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Chapter 722 Disfigure Feng Xueqins Face

In addition, the waiter had to swipe a card to allow other people to get inside, and only the waiter had the card.

There were many dirty deals being settled in the Earth Nightclub, so others couldnt go inside without permission.

If Gu Ning wanted to intrude inside, nobody could stop her, but it was better that Qi Tianlin was willing to help her.

Once the elevator opened, Yu Hao followed Gu Ning out.

They walked into the hall on the fourth floor, and the KTV manager came to welcome them with great respect at once.

“Hi, may I help”

Although Yu Hao was just a bodyguard, he was their bosss bodyguard, and was in a high position as the senior management of the Kirin Gang, so the manager had to be respectful of him.

“I want to get into No.

555 private room,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, the manager gave Yu Hao a glance.

Seeing that Yu Hao didnt oppose, he told two people to guide them towards No.

555 private room.

There was no sexual intercourse happening in No.

555 private room, but the men and women were kissing and touching inside.

When the waiter outside wanted to press the bell, Gu Ning stopped him and told him to open the door right away.

The waiter glanced at the manager for his opinion.

“Open it now,” Yu Hao said, and the manager nodded at the waiter, so the waiter swiped his card at once.

Although it wasnt appropriate, the manager didnt dare to stop them since Yu Hao made the order.

The people in the room were surprised when the door was pushed open all of a sudden.

“Whats wrong with you Why didnt you press the bell” a man snapped at them in anger.

He was Liu Xinqi.

“Its you!” Feng Xueqin abruptly stood up from the sofa in shock when she saw Gu Ning the next second.

Gu Ning fixed her eyes on Feng Xueqin the moment she walked into the private room.

She walked to her step by step with a pair of cold eyes, which scared Feng Xueqin so much that she moved backwards.

“W-what do you want to do”

She knew that Gu Ning wasnt a simple girl, and she was afraid that Gu Ning might beat her again.

Wu Jinyi was also worried, but didnt dare to say a word.

“What are you doing” Liu Xinqi stood in Gu Nings way.

However, when he saw Gu Nings face, he was surprised to find that she closely resembled Tang Yunfan.

He didnt know that Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans biological daughter, so he didnt think further.

“I need to deal with a personal grudge with Feng Xueqin.

If you dont want to be involved, you better move away right now,” Gu Ning said in a cold tone.

She wasnt interested in other people in the room.

The condition was that they remained silent.

“You…” Liu Xinqi was in a rage, but the manager interrupted him at this moment.

“President Liu, I think that you better not get involved in this.”

If Yu Hao didnt stop the girl, nobody could.

Moreover, their boss must have allowed Yu Hao to take this young girl here, and the Earth Nightclub wouldnt take care of Liu Xinqi if anything bad happened to him after he was involved in it.

Hearing the managers advice, Liu Xinqi frowned.

Although he felt displeased, he knew that it was a warning, and the leader of the Kirin Gang had permitted it.

The Liu family was a super-rich family in City B, but he was still afraid to mess with the Kirin Gang.

Therefore, Liu Xinqi moved away after a short while of hesitation.

Except for Wu Jinyi, the other people in the room werent very familiar with Feng Xueqin, so none of them were willing to be involved in this.

“No, you cant hurt me!” Feng Xueqin was frightened now.

“I cant Why Do you have the right to assault my mother again and again” Gu Ning sneered and stared straight at Feng Xueqin.

Feng Xueqin was shocked that Gu Ning already knew that she had schemed against Gu Man.

How is it possible

The others, apart from Wu Jinyi, were also surprised that Feng Xueqin had assaulted a woman again and again.

At the same time, they were curious why Feng Xueqin had done that to this young girls mother.

Seeing Feng Xueqin being so shocked, Gu Ning smiled.

“Well, Feng Xueqin, do you really think that youre smart I knew that it was you when you assaulted my mother the first time.

If I hadnt been busy during the past few days, you wouldnt have lived a happy life for a couple of more days.”

“You…” Feng Xueqin was trembling in horror.

All of a sudden, she felt that this young girl in front of her was very scary.

“Since you always want to ruin my mother, Ill let you experience the feeling yourself,” Gu Ning said, and a knife was held in her hand before everyone could notice it.

Without delay, Gu Ning waved the knife and they soon heard Feng Xueqin screaming in pain.

When they realized what had happened, there were four bloody cuts on Feng Xueqins cheeks.

Two cuts crossed each other on each of her cheeks.

“No!” Feng Xueqin yelled in pain, and stumbled down onto the sofa.

She covered her face with her hands at once, but it was too painful, so she moved her hands away.

Except for Yu Hao, the others were all shocked by Gu Nings behavior.

To their astonishment, this young girl was so violent.

However, nobody dared to say a word to blame her.

In fact, they wanted to escape as far away as possible.

It was obvious that this young girl was excellent at killing skills given the speed of her knife.

“My face! My face! My face!” Feng Xueqin cried.

Women cared about their faces the most.

If her face was disfigured, she would refuse to meet people from now on.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning wasnt done yet.

She drew a bag of white power from her pocket, then poured it into a glass before she forced Feng Xueqin to drink it.

The white powder was drugs, which were put into her telepathic eye space the last time when she found a box of drug under her bed in a hotel room.

Gu Ning poured a lot into Feng Xueqins mouth, because she wanted her to be tortured by drug addiction.

“Feng Xueqin, you asked for it yourself.

If you dare to hurt my mother again, youre digging your own grave.” Gu Ning warned her, then turned around and walked away.

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