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This man wasnt good-looking, but thought highly of himself.

Because his family was rich, he believed that he was better than others.

He even told Zhao Xiaoxuan that he was going to take over his family business, and that she had to be a full-time housewife.

Zhao Xiaoxuan was displeased when she heard that.

She wasnt unwilling to do that, but the man said that women should quit their jobs to take care of their husbands and children at home.

It was a mans duty to run the business, so he would take over the Zhao familys business as well in the future.

Given Zhao Xiaoxuans personality and the previous unpleasant experience, it was impossible that she would agree to that.

However, before she could vent her anger, Gu Ning and Yu Zi showed up.

The man noticed Gu Ning, but didnt strike up a conversation with her right away.

Instead, he said to Zhao Xiaoxuan after Gu Ning was seated.

“Miss Zhao, I just saw an acquaintance.

Please excuse me.”

He was polite, but his behavior was still disgusting.

“Sure.” Zhao Xiaoxuan understood his purpose, but didnt stop him.

She was curious about what would happen to the man.

Afterwards, the man stood up and walked to Gu Ning.

Seeing that, Yu Zi asked, “Boss, do you know that man I think hes coming for you.”

“Nope,” Gu Ning said.

“Is it Zhao Xiaoxuans idea” Yu Zi said.

Although Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt show any hatred towards her now, it was hard to tell what Zhao Xiaoxuan was thinking.

They used to be enemies after all.

“I dont think so,” Gu Ning said.

The man stood in front of Gu Ning and put on a gentle smile.

“Miss, I think weve met somewhere before.”

It was obviously a lie.

Gu Ning felt like laughing, but replied with a calm face, “Oh, really I dont remember you.”

“Its fine.

We can get to know each other again.

My name is Zhang Tenghao, the heir of Leyou Travel, and this is my name card.” The man didnt seem embarrassed at all.

Leyou Travel was a company of a certain size with around a hundred million yuan in assets in City B, but Gu Ning had never heard of it before.

With around a hundred million yuan in assets, Zhang Tenghao was a rich heir, but it was nothing in Gu Nings opinion.

Zhang Tenghao thought that Gu Ning was just an ordinary girl, and that she would be attracted to his wealth.

The women that Zhang Tenghao had met till now were all vain, so he believed that all women were the same.

He was also willing to exchange money for sex with those women.

He only loved beautiful women, and didnt care about their family background.

“Sorry, Im not interested,” Gu Ning said.

Zhang Tenghao was struck dumb for a second, and felt surprised.

It had never happened before, because he always picked up women who were willing to sell their bodies for money.

“Miss, we all become friends from strangers.

Why do you have to be so cold-blooded” Zhang Tenghao said.

“Im cold-blooded” Gu Ning smiled.

“I think I have the right to choose what kind of people I want to make friends with.”

“You…” Zhang Tenghao was dissatisfied now.

“Miss, dont be so rude and aggressive, or youll cause yourself trouble.”

“Are you threatening me” Gu Ning was serious now, which scared Zhang Tenghao.

Zhang Tenghao didnt want to lose face, so he threatened Gu Ning again.

“So what Its your honor that I picked you.

How dare you embarrass me in public If you dont listen to me, Ill…”

“Disappear now.” Gu Ning interrupted him.

“What did you say” Zhang Tenghao rounded his eyes in shock.

“Ill chase you away if you keep annoying me.” Gu Ning lost her patience.

“What can you do This shop is owned by my friend.

I just need to make a call, and you will be chased away,” Zhang Tenghao said with arrogance.

“Do it now,” Gu Ning said in a cold tone.

“You…” Zhang Tenghao was mad.

In fact, he just wanted to scare her, but now he had to do it.

“Great, dont you dare leave!” he said and took out his phone at once.

“Lord Guan, where are you” he asked on the phone.

“Im in XX restaurant now.

Whats up” Gu Ning heard a familiar voice, and the Lord Guan was actually Guan Bin.

This restaurant was owned by the Guan family, and Gu Ning came here for the sake of Guan Bin.

They provided delicious food as well.

“Im in your restaurant right now, and a stupid girl just annoyed me.

Chase her away right now,” Zhang Tenghao said.

Hearing that, Guan Bin agreed.

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