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794 Protect You Throughout This Lifetime

Gu Man was struck dumb the moment she saw the scene outside, and burst into tears of joy.

Even though she was mentally-prepared that Tang Yunfan was going to propose to her, she was still deeply touched when it became reality.

Tang Yunfan walked towards Gu Man step by step with a large bunch of roses in his hands.

He seemed calm, but actually couldnt wait a second longer to hug her.

Gu Mans heart was pounding, and her cheeks flushed red.

She felt so nervous that she almost wanted to escape.

However, her feet wouldnt listen to her, and she stood still.

Tang Yunfan was also nervous, but did his best to stay calm.

Tang Yunfan walked till he was in front of Gu Man, and stared at her with his eyes full of love.

At this moment, he could only see her, even Gu Ning who stood aside couldnt distract his attention.

“Man, weve been apart for the past 18 years.”

“Man, I feel utterly sorry that I broke your heart, and left you alone with so much pressure.”

“Man, Ill protect you throughout this lifetime.”


Tang Yunfan knelt down and raised the large bunch of roses along with the diamond ring, then said with a serious face, “Will you marry me”

Gu Man cried again, and couldnt say a word.

The others standing around were also touched.

Seeing that Gu Man didnt agree right away, someone shouted, “Marry him! Marry him!”

Afterwards, everyone shouted together, “Marry him! Marry him!”

It was work time, and they attracted a lot of attention from passers-by.

“Jesus, is he the chairman of the Tanghuang Group” Someone recognized Tang Yunfan.

“What The chairman of the Tanghuang Group”

Hearing that, some were surprised.

“OMG, the chairman of Tanghuang Group is proposing to his beloved woman!”

The onlookers took out their phones at once, then took many pictures along with videos of the proposal scene.

Hearing people shouting “marry him”, Gu Man nodded with great excitement, and took the roses from his hand.

She agreed! Tang Yunfan was also thrilled, and put the ring customized for Gu Man on her finger before he held her in his arms.

They were a couple of the older generation, and werent as relaxed as the young generation in a public place, so Tang Yunfan didnt kiss Gu Man right in front of everyone, but just hugged her.

Tang Yunfan hadnt hugged Gu Man for a long time, and he almost forgot the feeling.

Now, he felt a little arouse smelling the fragrance of her body.

Gu Man had the same feeling.

People around them all applauded, and there was a rain of rose petals falling from the sky.

Balloons of different colors were set free at the same moment.

It was a breathtakingly beautiful scene!

Everyone shared the romance of this moment.

After that, Gu Ning told them to come inside.

The onlookers, however, posted the photos and videos on Weibo without delay.

Because the Tanghuang Group was too famous, everyone who saw those posts reposted them at once.

Those who knew Tang Yunfan were also shocked.

To their astonishment, Tang Yunfan, who had stayed single till he was over 40 would propose to a woman.

Although the proposal scene wasnt as luxurious as normal rich people would usually have it, it was very romantic and loving.

People were all jealous of the woman who could marry into the Tang family, which was the top family in City B.

Some also attacked Gu Man, and claimed that she just liked money.

However, there were more people who supported Gu Man.

“Not every woman who marries into a super-rich family aims to get as much money as possible.”

“Theyre just jealous.”

“They dont even know who the woman in the photos and videos is, and yet they begin to attack her.”

“Haters are so disgusting.”

“Its Huafu Hills, one of the most expensive living areas in City B! A house there cost at least dozens of millions of yuan.

I dont think that the woman is an ordinary person.”

Knowing that the place was Huafu Hills, the haters didnt dare to attack Gu Man anymore.

Only rich people could afford a house in Huafu Hills after all.

After the proposal, they had to prepare for the wedding.

Tang Haifeng had chosen a lucky date for the couple, so they would hold the wedding on the 16th of next month.

In that case, they had half a month to prepare for it.

Yao Guanghui left for work when it was nearly 8 am, and he told his secretary to take his hair along with Gong Zhengyangs hair to the hospital for DNA paternity testing.

He trusted his secretary, but it was a scandal after all, so he was unwilling to let another person know about it.

Therefore, he didnt tell his secretary whose hair it was.

Yao Guanghui also told his secretary to be careful and to attract as little attention as possible.

A short while after his secretary was gone, Gong Zhengyang came to Yao Guanghuis office.

The moment Yao Guanghui saw Gong Zhengyang, a touch of hatred flashed in his eyes, which was caught by Gong Zhengyang.

Before Gong Zhengyang could think further, Yao Guanghui realized that he shouldnt have done that and made an excuse to interrupt Gong Zhengyang.

“Someone saw you pulling and pushing with a woman in the parking lot yesterday.

What have you done”

It sounded like he was defending his daughter.

In fact, Yao Guanghui really had seen Gong Zhengyang pulling and pushing with a woman, but he also knew that there was nothing between them.

He just used that to cover his mistake.

Gong Zhengyang explained at once.

“Dad, its a misunderstanding.

The woman approached me on purpose, but I told her that Im married, so she walked away later.

There is nothing between us.”

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