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Chapter 71: You Will Pay for It Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


“Sorry, I have something to deal with.

You can go with your friends,” Qin Yifan said.

It was simply his way of refusal.

“Every time I invite you to watch a movie, youre always busy.” Although Li Zhenzhen knew it would end up like that, she felt hurt when she heard the answer.

She had abased herself before him to the best of her ability.

Why would he keep being so cold

Li Zhenzhen was a beautiful, sexy and well-educated woman from a rich family.

She had everything a man could expect from a woman.

And she had countless admirers, but Qin Yifan was clearly not one of them.

She wasnt going to be his younger sister, or girlfriend.

She wanted to be his wife.

“Yifan…” Li Zhenzhen wanted to say more, but her phone rang.

Li Zhenzhens phone was placed on the edge of the dining table.

The caller was Liu.

Li Zhenzhen felt nervous for a second, then she was delighted.

“Um, I need to take this call.” Li Zhenzhen took her phone immediately standing up and left her seat.

She didnt want Qin Yifan to hear a word.

Li Zhenzhen ran straight outside.

She answered the phone.

Out of excitement, she asked first before the other side could open the mouth, “Hey, Liu, did you finish it Ill transfer the rest of the fifty thousand yuan to your account later.”

“Oh, Miss Li, my dignity is only worth a hundred thousand yuan in your eyes” Gu Ning sneered.

“You…” Hearing Gu Nings voice, Li Zhenzhen trembled in shock.

She almost threw her phone away.

Why How could it be possible

What had happened Why did they take the money but fail to do what she had asked

“Miss Li, Ill bear in mind what happened today.

And you will pay for it.

Be careful!” Gu Ning warned her plainly.

“You dare to threaten me” Although Li Zhenzhen felt afraid, she was irritated by Gu Nings words.

Her face changed, she looked vicious now.

“Yes, I did threaten you,” Gu Ning admitted without hesitation.

Li Zhenzhen was in a rage now, but also felt regretful.

After a while, Gu Ning added, “Miss Li, since youre capable of doing that, you have to bear the consequences.”

Then Gu Ning hung up the phone before Li Zhenzhen could say a word.

Li Zhenzhen was so mad that she almost smashed her phone.

She actually didnt know Gu Nings background, but since Gu Ning had Lius phone to call her, Gu Ning must not be an ordinary person.

Thus Li Zhenzhen felt uneasy about Gu Nings threat.

Now, Li Zhenzhen was truly not in the mood to watch a movie.

She forced herself to finish the meal with Qin Yifan, then asked him to drive her home.

She was worried something terrible would happen to her on her way home.

Li Zhenzhen stopped asking Qin Yifan to keep her company, which made him happy.

But if he had known the reason, he would probably not have been so calm.

On the other side, Gu Ning hung up the phone, then directly threw it back to the man.

She turned around and left.

Gu Ning didnt know whether they would try to get revenge on her.

All she could do was protect herself.

Gu Ning walked to the car.

She pulled the unconscious man away from the driver seat, then dumped him on the ground.

She sat inside herself.

Gu Ning started the car, and left.

After Gu Ning was gone, at the opposite side of the ally, a black Maserati stopped there.

The car window moved slowly down.

There were two men sitting inside, watching the way Gu Ning left.

On the driver seat, a young man who was around 25 was in a casual suit.

His face was full of amazement and excitement.

“Wow, I didnt expect this young girl could be so strong and powerful! I feel like having a fight with her!”

“Youll lose for sure.” a cold voice sounded from the passenger seat.

The young man immediately felt upset.

The man who sat on the passenger seat was several years older.

He was almost 30 with beautiful features.

He had an air of power.

Hearing that, the young man was displeased.

He complained, “Boss, dont upset your own friend, alright”

“Can you defeat them all within a minute” the man inquired.

“Um…” The young man felt shamed.

Apparently, he couldnt.

Although he could beat them down within a few minutes, he couldnt do it the way the girl had done it.

“Xuanfeng, find out who these guys head is.

How dare them take a buyers money secretly without my permission!” the man said coldly.

He was obviously annoyed.

The man was actually the chairman of the Qing Gang, Situ Ye.

Although Qing Gang was a gang, it had principles and rules.

It was unacceptable to take a buyers money secretly and charge the fee of protection, which was amoral.

Of course, even though there were rules, some people would break them as they liked.

Even in the country, there were many corrupt officials.

As long as they hadnt been discovered, they would continue to do amoral things.

“Yes, boss!” Chu Xuanfeng answered.

Gu Ning stopped aside after a short distance, not because she was lost, but she needed to find her real driver.

She now was half worried and half doubtful towards the driver.

What if the driver was one of the gangsters What if the driver was in trouble himself

Gu Ning pulled over the car, taking out her phone.

She called the driver at once.

Unfortunately, no one answered.

Right when Gu Ning was about to call the police, a noise sounded from the trunk.

An idea suddenly dawned on Gu Ning.

She immediately clicked a button, then stepped out of the car, walking to the trunk.

There he was! The real driver who had been supposed to take her, was now tightly tied up struggling with his mouth stuck full of a rag in the trunk.

Seeing Gu Ning, his eyes lit up at once.

He knew Gu Ning must be here to rescue him.

He mumbled in excitement to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was also relieved to see the driver was safe.

She immediately untied him.

The rag in his mouth was removed.

The driver was free.

He apologized at once, “Miss Gu, I am so sorry.

I have no idea why they did this to me.

Thank you so much for rescuing me!”


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