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772 Break Zheng Wenmei“s Wris

The Hetian Group was a well-known large business group with over ten billion yuan in assets in City B.

Although it wasnt among the top-level families in City B, ordinary people like Manager Ding didnt dare to annoy it at all.

It was super easy for them to deal with her.

Manager Ding remained silent; she was still reluctant to yield to the pressure.

However, she wasnt the boss of this beauty salon, so she was afraid that it might cause her boss trouble.

She didnt know Gu Nings family background either, so she was also worried that it wouldnt do Gu Ning any good if she annoyed the Zheng family.

Seeing Manager Ding being scared, Mrs.

Zheng was pleased.

“Miss, I think you better give it up right now, and we can forgive you,” she said to Gu Ning.

“Oh, really” Gu Ning asked, but didnt seem scared at all.

“Im curious what you will do if Im not willing to give it up.”

Hearing that, Mrs.

Zheng and Miss Zheng were annoyed at once.

“How dare you act against the Zheng family!” Miss Zheng raised her voice.

“Im not acting against the Zheng family, but youre acting against me.

What I dont think that the Zheng family has the right to grab others things away.” Gu Ning argued.

“You…” To Miss Zhengs astonishment, Gu Ning wasnt afraid of the Zheng family at all.

She felt humiliated, and got angrier.

“You have to give it up whether youre willing to or not!”

Gu Ning sneered, but didnt say a word, then signed her name on the contract.

Seeing that, Miss Zheng ran over trying to grab the contract away.

She, of course, failed to even touch its corner.

“Ive signed the contract already.

If Party A breaches this contract, they must pay the liquidated damages.” Gu Ning shook the contract in her hand with a proud smile.

“You…” Mrs.

Zheng and Miss Zheng were in a rage now.

“Manager Ding, give me the contract.

Tear it into pieces, and we can sign a new one,” Mrs.

Zheng ordered.

Although Gu Ning had already signed the contract, Party A could still break it.

They just needed to pay the liquidated damages.

Since Gu Ning had already signed the contract, Manager Ding accepted the result, and said to Mrs.

Zheng, “Mrs.

Zheng, Im afraid I cant.

If you keep yelling at us, Ill call the police.”

“You…” Mrs.

Zheng was shocked that Manager Ding dared to threaten her.

“Call the police” Mrs.

Zheng said coldly.

“Do you think the police will help you In your dreams! Manager Ding, youre not afraid of us.

How about your boss Where is your boss I need to meet her and tell her in person.

I dont believe that she would dare to annoy us.”

“Im sorry.

Our boss went abroad, and she cant meet you right now.

Im completely in charge of this, Mrs.

Zheng.” Manager Ding did her best to stay calm, but she actually didnt have any confidence in herself.


Zheng, Miss Zheng, I think you better leave before I lose my temper, otherwise you cant bear the result.” Gu Ning warned them.

She was ready to teach them a lesson.

There was no need to be polite to rude people.

Gu Nings warning was quite provocative in Mrs.

Zhengs and Miss Zhengs ears.

“How dare you!” Miss Zheng ran to Gu Ning and raised her hand to slap Gu Ning.

However, it was impossible for her to hurt Gu Ning.

The second she raised her hand, Gu Ning caught her wrist and broke it without hesitation.

“Ah!” Miss Zheng had never been treated like that before, and she immediately shouted from the pain.

Seeing that, everyone was shocked.

It wasnt easy to break a persons wrist in a second.

Manager Ding soon realized that Gu Nings family must be more influential than the Zheng family, if Gu Ning dared to break Miss Zhengs wrist.

If not, Gu Ning must be a naive girl.

However, Gu Ning was a very mature young girl, so she couldnt be that naive.

Either way, it already happened, and Manager Ding could only hope that Gu Nings family was more powerful than the Zheng family so that she and the beauty salon could be safe.

“Wenmei!” Mrs.

Zheng was scared.

Gu Ning let Zheng Wenmei go, and Mrs.

Zheng ran over to support her without delay.

“Mom, my hand is so sore!” Zheng Wenmei cried, like she was dying.

Nobody dared to hurt Zheng Wenmei before, so this was the most painful thing she had ever been through.

“You little bitch! How dare you hurt my daughter! Ill kill you!” Mrs.

Zheng lost her reason, and yelled, attacking Gu Ning.

Gu Ning just sneered with disdain, and moved away a little, then secretly laid her foot ahead of Mrs.

Zhengs legs.


Zheng stumbled and fell onto the sofa.

However, although she fell on the sofa, she hit a hard corner, and shouted in pain as well.

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