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Chapter 752 Gu Ning Meets Qi Ziyue Again

When Gu Ning was playing the game, she didnt forget to keep a close eye on Qi Ziyue and the others.

They gathered around a long oval gambling table, and began to play Sic bo.

Seeing that, Gu Ning walked over.

There were many people around the table, so they didnt notice her.

Qi Ziyues group sat by the left side, while Gu Ning went to the right side.

The croupier hit the dice cup on the table after shaking it for a while, and people started to bet.

“Please stop betting now.”

The croupier pressed a hand on the dice cup, which was the hint that he was going to reveal the result.

“Four, six, six.


Gu Ning bet on the result that it would be big, while Qi Ziyue and Mu Wenqi thought that it would be small.

When Gu Ning reached out her hands to take her chips, Qi Ziyue was surprised to see her here.

However, this was a large long oval table, so he didnt call her name.

Gu Ning also saw him at this time, and they acknowledged each others presence by nodding.

Mu Wenqi and Tang Yaxin followed Qi Ziyues sight looking forward.

Mu Wenqi nodded to “Tang Aining” as well, but Tang Yaxin seemed displeased and frowned.

“The road is really narrow for enemies.

I think she might have followed us here,” Tang Yaxin said.

She was just saying it, and didnt believe that it was true, but actually she told the truth.

“Yaxin, dont forget that the USB flash disk is in her hands.” Qi Ziyue warned her.

He wasnt sure what else the woman knew about Tang Aining, and they had to be cautious.

In fact, Qi Ziyue doubted whether the womans name was really Tang Aining.

It was possible that she used Tang Ainings name to approach them.

Although the woman already claimed that her name was Tang Aining back in City Teng, it could be a lie.

Qi Ziyue wasnt a man who could be easily fooled.

After all, he became a member of the senior management of the Tang familys business group from being a poor boy, and had successfully won Tang Bingsens trust and schemed against Tang Aining.

Of course, Tang Aining in the previous incarnation had been easily cheated by Qi Ziyue because she was deeply in love with him, and never believed that he would hurt her.

Even so, it was an undeniable fact that she was a tool and the loser in the fierce game for power and wealth.

Before Gu Ning mentioned Tang Aining, Qi Ziyue didnt have any doubt, because there were too many people of the same name in this world.

Nevertheless, it raised Qi Ziyues doubt when Gu Ning brought Tang Aining up.

Although he still seemed polite and kind on the surface, he was planning how to get the USB flash disk from her.

He also got someone to investigate her identity.

If she wasnt lying, and knew nothing about those dirty secrets about Tang Aining and the Tang family, he would love to maintain a good relationship with her, because she had a very outstanding ability.

Didnt she say that she was used by her family to make money and she herself didnt have much If it was possible, he hoped that she could cooperate with him.

She could help him win the game of stone-gambling, and he could help her hide from her familys supervision and share the profits with her in private.

He believed that she would be willing to work with him.

Tang Yaxin snorted, then remained silent.

Gu Ning understood that Tang Yaxin held hostility towards her, but she didnt care about it.

The next round, Gu Ning won again, and Qi Ziyue along with Mu Wenqi lost once more.

It wasnt an uncommon thing that a person won two successive rounds, so nobody paid special attention to Gu Ning now.

Therefore, Gu Ning played a harder game the third round, and bet on the total score.

The odds of betting on the total score was very high, and it was also very difficult to win, so few people dared to play it, even Qi Ziyue and Mu Wenqi just kept betting on whether it was big or small.

The result of the third round was revealed, and Gu Ning won once again.

After this round, she attracted a lot of attention from people around the table.

Everyone was astonished by her luck.

In their eyes, she must be super lucky to win, because none of them knew that Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes, and she could see the numbers in the dice cup.

Qi Ziyues group, on the other hand, believed that she couldnt just be lucky, thinking of her outstanding stone-gambling skill.

Given her ability, it was just a piece of cake for her to make money!

When the fourth round began, people all stared at Gu Ning.

It was obvious that they wanted to follow her decision.

Nobody would refuse to win money.

The croupier seemed dissatisfied.

If this woman won again, and others all followed her, this casino would lose a fortune.

To their surprise, Gu Ning stopped betting all of a sudden, which upset the other people, but nobody dared to say anything.

Gu Ning still did nothing when the fifth round began, but she suddenly bet on “Alls” (1.A specific number will appear on all three dice] after the others all laid their bets.

The others were all displeased looking at Gu Ning, because they knew that she did it on purpose.

The croupier thought that Gu Ning might win again, but it was acceptable if others didnt follow her.

The dice cup opened, and there were three sixes in it.

“Jesus! Shes so unbelievable, and has won four successive rounds till now!”

“Exactly! I wanted to follow her, but she didnt allow us to do that.”

“Were not winning her money.

Why does she have to hide her choice”

They were shocked by Gu Nings gambling skills, but also complained.

“I dont think that you have the right to criticize me.

If you want to win money, depend on yourself,” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt willing to be criticized for that.

The other people also closed their mouths afterwards.

Gu Ning continued to bet on the results of Sic Bo, but she would only place her bet when everyone finished betting.

Some people who fixed their eyes on Gu Nings hand were able to win some money following Gu Nings choices.

Gu Ning didnt mind it, but she got the attention of the manager of this casino.

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