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796 Not the Time to Make It Public

“What Shes the Goddess Gu”

“Yes! Shes an unbelievable girl, and many people regard her as their idol.

Im so excited to see her in real life! I must take a photo to remember this moment.”

Saying that, many people took out their phones to take pictures.

Du Laifeng also felt honored when Tang Haifeng appeared in his sight, even though he came here because of Gu Ning.

He had never met such an important figure before!

“Its so nice to meet you, Master Tang, boss!” Du Laifeng greeted them with respect.

Hearing that, the onlookers were all surprised to know that this antiques store was Gu Nings.

Maybe it was because Gu Ning was a famous successful businesswoman now, but they werent shocked that Gu Ning owned another store.

Li Fengxia and Du Mingda didnt dare to do anything to hurt Gu Ning after hearing the news.

Tang Haifeng received Master Xiaos call the moment he arrived.

Master Xiao asked him whether he had arrived yet, and said that he was going to meet him.

When Tang Haifeng told Master Xiao where he was, Master Xiao was astonished, because it was Gu Nings shop.

Since when did Gu Ning become Tang Haifengs granddaughter Master Xiao thought to himself.

Master Xiao was confused, but he guessed that maybe Tang Haifeng treated Gu Ning as his granddaughter.

He knew who the members of the Tang family were.

Anyway, the girl had to be very outstanding if Tang Haifeng appreciated her.

Master Xiao then went to Gu Nings antique shop along with his apprentice.

Before long, they arrived and met Tang Haifeng and the others.

“Hi, Xiao, come here! Let me introduce you.” Tang Haifeng couldnt wait a second longer to introduce Gu Ning to them.

“This is my granddaughter, Gu Ning.”

“Hi, Grandpa Xiao, Uncle Chang!” Gu Ning greeted them politely.

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng was surprised.

“Ningning, do you know Xiao”

“Well, Grandpa Xiao and Uncle Chang visited my shop yesterday,” Gu Ning said.

“Ha-ha, Tang, Ive seen those real antiques before you!” Master Xiao said with satisfaction.

“What Ningning, why didnt you call me first” Tang Haifeng was displeased.

Gu Ning immediately explained with a smile, “I ran into Grandpa Xiao yesterday, so he saw those real antiques before you.”

Even so, Tang Haifeng was still a little unhappy.

“Tang, since when have you had another granddaughter” Master Xiao asked with curiosity.

“Dont you think she closely resembles Yunfan” Tang Haifeng said.

Master Xiao didnt pay much attention to it until now, because he had just met Tang Yunfan a few times and he was losing his memory as an old man.

He took a closer look at Gu Nings face, and was astonished to find that Gu Ning really did resemble Tang Yunfan a lot.

An idea dawned on him, and he rounded his eyes in shock.

“Is she Yunfans…”

“Right, but its not the time to make it public yet.” Tang Haifeng interrupted Master Xiao before he could finish his sentence.

Hearing that, Master Xiao closed his mouth, but he was curious about why Tang Yunfan suddenly had a daughter.

After that, many flower baskets under the name of Jade Beauty Jewelry, Charm and the Tanghuang Group were delivered.

Master Lei also came a while later.

Zhao Yiru showed up too.

They all came with flower baskets, which caused the antique street to be ablaze with fresh flowers.

Tang Haifengs friends who were members of the Antiques Association arrived one after another.

One of them was its head.

Given Tang Haifengs high social status, his friends were all important figures.

Tang Haifeng introduced Gu Ning to his friends afterwards, and they were all as curious as Master Xiao about Gu Ning.

However, Tang Haifeng told them that it wasnt the time to make it public, so they didnt ask further.

Those important figures arrival caused a sensation at the antique street.

Many antique lovers along with owners of other antique stores ran to have a look.

Several members of the Antiques Association were frequent visitors of the antique street, so they got to know that many of their friends were there.

In the following minutes, people were all busy greeting and chatting with each other, bustling with noise.

When it was 10:10 am, the opening ceremony began.

Du Laifeng gave the speech, then uncovered the signboard and three words “Xiangyun Antique-store” were exposed before everyones eyes.

Seeing the signboard, many were surprised.

“Jesus, its Xiangyun Antique-store!”

“Is it very famous”

“Of course it is! Xiangyun Antique-store is very famous in the antique industry right now.”

Xiangyun Antique-store had already gained some fame in the antique industry before Gu Ning took it over, and it was a lot more famous after Gu Ning became its new boss.

To most of the onlookers surprise, Xiangyun Antique-store had a branch in City B now.

The handicrafts of Xiangyun Antique-store were always popular, and many owners of other antique stores felt quite stressed after knowing that there were many real antiques in it.

However, nobody dared to cause any trouble, because they all knew that Gu Ning had good connections in all kinds of industries.

After Du Laifengs speech, Gu Ning gave a short acknowledgment.

And when she finished, it was time to cut the ribbon.

Tang Haifeng, Master Lei and the head of the Antiques Association did the ribbon-cutting together.

Afterwards, people went inside to appreciate the handicrafts and real antiques.

Onlookers were more interested in handicrafts, while antique lovers focused on the real antiques.

There was an exhibition wall made of bullet-proof glass in the room, where real antiques were placed.

The history and price of each antique were written down on a card beside it.

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