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Chapter 685 Zhao Xiaoxuans Mother

After hanging up the call with Zhao Xiaoxuan, Mrs.

Lin called Lin Tianyou.

Lin Tianyou was on his way out of the airport and he didnt think there was anything wrong with his behavior.

Once he answered his mothers call, Mrs.

Lin snapped at him, “Tianyou, whats wrong with you How could you abandon Xiaoxuan alone at the airport Tell me, do you still like Yu Zi Your father and I will never allow you to get her back! Xiaoxuan is the future daughter-in-law of our family, unless you can find a girl better than her.”

If Zhao Xiaoxuan heard what Mrs.

Lin said to Lin Tianyou, she would feel very hurt because she was just a B-plan in Mrs.

Lins eyes.

“Did Zhao Xiaoxuan tell on me” Lin Tianyou sneered.

It wasnt a surprise because Zhao Xiaoxuan did that every time they had an argument.

“Tell me, do you still like Yu Zi” Mrs.

Lin asked again.

“Yes.” Lin Tianyou admitted with alacrity.

“Lin Tianyou, your father and I will never allow you to be together with her!” Mrs.

Lin warned him in anger.

“What if Yu Zi is a better choice than Zhao Xiaoxuan” Lin Tianyou asked.

“No way! I know that Yu Zi is prettier than Xiaoxuan, but shes too poor,” Mrs.

Lin said with disdain.

“Maybe shes poorer than Zhao Xiaoxuan now, but shes going to be very successful sooner or later,” Lin Tianyou said.

“I dont care! I just want you to apologize to Xiaoxuan right now, and you two better get married as soon as possible,” Mrs.

Lin said in a domineering tone.

“Yu Zi now is the designer and a shareholder of Charm,” Lin Tianyou said, feeling sad.

“What” Mrs.

Lin was shocked.

She had seen the ads for Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm, but she had no idea that Yu Zi was the designer and shareholder of Charm now.

If so, Yu Zi would be very rich in the future!

“I-is it real” Mrs.

Lin couldnt believe it.

“You can watch the video of its release conference on the Internet,” Lin Tianyou said with impatience, then hung up.

After hanging up the call with Lin Tianyou, Mrs.

Lin totally forgot Zhao Xiaoxuan, but surfed the Internet to watch the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm.

When she found out that Yu Zi was really the designer and a shareholder of Charm, Mrs.

Lin realized that Yu Zi was different now, and was very likely to be successful in the near future.

At this moment, Mrs.

Lin hesitated on what to do next.

Although Zhao Xiaoxuan was the only child in her family, and Lin Tianyou could take over her family properties in the future, Zhao Xiaoxuans family was far from being a super-rich family.

On the contrary, Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm became well-known, high-end brands now, and they were also developing fast.

Most importantly, since Yu Zi worked for Charm, she had to know many important figures.

If Lin Tianyou could be with Yu Zi, Yu Zi would help the Lin family as well.

In that case, the Lin family could be prosperous.

Thinking of that, Mrs.

Lin called Lin Tianyou back at once.

“Tianyou, since you still like Yu Zi, you can get her back, and we wont stop you this time,” Mrs.

Lin said, like it was Yu Zis honor that they were willing to accept her.

It was really ridiculous, because Yu Zi had already moved on.

In Mrs.

Lins eyes, Yu Zi would be more than willing to marry Lin Tianyou.

The Lin family was so selfish and self-centered.

With his mothers approval, Lin Tianyou was thrilled, and more confident that he could get Yu Zi back.

He called Yu Zi without hesitation, then realized that Yu Zi had already blacklisted him.

He then searched for the address of Charm and drove there.

Unfortunately, Charm was closed today.

Lin Tianyou could only go back and come again tomorrow.

Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt receive Mrs.

Lins or Lin Tianyous call after a long time, but she was reluctant to call them again.

Seeing Zhao Xiaoxuan being so upset, Mrs.

Zhao asked, “Xiaoxuan, what happened”

Zhao Xiaoxuan told her mother everything, including details.

However, Mrs.

Zhao didnt think that it was Zhao Xiaoxuans fault, but blamed Lin Tianyou for everything.

“What How dare he do that to you I must call him right now!” Saying that, Mrs.

Zhao called Lin Tianyou.

Although Zhao Xiaoxuan wasnt willing to call Lin Tianyou, she wouldnt stop her mother from doing so, because she was also curious about what Lin Tianyou wanted to do now.

To their surprise, Lin Tianyou refused to answer Mrs.

Zhaos call, which annoyed Mrs.


“Mom, call Mrs.


I just called her and she promised to help me, but I havent heard from her yet,” Zhao Xiaoxuan said.

Hearing that, Mrs.

Zhao was displeased, and called Mrs.

Lin without delay.

When Mrs.

Lin saw Mrs.

Zhaos call, she knew that it had to be because of Zhao Xiaoxuan, so she answered it.

“Hi, Mrs.

Zhao!” Mrs.

Lin said.

She sounded as polite as usual.

Although she supported Lin Tianyou to get Yu Zi back, she had no intention to interfere in the relationship between Zhao Xiaoxuan and Lin Tianyou now.


Lin, why did Lin Tianyou abandon Xiaoxuan at the airport Why is he refusing to answer my calls Is he going to break up with Xiaoxuan because of the woman called Yu Zi” Mrs.

Zhao asked.

“Im worried about that too.

Tianyou didnt answer my calls either, so I have no idea whats going on now.

If I get through to him, Ill call you back, alright” Mrs.

Lin said.

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