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If he had been a malicious man, he would have thought Gu Ning was dumb to trust a stranger.

Zhou Zhenghong went to sign the contract, and Shao Ping had already left.

Gu Ning planned to cut her raw materials out, when Qin Yifan and his friends came towards her.

Both Qin Yifan and Li Zhenzhen had a cart with them.

In Qin Yifans cart, there were two materials, while in Li Zhenzhens cart, there were three raw materials.

Seeing there were seven raw materials in Gu Nings cart, Qin Yifan and his friends were all astonished.

Jesus! He had checked for so long to choose these two.

Gu Ning had picked up seven already.

Was she buying expensive raw materials or cheap vegetables

Li Zhenzhen was amazed too, but then she sneered.

Although she knew Gu Ning had a lot of money, she had never seen anyone waste money like that.

“Gu Ning, are you buying expensive raw materials or cheap vegetables” Qin Yifan found it interesting.

“I am buying raw materials at the price of cheap vegetables.” Gu Ning laughed.

She used her Jade Eyes to scan the raw materials in their carts.

Qin Yifan had one big and one small raw material.

The big one was a little bigger than a football.

Unfortunately, it was a pure stone.

The small one was as big as half a football.

There was jade in it, but it was too small and in the size of a babys fist.

Gu Ning judged from the thickness of its fog that it was a high-level jade.

But Gu Ning had no intention to tell him.

She didnt want to cause herself trouble.

As for Li Zhenzhen, she had three raw materials.

Two of them were as big as half a football.

One was a pure stone, while the other had a medium-level jade inside.

The last was slightly bigger than a football, but it only had a thin layer of green inside.

“Are you sure youre going to buy them all” Qin Yifan asked with uncertainty.

He intended to remind Gu Ning to be careful, but he didnt stop her directly, because no one knew whether there was jade inside or not.

If he stopped her, and there was jade in the raw materials, he would have done the wrong thing.

Gu Ning would probably hate him for that.

“I already paid the bill,” Gu Ning said.

“What You already paid” Qin Yifan was shocked again.

He didnt expect Gu Ning to be so efficient.

“How much did you pay” he asked.

“4.5 million,” Gu Ning answered.

She stayed calm from the beginning to the end, like 4.5 million was nothing to her.

Of course, she knew these raw materials were valuable, or she would not pay that much to buy seven stones.

Although 4.5 million meant nothing to Qin Yifan too, it was still hard for him to spend that large an amount of money on raw materials at one time.

“Youre really indulging yourself.” Qin Yifan didnt know what else to say.

“Miss Gu, do you plan to cut them out Im curious how many of them have jade inside,” Li Zhenzhen said with disdain.

Qin Yifan now noticed she was being unkind, and felt displeased.

“Zhenzhen, stone gambling largely relies on ones luck.

Even you cant be 100% sure to cut out jade from every raw material with your professional knowledge.

Songhua, python stripe and moss arent the essential marks of a raw material with jade inside,” Qin Yifan said plainly.

“I…” Li Zhenzhen felt embarrassed.

She agreed with what Qin Yifan had said, but she was mad that he stood up for Gu Ning against her.

The silent man who followed them all along frowned a little.

He was Li Zhenzhens older brother.

He apparently also felt dissatisfied that Qin Yifan helped Gu Ning.

But what Qin Yifan had said wasnt wrong, so Li Zhenyu could do nothing but stay quiet.

“Well, it seems Miss Li is confident about your ability.

Why dont you pick one and compete with mine” Gu Ning challenged Li Zhenzhen.

She didnt want to be a coward.

People around them focused on them at once.

No one wanted to miss the bet.

Facing the challenge, Li Zhenzhen couldnt wait to accept it.

“No problem! You can use three of your raw materials to compete with mine.

Whoever can cut out the most valuable jade wins.

If no one can cut out jade, then its even.” Li Zhenzhen was confident there must be one raw material with jade among her three raw materials.

At the same time, she also believed Gu Ning couldnt cut out a single emerald.

Even if she had only one raw material with jade inside, she would win.

“Well…” Qin Yifan hesitated.

They had chosen these raw materials with great care.

Although they werent confident all of them had jade inside, there was a good possibility to cut out jade.

And Gu Ning made her choices all by luck.

It wasnt dependable.

But before he could say something, Gu Ning already accepted, “Very well, but we need to put money in the bet, or it will be boring.”

“How much” Li Zhenzhen asked.

Apparently she agreed.

“Lets say ten million yuan,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure!” Li Zhenzhen answered without hesitation.

Li Zhenzhen accepted Gu Nings condition so quickly not because ten million yuan was nothing to her.

Actually she didnt have that much money herself.

She was merely confident that it was impossible for her to lose.

Now it was too late for Qin Yifan to stop them.

One was his great old friend, the other one was his new friend.

He didnt want either of them to lose; thus he could only pray it would be even.

From the beginning to the end, Li Zhenyu never interfered.

He was obviously confident too.

Li Zhenzhen picked a raw material randomly.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to scan it.

It was a waste material.

Thus Gu Ning chose a waste material too.

Although it was a waste material, Gu Ning still paid.

There were two machines.

After Gu Ning and Li Zhenzhen had paid their bills, two workers started to cut the stones.

Although Li Zhenzhen was confident, she paid a lot of attention to Gu Nings raw material.

After one cut, there was nothing in it.

Then it was the second cut, and still nothing in it.

After the third cut, it was still a stone.

The raw material had been cut half out without any green.

It must be a waste material.

Seeing Gu Nings was a waste material, Li Zhenzhen felt relieved, but hers was the same, which disappointed her a lot.


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