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805 Like Him, or Want to Conquer Him

The condition was that the Zi family had to contribute more in cooperation with the military of the country Leng Shaoting came from.

Zi Shaomin hesitated for a while.

Although it wasnt a bad deal, it wasnt profitable either.

However, his fathers life was in danger now, and Zi Shaomin had to accept it in order to rescue his father.

It would be best if Leng Shaoting could rescue his father, or at least help his father to not become worse.

If his father died, Leng Shaoting said that he would take responsibility.

In that case, the deal was highly risky for Leng Shaoting in other peoples eyes, but Leng Shaoting was confident because he trusted Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting was going to save the head of the Zi family with Gu Nings special medicine.

When the medical staff left, Leng Shaoting took out a small porcelain bottle and handed it to Zi Shaomin.

“There are three pills in it.

Take one every three days; you can help him take one right now.”


Zi Shaomin took the porcelain bottle, then walked to the patient bed.

He took off the oxygen mask from his fathers face, poured out a pill, and put it into his fathers mouth without hesitation.

The moment he agreed with Leng Shaoting, he chose to believe him.

He cared about his fathers life, and he also trusted Leng Shaoting.

The power crystal melted the second it was put into his fathers mouth, and the magical power gradually spread across his fathers body.

Once it entered his head, the brain damage started to heal.

About a dozen minutes later, Zi Shaomins father began to breathe normally, which shocked him.

“Wow, this…” Zi Shaomin didnt know what to say.

Actually, Zi Shaomin didnt have much hope at the beginning, but now he was totally amazed.

Even Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei who had heard of the unbelievable effect of the medicine before were astonished too.

They had just heard of it before, but now they witnessed it with their own eyes.

“Please keep this medicine a secret,” Leng Shaoting said to Zi Shaomin.

“No problem,” Zi Shaomin said, and didnt ask further about the medicine.

He called a doctor at once to check his fathers body.

The doctor was greatly surprised that Master Zi could recover within such a short time, which was a miracle!

The doctor didnt ask Zi Shaomin what had happened, because he didnt think that Master Zi became so much better after just taking one pill.

He thought that Master Zi must be recovering on his own.

Zi Shaomin didnt bother to explain it either.

“Lord Zi, Master Zi is much better now, and his life is already out of danger!” the doctor said with excitement.

Hearing that, Zi Shaomin was relieved.

Since Master Zi was much better now, he should satisfy the condition laid down by Leng Shaoting, but they had to wait for the final result of Master Zis health till the day after tomorrow.

After that, Zi Shaomin told the housekeeper to take Leng Shaoting and the others to have a rest.

Zi Shaomin also went back to the living hall of the main building.

Zi Beiying was watching TV in the living hall the entire time, and waited for Leng Shaoting to come back, but Zi Shaomin walked back alone, which disappointed her.

Seeing that, Zi Shaomin didnt know what to say.

He, of course, knew that Zi Beiying admired Leng Shaoting from afar, but Leng Shaoting never liked Zi Beiying.

To be specific, he had never seen Leng Shaoting pay attention to any women before.

Even though he also hoped that Zi Beiying could be with Leng Shaoting, he didnt want to ruin his close relationship with Leng Shaoting either.

It was better for them to maintain a good relationship with people of power, instead of messing with them.

“Shaomin, where is Shaoting” Zi Beiying asked.

“He left for a rest,” Zi Shaomin said.

“Its still early now!” Zi Beiying pouted, feeling upset.

“Beiying, I think you should give up.

He doesnt like you at all,” Zi Shaomin said.

It wasnt the first time that he had tried to persuade her to give up.

Zi Beiying pulled her lips.

She clearly knew that Leng Shaoting had no affection towards her, but she just liked him.

In fact, Zi Beiying didnt know whether she really liked Leng Shaoting, or she simply wanted to conquer him.

She was stunned by him in the beginning.

However, the more he ignored her afterwards, the more she wanted to conquer him.

“I think that Xu Jinchen is also a good choice.

Why dont you change your target” Zi Shaomin proposed.

Compared with Leng Shaoting, he thought that Xu Jinchen was a better choice.

Leng Shaoting was like a cold machine in his eyes.

He obviously had no idea that Leng Shaoting already had a beloved girlfriend.

“No, Shaoting is the only man I want!” Zi Beiying insisted.

Zi Shaomin shrugged, then went back to his room.

The next morning, Zi Beiying got up early, because she didnt want to miss breakfast with Leng Shaoting.

“Shaoting, do you like the food” Zi Beiying tried to strike up a conversation with him.

Leng Shaoting, however, just nodded, but didnt say a word.

They ate quickly, and soon finished breakfast before Zi Beiying could find a topic to chat to Leng Shaoting about.

After that, Zi Shaomin guided them to the back yard, and Zi Beiying didnt follow them either this time.

When they walked into the medical room, the doctor said, “Lord Zi, Master Zis brain is almost fully recovered, and his fingers are moving once in a while.

I think hes about to wake up!”

“Really” Zi Shaomin was thrilled.

“Yes!” the doctor said.

After hearing the good news, Zi Shaomin was sure that his father would be awake soon, so he guided Leng Shaoting back to the study of the main building to sign a new contract.

Although Master Zi was still unconscious, he would wake up sooner or later.

With the new contract signed, Leng Shaoting and his team left.

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