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Chapter 646 Anything Else

It was the second time that Leng Shaoting had been interrupted when he was kissing Gu Ning, and he was very unhappy.

“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning snorted with laughter seeing Leng Shaotings sad face, but she still answered the call without delay.

The call was from Ning Changkai and he reported on todays sales figures to Gu Ning.

Although the sales in the afternoon was lower than that in the morning, they had made a lot of money today.

It was quite understandable because many of Gu Nings friends came to buy the products in the morning, and they were very generous customers.

In addition, for the skincare products, except facial masks, it took time for customers to see whether they were effective or suitable, so most of the customers only bought a set each to have a try.

The pharmacy also made dozens of thousands of yuan today.

It was quite a good result without any advertising.

Normally, a store of skincare products could make several dozens of thousands of yuan at the most on the opening day, but they had made over three hundred thousand yuan.

And a pharmacy could make over ten thousand yuan at best, but they had made over forty thousand yuan.

In addition, both Colaine pharmacy and Kouzi store were direct-sale stores, and Gu Ning could make far more money by wholesale in the future.

Gu Ning planned to open more retail stores of Colaine and Kouzi and Ning Changkai would be in charge of it.

Ning Changkai told Gu Ning that the products which would be delivered to City F were already packed.

They would be loaded tomorrow morning, and he asked her whether she wanted to check it.

Gu Ning thought that it wasnt necessary, because she believed that Ning Changkai could handle it well.

After hanging up the call, Leng Shaoting pressed on Gu Ning again, but he was stopped by Gu Ning once more when he started kissing her.

“Wait a second.”

It was the third time Leng Shaoting had been interrupted, and he was very disappointed.

However, he cared about Gu Nings feelings, so he didnt force her to have sex with him.

“Whats wrong”

“I forgot to book a plane ticket.

I have to fly to City B tomorrow because Jade Beauty Jewelrys branch is about to open the day after tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

Although Zhou Zhenghong was already dealing with it, she had to go back given that she was the boss.

“Ill go with you.” Leng Shaoting had to go with her because it was a very important event.

He got up from Gu Nings body and took out his phone to book plane tickets for them.

It was better to book plane tickets as early as they could.

“Wait, I need to ask Wenxin whether shell go back with us tomorrow,” Gu Ning said, and called Cao Wenxin.

Gu Nings store was going to open, and Cao Wenxin said that she would go attend its opening ceremony, so did Xin Bei.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting booked four plane tickets.

The flight would take off at 1:50 pm tomorrow, so they could set off for the airport after lunch.

After booking, Leng Shaoting pressed on Gu Ning once more, but Gu Ning pushed him away again.

She thought that she should give Gao Yi and Qiao Ya a call now to find out how everything was going with them.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were both efficient, so they already settled everything they needed to do.

Gu Ning told them to meet her once they were free.

“Anything else” Leng Shaoting stared at Gu Ning with a resigned look.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was amused.


Lets begin!”

Once Gu Ning said that, Leng Shaoting directly pressed her against the bed and started to undress her.

At the same time, Cao Wenxin was still chatting with Xin Bei in the hospital.

Neither of them mentioned their feelings towards each other, but chatted casually.

When it was 11 pm, Cao Wenxin had to go back to the hotel, because it wasnt appropriate for her to stay alone with Xin Bei in a room.

In fact, Xin Bei was already fine after applying the liquid medicine Gu Ning gave him, but the doctor told him to stay in the hospital for a day in case his wound got worse.

He would have another CT scan tomorrow morning, and he could leave the hospital if there was nothing wrong with his wound.

“Is it safe for you to go back alone” Xin Bei asked with concern.

“Its fine.

The hotel will arrange for a car to pick me up,” Cao Wenxin said.

Hearing that, Xin Bei realized that the Huangdeng Hotel was kind of Cao Wenxins family business.

Xin Bei didnt feel stressed facing Cao Wenxins unusual family background, because he was a respectable military officer in the army too.

In addition to his high rank in the army, he also had a lot of wealth.

Although he wasnt comparable to the Tang family, he wasnt poorer than the Cao family, so they could be a properly-matched couple.

The rewards of their missions were very high.

They might not gain much if they caught general murderers, but they would get rich rewards if they ruined an illegal drug cartel or caught people stealing cultural relics as well as arms traffickers.

Those illegal groups had tons of money to run their illegal business.

As long as they were caught, the government would take over half of their properties, and the other half would be divided among the Red Flame.

For example, a head of an illegal drug cartel could have dozens of billion yuan in wealth, and those who fulfilled the task of catching the head could share half of his wealth.

Therefore, each member of the Red Flame was super rich.

Cao Wenxin took a shower when she was back in the hotel.

However, she couldnt fall asleep at all, but kept thinking about what had happened today with Xin Bei.

She was sure that she liked Xin Bei now, but not deeply yet, so she wasnt sure whether she wanted him to be her boyfriend.

In addition, she was curious about his feelings for her.

During this night, Xin Bei barely slept too, because he was also thinking of Cao Wenxin.

Although he knew he liked Cao Wenxin, he hesitated to confess his affection for her before he was certain that she was willing to his girlfriend.

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