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Thinking of her second older brother, He Siyin looked sad.

“Yeah, hes still missing.”

“Do you know how your second older brother disappeared” Gu Ning asked.

She had no intention to do He Siyin a favor, but she wouldnt mind paying attention to it.

It wasnt a secret, so He Siyin directly said, “Two months ago, he went to sail with his friends.

They left for a small undeveloped island on the west side.

In the beginning, we could get through to him, but we lost touch the next day, and he never came back again.

My father sent a lot of people to find him.

Their yacht was still stopped by the small island, but they were nowhere to be found.

Besides, no other yachts have been there except theirs.

After a short time, my fathers ears act up, and the news went abroad.

My family is affected a little, but luckily we have many allies so our family business is still doing well.

However, it wont last long, because He Hongyuan is always thinking of taking over my familys business.”

“He Hongyuan doesnt bother to hide his ambition, so my family are all aware of his aim, but he refuses to admit it himself.

We dont have solid proof either, so we can do nothing about it,” He Siyin added.

Speaking of He Hongyuan, He Siyin was angry.

Gu Ning didnt ask further.

She had planned to pay some attention to He Siyins second older brothers disappearance, but it now seemed difficult.

After the meal, He Siyin left, and Gu Ning called Li Maosong.

Li Maosong and his friends were dining in a four-star hotel now, which wasnt far from the hotel Gu Ning stayed in, so Gu Ning decided to walk there as a way of exercise.

Just as she arrived at the hall, she noticed that He Siyin was in a conflict with a man and a woman.

The man and woman stood hand in hand, looking at He Siyin with arrogance.

“He Siyin, it must be a hard time for you, right I will be the heiress of the He family the day after tomorrow, while youll lose everything you were born with.” The woman laughed at He Siyin with her eyes full of maliciousness.

In the past, He Yixi was always overshadowed by He Siyin.

This woman who was making fun of He Siyin was exactly the daughter of her uncle, He Yixi.

The man by her side was the second son of the leader of the Tiandihui, Hong Yuefei.

Although Hong Yuefei was He Yixis boyfriend now, he was still interested in He Siyin.

However, he also couldnt wait a second longer to gloat over He Siyins failure.

That was the reason why he agreed with He Yixi to scheme against the He family.

He would wait to take He Siyin as his possession by force after she lost everything so that nobody could or would be willing to help her then.

“Oh, really Isnt it too early to say that” Although He Siyin was in a rage now, she remained calm on the surface.

However, no matter how calm she seemed, people could still sense her anger, because the two people standing in front of her were the cause of the He familys problem.

He Siyin wished she could tear them into pieces right now.

“I dont think so.” He Yixi smiled with disdain.

He Siyin felt disgusted, and planned to walk away, but He Yixi raised her foot and placed it in He Siyins way all of a sudden.

He Siyin stumbled and exclaimed.

People around all turned to look at her.

If she fell on the ground, it would be really painful.

To everyones surprise, a girl grabbed He Siyins arm at the last second and pulled her up.

The girl was Gu Ning, and she knew what He Yixi was going to do the moment He Yixi reached out her foot, so she was able to catch He Siyins arm before she fell.

Everyone was shocked by the scene in the hall.

Without delay, Gu Ning protected He Siyin behind her back.

In the meantime, Gu Ning kicked He Yixis ankle.

It looked careless, but Gu Ning did it on purpose.

In fact, except for Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, nobody noticed Gu Nings foot, because they were all paying attention to He Siyin.

Gu Ning secretly used her magical power when she attacked He Yixi, and He Yixis ankle was instantly broken with a clear sound.

He Yixi screamed in pain, and fell the next second.

Luckily, she was holding Hong Yuefeis arm, so she didnt fall on the ground.

“Yixi, are you alright” Hong Yuefei asked.

“M-My ankle is so sore!” He Yixis face turned pale.

Hearing that, Hong Yuefei squatted to check her ankle, but she screamed again once his hand touched her ankle.

“Its broken!” Hong Yuefei was astonished, but didnt know how it happened.

He didnt see Gu Ning attack He Yixi, so he had no idea that it was Gu Ning who had done it.

“She just kicked me!” He Yixi pointed at Gu Ning, shouting in anger.

Hearing that, Hong Yuefei abruptly turned to glare at Gu Ning.

When he was about to swear at her, he was stunned by her beauty.

Gu Ning was more beautiful than any girl he had ever seen before.

He Yixi was annoyed, and she soon got jealous when she saw Gu Nings face.

“Yuefei!” He Yixi was displeased, but didnt dare to lose her temper, because she knew that Hong Yuefei was a playboy who always wanted to have sex with pretty girls.

Even though she was his girlfriend now, he still maintained a sexual relationship with different women.

She was unwilling to accept it, but she needed the title of Mrs.

Hong the most, which meant that nobody would dare to act against her in HK.

In order to gain the title, she had to stand the fact that Hong Yuefei had many mistresses, and she did her best in bed to attract him.

In fact, she had already succeeded, so they would be married once the He familys business became theirs.

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