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Chapter 987 Rejecting the Tang Family“s Property

Although Ningning just returned to our family and we\'ve been absent from her life for nearly 19 years, she\'s still a very important figure in our family.

She has the same right to inherit our family\'s property as the other grandchildren! Tang Haifeng said.

The last sentence was the point.

Many people believed that Gu Ning wasn\'t important in the Tang family because she didn\'t grow up with the other family members, even though she was Tang Yunfan\'s biological daughter.

Therefore, they were all shocked after hearing what Tang Haifeng just said.

To their astonishment, Gu Ning held a high position in the Tang family.

Gu Man was also surprised.

Although she married into the Tang family, and Gu Ning was Tang Yunfan\'s biological daughter, she had no intention to let Gu Ning inherit the Tang family\'s property.

In fact, she was unwilling to see Gu Ning inherit the Tang family\'s property, because it would make people think that they returned to the Tang family for money.

At the same time, many people turned to look at Tang Yunhang\'s family, especially Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai.

Tang Yunfan had no children before, so the brothers would inherit the Tang family\'s property in the future.

Even though Tang Yunfan built Tanghuang up all on his own and the other members of the Tang family already had many shares in it, the successor should still be a member of the Tang family.

However, Gu Ning appeared now, and Tang Haifeng announced that she also had the right of inheritance, which meant that she was going to get a share of the Tang family\'s property.

Given Gu Ning\'s previous achievements, she was more likely to be chosen as the heiress of Tanghuang.

The brothers, on the other hand, could lose their chance.

While people thought that Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai would be jealous of Gu Ning, neither of them showed any jealousy.

On the contrary, they seemed to be satisfied with their grandfather\'s decision.

Both of them were aware that Tang Yunfan was the one who brought Tanghuang to success, and the Tang family relied on him to become so influential today.

Moreover, Tang Yunfan and Tang Yunhang supported each other along the way as close brothers.

There was no conflict between them at all.

Nevertheless, onlookers had the opposite idea.

They didn\'t think that Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai could really be as calm as they looked.

The Tang family owned hundreds of billions of yuan in wealth! Even if Gu Ning couldn\'t be the heiress of the Tang family, she might still get nearly thirty billion yuan from the Tang family\'s property.

It was an unusually high number!

Although City B was an advanced city with countless rich people, there was still a huge gap between common rich people and super rich people.

Besides, there were a lot more ordinary people in City B.

Even those guests who were present today couldn\'t be as rich.

Gu Ning wasn\'t surprised by Tang Haifeng\'s decision, and she was prepared for it.

Thank you, grandpa, for your love and care, but I must make an official announcement right now, right here in front of everyone.

I\'m willing to give up the right of inheritance of the Tang family\'s property.

Once Gu Ning finished, everyone was stunned.

None of them could believe their ears.

No way! Is she going to give up the right to inherit the Tang family\'s property

I can\'t believe it.

She can get at least thirty billion yuan!

Doesn\'t she like money

I think that it\'s just a show for outsiders.

People began to discuss Gu Ning\'s words.

The members of the Tang family, however, believed Gu Ning, because they knew that Gu Ning didn\'t lack money at all.

In addition, they also wanted to show their sincerity by giving Gu Ning the right of inheritance.

It was up to Gu Ning whether she was willing to accept it or not.

Even though the members of the Tang family were aware that Gu Ning wasn\'t greedy at all, they were still surprised when she rejected the Tang family\'s property.

Gu Man, on the other hand, felt relieved, because she didn\'t want Gu Ning to accept it either.

Only Leng Shaoting, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya stayed calm.

In fact, Gu Ning\'s companies were a lot more profitable than others could believe.

She also preferred to gain whatever she wanted by working hard for it.

Leng Shaoting knew what Gu Ning was going to do today, because he had helped Gu Ning turn to a professional lawyer, who was also the exclusive lawyer of Shengshi, for help.

He also supported Gu Ning to reject the Tang family\'s property.

Actually, Leng Shaoting alone had the same amount of assets as the Tang family, and he was willing to give his property to Gu Ning as long as she wanted.

There was no need for Gu Ning to take over the Tang family\'s business.

Leng Shaoting alone could satisfy her needs.

Hao Ran and the others were also shocked at the beginning, but they soon figured out that Gu Ning wasn\'t an ordinary girl.

She was already super-rich! In addition, she was still very young, and had a bright future ahead.

I understand that many of you might not believe my words, so I hired a lawyer and set up a contract beforehand.

We can sign it right now, Gu Ning said.

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