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803 Hurt Each Other

Tong Wen had a quick temper and was always straightforward, but she had never taken advantage of anyone.

She didnt marry into the Feng family for their money.

Although the Tong family wasnt very rich, they had power.

The marriage between Tong Wen and Feng Pinghuang was an alliance of power and wealth.

Of course, they also fell in love with each other.

The Tong family became richer because of the Feng family, and the Feng family also grew more successful with the support of the Tong family.

Both of the two families benefited from their alliance.

Therefore, Tong Wen didnt marry into a family of a much higher social class than hers.

It was understandable if a girl sent her family some gifts after she was married, but it was unacceptable that Lu Qiuting had given her family an unusually large amount of money! The Lu family wasnt poor after all, but greedy.

Tong Wen thought that it was highly unfair.

“I didnt use your money!” Lu Qiuting argued.

“You used the Feng familys money, and we live under the same roof now!” Tong Wen said.

It was true.

The Feng family still lived together, and none of the couples had moved out, so they shared the familys fortune.

The Feng family had several billion yuan in assets, but they only owned 60% of it, and the rest belonged to shareholders.

Besides, two thirds of the assets of their familys business was immovable property, while the remaining funds were used to keep the company afloat.

In that case, they didnt have much money for household expenses, so the hundred million yuan that Lu Qiuting had given her family was quite a lot.

“You…” Lu Qiuting didnt know how to argue back.

“Sign it now, or I wont even give you the car and house.” Feng Pinghui urged Lu Qiuting to sign her name on the agreement.

“Mom!” Feng Pingjie wanted to stop his mother, but was afraid of his father, so he did nothing in the end.

Lu Qiuting was in despair now.

She was unwilling to sign it, but she was left with no choice.

If Feng Pinghui was going to expose her dirty secret, she could be put in jail, and her family didnt have the ability to help her out.

Her hands were trembling when she wrote down her name, and Feng Pinghui put it away the second she finished signing.

“Go pack your stuff right now and leave!”

After that, Feng Pinghui walked upstairs.

Lu Qiuting followed his order and left after a while.

She didnt go back to her familys house, but went to the hospital.

She was going to question Feng Xueqin for the reason why she told Feng Pinghui about what they had done.

“Feng Xueqin, why did you tell your older brother what we did so many years ago Your older brother just divorced me.

Are you happy now” Lu Qiuting criticized Feng Xueqin in the ward.

She couldnt figure out why Feng Xueqin betrayed her all of a sudden.

“Youre already divorced” Feng Xueqin was surprised, but laughed out loud with satisfaction the next second.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, good to know that!”

“Lu Qiuting, dont forget that you told me to kill myself earlier today!” Feng Xueqin said.

“What” Lu Qiuting rounded her eyes in shock.

She couldnt believe that Feng Xueqin betrayed her just because she had said something in anger.

“Feng Xueqin, Ive taken good care of you during the past few days, and you betrayed me just because of a short sentence I said today in anger I didnt mean it!” Lu Qiuting shouted.

“You did mean it!” Feng Xueqin suddenly lost control of her face, and became unusually excited.

“You…” Lu Qiuting felt so helpless.

She was already divorced, and it was meaningless to argue with Feng Xueqin now.

However, she wasnt willing to tolerate it.

Since Feng Xueqin ruined her marriage, she was going to torture her as well.

“Very well.

You just ruined my marriage, and I accept the result, but youre just an old woman.

The man you love never bothers to give you a look.

Hes already married!” Lu Qiuting said to irritate Feng Xueqin.

Hearing that, Feng Xueqin was indeed mad.

“Shut your mouth!”

The fact that Tang Yunfan married another woman was a thorn in Feng Xueqins heart, and it was painful every time she thought of it.

“What Its the hottest news recently.

Why cant you accept it Speaking of your love towards Tang Yunfan, I think its a pure joke.

You claim that you love him so much that hes the only man you want to marry in this lifetime, but you sleep with different kinds of men at the same time.

Youre a disgusting sl*t.

No man wants to marry a woman who has been f*cked by countless men! Youre sick and ill!” Lu Qiuting verbally abused Feng Xueqin as much as she could.

Feng Xueqin thought that she had hidden the fact that she had many booty calls with different kinds of men very well, but Lu Qiuting had still accidentally found her sexual chats with several men.

Lu Qiuting had also run into Feng Xueqin with other men several times.

When she found out that Feng Xueqin had a sexual relationship with Liu Xinqi, she was shocked.

She treated Feng Xueqin as a good friend before, so she didnt say it aloud, but there was no need for her to hide it anymore since their friendship was destroyed by betrayal.

“Shut your mouth!” Feng Xueqin lost control of her emotion now, and started to damage things in the ward again.

If she was strong enough, she would tear Lu Qiuting into pieces.

Feng Xueqins scream attracted the doctors attention.

“What happened” the doctor quickly walked inside and asked Lu Qiuting.

Lu Qiuting pretended that she was scared.

“I think she has gone crazy again.

Please, inject her with a sedative.”

Feng Xueqin went crazy often these days, so the doctor didnt doubt Lu Qiutings words, and injected Feng Xueqin with a sedative without delay.

Under the effect of the sedative, Feng Xueqin soon became quiet, and couldnt move on the bed, but she glared at Lu Qiuting the entire time, although it wasnt threatening at all.

After injecting Feng Xueqin with a sedative, the doctor left, and Lu Qiuting began to gloat over Feng Xueqins pain once more.

“How do you feel now You must be in great pain now, right Thats exactly what I want.”

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