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Chapter 647 Mind Your Reputation

The prime time of a bar was around 12 am.

Leng Shaojia and her friends actually drank some in the music bar, but they didnt have much.

They knew that they were going to have fun in the second bar, so they stayed clear-headed.

And now, they adjourned to a nightclub to start the second round of drinking

Several male friends invited them to have fun here, and those men were all from the high society like them.

There were different groups of the younger generation in the high society who disliked each other, and normally one would only make friends with others in the same group as themselves.

They knew the conflicts among different groups very clearly and the older generation had reminded them to be careful too, so they would never socialize with people from the opposite groups.

Even if they maintained a relationship with their enemies, it had to be a bad one.

Since they were friends, they shared many secrets about each other.

If one made friends with the younger generation from the opposite groups, once the older generation began to fight against one another, it was unavoidable that his or her secrets would become the ammunition in their enemies hands.

The bar was very noisy and full of colorful moving lights.

Men and women on the dance floor were crazily swaying their waists and shaking their booties, like tomorrow was the last day of their lives.

Although it was early Spring, it was still cold outside.

In the nightclub, however, it was always Summer, and all the women were wearing tight, sensual Summer dresses.

The air conditioners in a nightclub were on all the time, otherwise nobody would be willing to have fun here.

Leng Shaojia and her friends also changed their clothes and put on short, tight, sexy dresses with heavy make-up.

They looked totally different now.

A while ago, they were elegant ladies, but now they were hot women looking for amorous adventures in this nightclub.

Shi Yanyan was the sexist of them, and her dress was so short that her underwear was easily seen once she bent a little.

That was exactly what she wanted.

Leng Shaojia was actually more beautiful than Shi Yanyan, but Shi Yanyan had a better figure than her.

When Shi Yanyan shook her beautiful wine-red hair with large curls, countless men around were attracted to her.

“Hey, beauties, wanna a drink” A good-looking man came over and struck up a conversation with them.

“Sorry, were busy now! We can have a drink later,” Shi Yanyan said with a sexy smile.

She was very kind, so the man wasnt annoyed at all.

After a while, they walked to the booth their friends had booked.

There were three men and a woman who was wearing a skin-tight red minidress with her boobs almost coming out.

She was having sex with the man sitting next to her right in front of everyone.

It was very common in a nightclub.

Although Leng Shaojia and her friends didnt have fun in nightclubs often, they werent rare visitors either, so they were already used to it.

“Oh, theyre already having fun!” Shi Yanyan joked without any touch of irony.

Hearing that, the man and the woman stopped and looked to Shi Yanyan.

The woman moved her hair on her chest away and said airily, “You didnt just find out so dont put it like its something surprising!”

“Mind your reputation! Why dont you go get a room and then you can do it anyway you want” Shi Yanyan said.

Shi Yanyan lived a promiscuous sexual life.

To be specific, there was few rich kids who didnt have many sexual partners, but some of them would try to attract as little attention as possible to their behaviors in case it caused trouble.

Leng Shaojia and Qin Beixin, on the other hand, didnt have as many sexual partners as Shi Yanyan, so they were able to maintain a good reputation for now.

“Hey, welcome! Come on and have a seat!” A handsome man stood up at once and invited them to sit with him.

“Hello, beauties, been a while!” A tall, handsome blond man with beautiful features greeted them.

“Smith, when did you come here”

Seeing the man, both Shi Yanyan and Qin Beixin were excited, but Leng Shaojia felt a little uneasy with a touch of embarrassment flashing by her face.

Smith looked at them, but his attention was all on Leng Shaojia with his eyes blinking in love.

“I just arrived today.

Du invited you to have fun together, so I didnt tell you in order to surprise you!” Du was the handsome man who invited them to sit with him.

In fact, Smith was afraid that Leng Shaojia wouldnt come, so he told Du to keep it a secret.

Why would he be afraid of that There was a secret between them, so Leng Shaojia felt embarrassed and uneasy whenever she saw him.

“It is a big surprise!” Shi Yanyan and Qin Beixin laughed.

Afterwards, Du poured drinks for them.

They clinked glasses and downed it as the start of the evening.

Leng Shaojia and her friends were a little drunk after drinking so much, but they were still conscious.

At this moment, Smith moved to sit beside Leng Shaojia.

Under the effect of the alcohol, Leng Shaojia didnt feel uneasy.

Smith approached Leng Shaojias ear and said in a low voice, “Will you leave with me tonight”

His warm breath around Leng Shaojias ear made her feel aroused, and a touch of light flashed in her eyes, but she still rejected, “I dont think its a good idea.”

Smith caught the touch of light in Leng Shaojias eyes.

He smiled and said in his husky voice, “You know you dont need to restrict yourself.

You should free yourself instead.

You know weve had a lot of fun together before.

Dont worry.

Nobody will know and I wont force you.”

Smiths words shook Leng Shaojias belief.

He was indeed very good in bed, and she was kind of addicted to it, but she was reluctant to maintain a sexual relationship with him.

If Jiang Ruiqin found out, he would probably never accept her.

Although Smith was tall, strong and handsome, Leng Shaojia didnt have much affection for him.

Besides, he had a divorce and it was impossible for her to date him, because she thought that it was very shameful.

They had slept with each other once before because she had been drunk and felt lonely that day.

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