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Chapter 836: Unerring Accuracy

Although Zhang Zikai and Su Anya thought that it was very difficult, they were looking forward to it, because they could get a doll as long as seven of the darts hit the red spot.

The fewer darts that hit the red spot, the smaller the doll would be.

Ten game coins were 10 yuan, and could buy 10 darts.

Gu Ning got the darts, then started the throw them one by one.

Once a dart hit the red spot, Zhang Zikai and Su Anya cheered with excitement.

Within seconds, seven successive darts hit the red spot, which attracted the attention of people around them.

“Jesus, the girl has hit the red spot seven successive times.”

“Its so unbelievable! I wonder whether she can hit the red spot with all 10 darts.”

“I think its quite possible.”

Everyone believed in Gu Ning.

Eight, nine, ten darts really hit the red spot.


Nobody was happier than Zhang Zikai and Su Anya.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, stayed calm as usual, because it wasnt a surprise in her eyes.

“OMG, shes so amazing!”

“She must have practiced that before.”

“Of course she did, or she wouldnt be so good at it.”

Gu Nings unerring accuracy shocked everyone around the darts.

A waiter gave Gu Ning the largest doll at once, but both Zhang Zikai and Su Anya loved dolls.

In order to get each of them a large doll, Gu Ning decided to play again.

Given her performance the first time, Zhang Zikai and Su Anya were very confident that Gu Ning would be able to hit the red spot with all 10 darts once more.

Many onlookers, however, held doubts.

Within a short time, the game ended, and Gu Ning won another large doll as she wanted to.

Both Zhang Zikai and Su Anya hugged a large doll in their arms afterwards.

They were more than excited now, and the dolls were so large that they could barely see the road ahead.

People around them also admired Gu Ning very much after she hit the red spot with all 10 darts twice.

Some girls were envious of Zhang Zikai and Su Anya too.

They all wished that they could have such a large doll.

A large doll cost around two hundred yuan, which wasnt expensive, but it was different if they directly bought one instead of winning one.

“Ningning, youre indeed the national idol! If I were a man, I would fall in love with you and be determined to marry you,” Zhang Zikai said with a serious face.

“If you were a man, you would have to be an outstanding, rich and handsome young man, or Ningning wouldnt marry you,” Su Anya said.

Gu Ning was an outstanding girl, so her boyfriend had to be excellent too.

“Well…” Zhang Zikai was struck dumb for a second, then said, “Youre right.

If I were a man, I probably wouldnt be able to marry Ningning.

If so, I think its better that I am a girl so that I can be Ningnings friend!”

Zhang Zikai looked so serious, which amused Gu Ning and Su Anya.

They still had many game coins, so they continued to play games.

They went to a basketball machine, and they could play once with 10 game coins.

If they could throw a 100 basketballs into the hoop within a minute, they would get rewards as well, which could be dolls or other small gifts.

Zhang Zikai and Su Anya gave their game coins to Gu Ning, because they believed that Gu Ning could win with them every time.

After putting the game coins into the machine, Gu Ning began to throw basketballs into the hoop.

She moved fast, and the basketballs flew into the hoop one by one, which attracted peoples attention around them.

“Jesus, shes so good!”

“I cant believe my eyes now.”

Everyone was shocked.

“Lets guess how many basketballs she can throw into the hoop within a minute.”

“Over 150 I think.”

“It could be 180.”

“I believe its 200.

Shes already thrown over 100 into the hoop within 30 seconds.”

“Hard to say.

Maybe shell get tired later, and move slower.”

However, to their astonishment, Gu Ning moved at the same speed from the beginning to the end.

A minute later, Gu Ning had thrown 208 basketballs into the hoop in all.

In fact, a 100 within a minute was a very hard goal, and normally one in a hundred people could do that, but Gu Ning broke the record.

People applauded and cheered at once, which scared others who were playing other games, and they all looked over.

Many of them felt displeased when they were interrupted by the thunderous applause, but they were soon amazed after learning what had happened.

“Shes so amazing!”

“I think she just set a world record.”

“Nobody can break it.”

“Hey, beauty, can we become friends” a boy struck up a conversation with Gu Ning.

“We can if you can throw a 100 basketballs into the hoop,” Gu Ning said with a smile, which was a kind way to reject him.

Hearing that, the boy felt embarrassed, and closed his mouth.

After that, Gu Ning and her friends went to get their gifts.

Even though it was an unbelievable record, they could only get one gift.

Gu Ning noticed two cups which were made for a couple, so she took them and kept them herself.

Someone took a video of Gu Ning playing on the basketball machine, then posted it on the Internet.

Before long, the video went viral, and some recognized Gu Ning.

Although they already knew that Gu Ning was very outstanding, they were still stunned by her this time.

“Goddess Gu is a real goddess.

Shes always so amazing.”

“Goddess Gu Why do you call her Goddess Gu”

Someone who didnt know Gu Ning was confused.

“Search her name on the Internet yourself.”

It was difficult to introduce Gu Nings achievements with just a few sentences, so it was better to search for information about her on the Internet themselves.

More and more people searched Goddess Gu on the Internet, and Goddess Gu soon became a hot topic.

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