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Chapter 751 Make a Fake ID

Gu Ning went to change in the ladies room before that, and put on a baseball cap, so that others couldnt tell whether she was a male or female.

While she was waiting for them, she called K.

Before Gu Ning could say a word, K opened his mouth.

“Boss, I just sent you an email about Mu Wenqi, and I was about to text you when I received your call.

What a coincidence!”

“Great,” Gu Ning said.

“Can you help me make a fake ID Without the police security system finding out”

“Sure,” K said, then joked, “What Are you going to do some illegal things”

“Yeah, so I cant use my real ID.” Gu Ning admitted it, then threatened him.

“Ill send you a photo, and you have to digitally alter it to be different from me.

Ill be in trouble if Im caught by the police!”

“Ha-ha, no problem.” K laughed.

“Alright, Ill send you the photo and information right now,” Gu Ning said, then hung up and sent K a message.

Name: Tang Aining.

Age: 22.

Birthplace: City D along with a random address.

Gu Ning sent K two photos.

One was her present look, while the other was “Tang Aining”.

She couldnt retouch her ID photo, so she told K to digitally alter her present look to be the same as “Tang Aining”.

“Tang Aining” in the photo was very different from Gu Ning, so normal people couldnt recognize her.

Of course, those who were familiar with Gu Ning might recognize her.

Gu Ning believed that Leng Shaoting could do it.

Given Gu Nings understanding about Qi Ziyue, he would conduct an investigation on her once she mentioned Tang Aining, and do everything he could to get the USB flash disk.

If he found out that Tang Aining didnt exist, it wouldnt be fun anymore, so Gu Ning had to make a fake ID to let the game go on.

Seeing the photo of “Tang Aining”, K was astonished, because he almost failed to recognize that it was Gu Ning with heavy make-up.

After knowing that, he found several similar places on their faces, but they werent noticeable.

“Whats wrong” Chen Cangyi just walked out from the bathroom after having a shower.

Seeing K wearing an astonished face on the sofa, he asked with curiosity.

An idea dawned on K, and he said with a smile, “Im looking at beautiful girls photos.

Why dont you come here and have a look.” He wanted to see whether Chen Cangyi could recognize Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Chen Cangyi frowned with dissatisfaction.

He also wanted to figure out what kind of beautiful girl could attract Ks attention, because K seldom paid attention to girls.

Chen Cangyi looked at the photo for a while, then said, “She is beautiful, but Im curious about her face without any make-up.

I think many women dont dare to walk outside without make-up nowadays.”

“Ha-ha, youre right, but I dont think that youll say that after you see her face without any make-up,” K said with a smile.

It sounded like he was confident that she was a real beauty.

Gu Ning was indeed a real beauty no matter if she was wearing make-up or not.

“Youve seen her before” Chen Cangyi frowned.

Normally, a woman wouldnt go outside without make-up.

If K had seen this girls face without make-up before, did it mean… Chen Cangyi thought a little far away, and felt more displeased.

He knew he shouldnt have that emotion, but he couldnt help it.

“Yeah,” K said.

“In fact, youve seen her face without make-up too.”

“What” Hearing that, Chen Cangyi couldnt believe his ears.

“Ive seen that before too”

Although make-up could make a huge difference, it didnt mean that it could completely change a womans face, and he had no impression of this woman.

Chen Cangyi had a closer look at her face.

He thought that it looked a little familiar, but still failed to remember where he had seen her before.

He had just met Gu Ning twice after all, so it was very normal if he couldnt recognize her face now.

“Alright, let me tell you.

Shes our boss,” K said.

“What Seriously” Chen Cangyi rounded his eyes in shock.

After that, K told Chen Cangyi what Gu Ning wanted him to do for her.

Hearing that this woman was Gu Ning, Chen Cangyis unpleasant feeling disappeared at once.

K was very efficient, and sent Gu Ning the ID photo after a few minutes for her opinion.

Gu Ning was satisfied with it.

Another few minutes later, K successfully hacked into the police security system of City D, and added a new fake ID.

Around half an hour later, Qi Ziyues group walked out.

Gu Ning had put on a new set of clothing, so none of them recognized her even though she moved closer to them.

“President Qi, Lord Mu, see you next time!” Secretary Zhang said to them.

“See you!” Qi Ziyue said, and Secretary Zhang left.

“Ziyue, why dont we go to the Earth Nightclub to relax a little” Mu Wengi proposed.

“We can gamble for fun.”

“Sure!” Qi Ziyue agreed.

In fact, neither Qi Ziyue nor Tang Yaxin was in a good mood after Gu Nings sudden appearance, but they couldnt reject Mu Wenqis sincere invitation.

Gu Ning followed them along the way, and took a taxi behind them to the Earth Nightclub.

When they arrived, Gu Ning put the clothes of “Tang Aining” back on before she walked onto the gambling floor.

She went to exchange chips of 10 thousand yuan at first, but didnt go to find Qi Ziyue right away.

Instead, she planned to play the game alone for several rounds in the following minutes, so that it wouldnt be strange when she met Qi Ziyue later.

Gu Ning went to a roulette machine afterwards.

In each play of roulette, a croupier spun a roulette wheel in one direction, then rolled a ball in the opposite direction in a tilted circular track that surrounded the wheel.

The ball gradually lost momentum, passed through an area of deflectors, and eventually fell into one of several colored and numbered pockets along the edge of the wheel.

Players could bet on whether the ball would fall into the pockets numbered 1–36, but not on a pocket that belonged to the house (that was, the casino).

The croupier payed the winnings to any player that placed a successful bet.

Gu Ning wasnt familiar with its rules, so she just played it for fun, and her Jade Eyes came to no use in this kind of game.

Although she couldnt use her Jade Eyes, she was still very lucky today, and won chips of several thousand yuan after several rounds.

However, Gu Ning just played it for fun, so she didnt make much money.

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