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“Let me explain please.

Xiao Li recommended a piece of clothing to me, and I liked it.

I wanted to take a closer look, but unexpectedly, Mrs.

Shao grabbed it from me.

I asked her to give it back to me but she refused.

Meanwhile, Wang Yunyun said that Mrs.

Shao was a VIP customer and had priority to choose first,” Gu Ning said.

The manager changed his face immediately.

He didnt doubt Gu Nings explanation, and bashed Wang Yunyun, “Wang Yunyun, whats wrong with you Youve worked here for a long time.

How could you know nothing about the rules”

The manager knew Wang Yunyun was snobbish but she didnt normally cause any trouble.

Thus the manager did nothing.

However, the manager couldnt accept that she ruined the reputation of the shop this time.

“I-I…” Wang Yunyun suddenly didnt know what to say.

She knew she had behaved in a wrong way, but everything she had done was merely for more commission.

“Enough, youre fired.

You dont need to come to work tomorrow.” The manager didnt want to waste time with Wang Yunyun.

Since she had damaged the reputation of this shop, the manager had to lay her off.

“What” Hearing that, Wang Yunyun was shocked.

She honestly didnt know the result would be that bad.

Now, she sincerely felt scared.

If she was fired, she couldnt find a better job.

She almost begged, “Manager, please give me another chance! I promise this wont happen again.”

“Wang Yunyun, its written in the contract.

Anyone who damages the reputation of this shop will be fired.

Im sorry.

My hands are tied,” the manager said.

The manager then ignored Wang Yunyun, turning to Mrs.


He explained politely, “Mrs.

Shao, we have our rules here.

The one who arrives first chooses first.

If you like this piece of clothing, Im afraid you need to wait until this miss doesnt want it, so please return this piece of clothing to this miss.

Thank you so much.”


Shao of course was unhappy to do that, not only because of the piece of clothing, but also because she had been humiliated.

However since the manager was here she didnt want to argue with him.

She was going to buy more clothes from this shop in the future.

Although the brand had many stores in City G, this store was unique with many more designs.

“I dont want it at all.

Who cares!” Mrs.

Shao said with unhappiness.

She directly threw the piece of clothing back at Gu Ning, then turned around and left.

She had been greatly humiliated before everyone and had no reason to stay here any longer.

Gu Ning took the piece of clothing right away.

She really liked this one.

“Ill take this, and more.

Please give me one of that in size L.

All of them are for women around 40.” Gu Ning handed the clothing to the saleswoman.

Hearing that, the crowd was all surprised.

This girl didnt look at the price tag at all.

She must be very rich!

The more a customer bought the more commission a saleswoman could get.

Xiao Li was obviously happy to see that.

She immediately recommended more to Gu Ning, following Gu Nings demands.

Finally, Gu Ning chose two sweaters, two pairs of pants and two long wool coats for Gu Man and Gu Qing.

She of course wouldnt forget her uncle Jiang Xu and her cousin Jiang Xinyue.

She bought a black Armani suit, a sweater and a pair of pants for Jiang Xu.

As for Jiang Xinyue, she was still at a young age and didnt need to wear clothing from a designer brand.

Gu Ning herself didnt want to do that either, so she went to another shop of a normal brand, and bought some dresses for Jiang Xinyue and herself.

After buying the clothes, Gu Ning went to buy a series of skincare products for both Gu Man and Gu Qing.

Then the question came to Gu Ning.

What should she buy for Chu Peihan and others

Gifts were about good intentions, not the price.

Moreover, except for Yu Mixi, the rest were all rich kids.

It wasnt a wise choice to buy expensive gifts for them.

After a while, Gu Ning decided to buy Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi each a Lancôme perfume, which was worth more than a thousand yuan.

Yu Mixi lacked of a good phone, so Gu Ning bought a phone for her.

To not burden her friend, Gu Ning didnt buy an expensive one, but only spent two thousand yuan on a new phone.

Since she was in a phone shop, Gu Ning bought new phones for Gu Man and the family of Gu Qing as well.

As for Hao Ran and the boys, she bought four Armani wallets for them, which cost around a thousand yuan each.

Gu Ning felt satisfied at the end.

When her company opened, she planned to prepare some jewelry made of jade for them then.

When she received Zhou Zhenghongs call, Gu Ning had almost finished her shopping.

Before she left, she went to the ladies room putting all the gifts into her telepathic eye space.

It would be a lot if she carried them by hand.

Their appointed place was a restaurant beside the Commercial Building.

Gu Ning walked straight to the restaurant after she left the Commercial Building.

She stepped into the elevator.

When the door was almost closed, a man suddenly dashed in and knocked into Gu Ning by accident.

“Oh, sorry, Im in a hurry,” the man apologized.

“Its nothing,” Gu Ning said.

But she felt something was strange, because when the man had hit her, she had felt there was a tough object around the mans waist.

It felt like metal, and the shape was quite familiar to Gu Ning.

All of a sudden, an idea dawned on Gu Ning.

Was it a gun

Thinking of that, Gu Ning immediately used her Jade Eyes.

It really was a gun!

At the same time, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to scan the other four men around her.

She felt nervous at once.

These five men all carried a gun with them around their waist.

A man with a gun normally was from the police or the army.

Otherwise, they would be gangsters or criminals.

Gu Ning could sense the air of violence from these men.

They seemed more like gangsters or criminals.

Gu Ning again used her Jade Eyes to look at the box held in a mans hand.

There were bags of white powder inside.

Although Gu Ning had never tried the white power herself, she immediately realized what it was according to her rich experience.

She secretly inhaled deeply.

These men must be here to trade.

It was none of her business so Gu Ning didnt plan to get involved.

The elevator stopped at the fifth floor.

Gu Ning left the elevator.

Coincidentally, the five men all left at the fifth floor too.

Gu Ning walked to the appointed private room.

To her surprise, her private room was exactly next to the private room of those men.

“Boss, here you are.

Please have a seat.” The minute Gu Ning appeared, Zhou Zhenghong immediately greeted her.

He pulled out the chair for her too.

“Boss, I didnt know what your favorites are so I didnt order yet.

Now please order the food.” Zhou Zhenghong handed the menu to Gu Ning, then rang the service bell.


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