drew a round arc as it passed the second step.

A rainbow in the water vapor could be seen in the warm afternoon sun.

The water that marked the perfect arc kept flowing downstream.

They fell to the bottom of the lake after running the stairs, which were still more than 30 meters away.

They generated a large amount of hazy mist.

Countless jagged rocks could be seen in the fog.

It was charming and mysterious; both banks were also lofty mountains.

The scenery was breathtaking.

Of course, it was also a little suffocating for the time being.

However, the overall landscape had changed.

Everything was possible in the future.

There were no signs of overflows because the water flowed normally into the downstream estuary.

Wang Wen took an airship back to the village.

He was treated like a god the moment he landed.

The villagers fanatical looks almost made Wang Wen wonder if he was a boy or a girl.

The village chief stood on the empty dike and looked at the beautiful scenery in front of him.

The layers of falling water had become so docile and obedient.

It was no longer the ferocious beast that had previously devoured people.

That middle-aged man in his prime had twinkling eyes.

His eyes were bloodshot, and he muttered softly, “You can relax, Father.

That great river will no longer treat others like how it treated you.”


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