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Chapter 743 Investigation on the Mu Family.

Seeing Zhao Xiaoxuan staring at her phone, Mrs.

Zhao was worried.

She walked over and read the news on the screen, then was shocked too.

“How could he do that He is seriously digging his own grave!”

Without a doubt, Lin Tianyou would be put in jail for several years.


Zhao was very mad at Lin Tianyou because he had dumped Zhao Xiaoxuan.

So seeing that Lin Tianyou was about to be put in jail, she couldnt help but gloat over his tragic life.

Gu Ning didnt go back to the Tang familys house after walking out of Kirin Hotel, but went to the antique street.

Gu Ning had many real antiques with her, but she couldnt put all of them in Xiangyun Antique-store, because it might cause them trouble if there were too many real antiques in the store.

She couldnt keep them in her telepathic eye space all the time either, because they would be wasted if she did that.

Therefore, Gu Ning planned to open another antique store in City B.

She was free now anyway, so she visited the antique street.

Once she arrived, she used her Jade Eyes to scan around the objects on the stands by the sides of the road.

Gu Ning walked down half of the street, but still failed to find any real antiques.

Instead, she ran into a familiar face.

In fact, she wasnt very familiar with him, and they had just met once before.

The man was Mu Wengi, and he walked into a tea house.

Thinking of Ks reaction when she mentioned Mu Xuxin last time, Gu Ning understood that their relationship wasnt good.

She also thought that K might be Mu Xuxins love child.

However, Mu Wenqi seemed younger thank K, so she thought that Ks mother could be Mu Xuxins ex-wife.

Ks surname was Mu after all, so it was very likely that his mother had been married to Mu Xuxin before.

No matter what, she was sure that Mu Xuxin and K were father and son.

Since K was related to them, Gu Ning paid special attention to the Mu family.

She used her Jade Eyes and followed Mu Wenqi inside.

Mu Wenqi didnt go upstairs, but stepped into the backyard.

The backyard was a small, empty siheyuan.

Mu Wenqi walked straight towards a room and knocked on its door before he entered it.

There was a man sitting in the room, and Gu Ning was surprised to see his face.

The man turned out to be Tang Deming.

One was scheming against the Tang family, while the other maintained a good relationship with the Tang family.

If they gathered together, they must be cooperating with each other.

Gu Ning went upstairs to the second floor, and sat by the widow, from which she was able to see the small siheyuan.

After ordering a cup of tea, Gu Ning took out a wireless pinhole camera and pointed it at the room.

Unfortunately, there was a long distance between them, and they deliberately talked in a low voice, so Gu Ning couldnt hear their conversation clearly.

Around 10 minutes later, Mu Wengi walked outside.

Tang Deming didnt show up until Mu Wenqi was gone for 20 minutes, and he left as well.

Gu Ning put away the wireless pinhole camera, then sent K a message and told him to investigate Mu Wenqi.

Since Mu Wenqi had a secret meeting with Tang Deming, she was suspicious that the Mu family was also involved in Tang Demings scheme.

Gu Ning actually wasnt sure whether K would help her this time as usual because of his connection with the Mu family.

If K was willing to do so, it would be much better, but she wouldnt force him to help her if he was reluctant to do it, because Mu Xuxin was his father after all.

Gu Ning believed that it had to be Mu Xuxins intention to cooperate with Tang Deming, and Mu Wengi just followed his fathers order.

In that case, Gu Ning also said at the end of the message that K could reject it if he was unwilling to do so.

When K received Gu Nings message, he was discussing something with Chen Cangyi.

He just developed a new game, and thought that it might be successful.

He planned to propose it to Gu Ning after sharing the idea with Chen Cangyi.

Although he knew that there was a large group of teenagers who loved playing games, there were more updating games on the market as well, so they had to be very creative to attract teenagers attention.

K asked for Chen Cangyis opinion on whether this game could be popular among game lovers.

K was very good at playing games himself, so the game he developed on his own was, of course, at least as good as those games he had played.

Gu Nings message came into his phone right as he was about to contact her.

After reading the message, the smile disappeared from Ks face at once.

He, of course, knew Mu Wenqi.

“Whats wrong” Chen Cangyi asked with concern.

“Boss wants me to investigate Mu Wenqi.

She said that she ran into Mu Wengi while he was in a secret meeting with Tang Deming, so she suspects that the Mu family is involved in the scheme against the Tang family as well,” K said.

When he said Mu Wenqis name, his voice was full of hatred.

Mu Wenqi, or the Mu family to be specific, was his enemy for life.

Hearing that, Chen Cangyi frowned, then sneered, “It seems that its unavoidable that youll meet the Mu family.”

Chen Cangyi was happy to see that, because K wouldnt get over it if he didnt get revenge on the Mu family.

“They asked for it themselves,” K said in a cold tone.

He had limited himself to not investigate the Mu family because of his promise to his mother.

He was afraid that he would expose the Mu familys dirty secrets once he found any.

A while later, K sent a message back to Gu Ning and agreed to investigate the Mu family.

Seeing Ks reply, Gu Ning understood that K didnt care about the Mu family at all.

She left the tea house afterwards, then kept on walking down the antique street for fun.

Before long, Gu Ning found an antique store which was under transfer.

She walked into it, and it was around 40 square-meters large, which wasnt small.

This store had two floors.

The upper floor was a lounge, while the first floor was open to customers.

It was well-decorated, but there were only a few handicrafts inside.

Besides, Gu Ning didnt see any other people in the store in addition to a salesman.

It seemed that this store could barely stay afloat now.

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