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“Great, Im relieved.” Jiang Xu let out a long breath.

He obviously valued Gu Ning above Gu Qinxiang.

He had only helped Gu Qinxiang because Gu Qinxiang was desperate.

“I told you that Ningning wont blame you for that.

You dont need to be worried anymore,” Gu Qing said.

Jiang Xu smiled, and said nothing.

Before long, Gu Qinyangs family also arrived.

However, they ran into a familiar face once they got off the plane, which wasnt a pleasant thing.

“Oh, Wen Yulan, been a while! Did your family come here for a trip Wasnt it that you could barely afford the fee of the group trip last time Didnt you tell us that your family just bought a house so you lack money now Where did you get the money to travel in City B Dont you know that its very expensive to stay and dine here”

The familiar face was Wen Yulans colleague, a 37-year-old woman.

She looked and sounded arrogant, and didnt bother to hide her obvious disdain towards Wen Yulans family.

Gu Qinyangs family was indeed on a tight budget now because they just bought a house, but they werent dirt poor.

The woman was aware of it, but she still wanted to laugh at Wen Yulan.

It didnt matter who was poorer than her in the public institution they worked for, she would make fun of them.

In fact, this woman had the same job as Wen Yulan, but she married a rich husband.

She often showed off her luxuries in their workplace.

Except for a few people who were willing to please her, the others all hated her behavior.

She wouldnt make friends with those who were poorer than her either.

All in all, she enjoyed it when people were jealous of her.

Although Wen Yulan disliked this woman very much, she couldnt argue with her in public.

Therefore, Wen Yulan curbed her anger and smiled.

“We dont have much money, but someone paid all of the expenses for us.”

There was no need for her to deny the fact that her family lacked money.

“Really Who is it” Hearing that, the woman was disappointed.

She was surprised to know that Wen Yulan had a rich relative who could afford all the expenses for them in City B.

She was curious to find out how rich Wen Yulans relative was.

She refused to believe that Wen Yulans relative could be richer than her.

“My sister-in-law,” Wen Yulan said.

The woman moved her eyes, then put on a fake smile.

“What does she do Is she very rich”

“She runs a beauty salon.” Wen Yulan gave her a perfunctory answer.

A beauty salon

The woman pulled her lips.

The owner of a beauty salon couldnt be very rich.

“Im sorry to interrupt you, but Im curious, how rich is your family” Gu Yinyin asked the woman all of a sudden.

The woman wore a proud smile at once.

“My family has over dozens of millions of yuan in assets!”

“Oh, thats not much.

My aunt and her daughter have hundreds of millions of yuan in assets! My aunt runs a beauty salon, but her daughter is the boss of a jewelry store.

My mother received a gift from them, which is a set of jade jewelry and its worth dozens of millions of yuan!” Gu Yinyin said.

She aimed to annoy the woman.

The woman was so disgusting, and they hated being humiliated again and again.

“What” The woman was shocked.

Wen Yulan has a set of jade jewelry which is worth dozens of millions of yuan

She got jealous in an instant.

The most expensive set of jewelry that she had only cost hundreds of thousands of yuan, and it was a gift for her wedding anniversary.

She had begged her husband for a long time to get it.

Although her family did have dozens of millions of yuan in assets, most of her family wealth was immovable property.

Besides, her husband wasnt very generous, and was unwilling to give her much money to buy luxuries.

Actually, if her husband were generous to her, she would quit her job and become a rich lady who had tons of time to spend money.

Many people asked her that question.

Why couldnt she quit her job and enjoy her luxurious life if her rich husband really loved her deeply.

Nevertheless, she obviously wouldnt tell them the truth, so she lied and said that she thought that women should have their own career and be independent.

Her colleagues and friends believed that, because many noble ladies did prefer to work as usual, no matter how rich their husbands were.

However, she was shocked to know that Wen Yulan, who she usually made fun of, was able to receive a much more expensive gift than her.

“You must be bragging!” The woman refused to accept the truth.

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