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Zhou Zhenghong didnt want to argue with Shao Ping in public.

Besides, he had no chance to win.

Thus Zhou Zhenghong swallowed down his anger, saying coldly, “Its none of your business.

Shao Ping, take care of yourself in case something bad happens to you out of the blue.”

“Im not afraid at all! Who cares what a loser says.

Zhou Zhenghong, do you have enough money to buy one piece If you dont have, I can lend you some,” Shao Ping humiliated Zhou Zhenghong.

“Who says who cant afford! Uncle Zhou, lets go to the counter.” Gu Ning walked over, pulling Zhou Zhenghong away before he could struggle.

“You…” Zhou Zhenghong was very surprised.

He didnt expect the young girl would be that strong.

He understood this young girl was helping him, but he did not have money to buy the raw material.

Shao Ping didnt know Zhou Zhenghong was with a young girl.

He was a little upset, but also wanted to know what Zhou Zhenghong could get.

“Young girl, Im not buying,” Zhou Zhenghong said awkwardly.


Zhou, I know youre still optimistic about this raw material, but you have concerns.

In fact, Im also optimistic about this raw material.

If you are not willing to take full risks, we each can pay half of this raw material.

If its valuable, we can share the profit.

If its not, you wont lose much money either.” Gu Ning knew Zhou Zhenghong liked this raw material too, but because he lacked money, he hesitated.

If Zhou Zhenghong planned to buy this raw material, Gu Ning wouldnt compete with him.

She could wait till he dropped it.

But Gu Ning had her own plan.

She approached Zhou Zhenghong for a reason.


Zhou Zhenghong changed his mind.

He did not dare to take the risk, but also liked this raw material.

Thus he hesitated.

If someone was willing to share the cost with him, he would like to try.

But it was a young girl.

Zhou Zhenghong believed she didnt need to take the risk.

He didnt want to take advantage of a young girl.

“Young girl, if its a waste material, you will lose money too,” Zhou Zhenghong said.

“I know, but if its valuable, Ill win money! Besides, thats gambling,” Gu Ning replied.

Zhou Zhenghong hesitated for a while longer, then agreed at the end.

This raw material weighed around six pounds.

It cost ten thousand yuan a pound, and around sixty thousand yuan in total.

The buyer of the raw materials needed to register and sign.

Since they bought it together, they needed to sign both of their names.

After signing and paying, Gu Ning let Zhou Zhenghong take the raw material to cut it out together.

On their way, Gu Ning pushed her cart with her.

Zhou Zhenghong was astonished.

“Did-did you buy all of these”

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

Zhou Zhenghong swallowed with great force. This young girl must be from a rich family!

Since she was a rich kid, Zhou Zhenghong was relieved.

And they had already paid the bill.

Shao Ping stood afar looking at Zhou Zhenghong.

So he had no idea Zhou Zhenghong and Gu Ning bought the raw material together.

Besides, Gu Ning was merely a teenager.

Shao Ping didnt believe Gu Ning bought it, so he believed Zhou Zhenghong must be the only buyer.

He knew although Zhou Zhenghong went bankrupt, he wasnt that poor and could afford a raw material.

But when Shao Ping noticed the cart full of raw materials pushed by Gu Ning, he was shocked.

How could Zhou Zhenghong afford those raw materials They cost at least millions!

Shao Ping immediately walked over.

“Gee! Zhou Zhenghong, how can you afford these raw materials”

Zhou Zhenghong didnt want to talk with Shao Ping, but he didnt want to cause a misunderstanding either.

So he explained, “These arent mine.”

Hearing that, Shao Ping was relieved, then he mocked, “Indeed, I forget youre too poor to afford that many raw materials now.”

But if these raw materials werent Zhou Zhenghongs, then it must be the young girls.

Who can afford all of these raw materials at one time This young girl must be from a rich family. Shao Ping thought. Whats her relationship with Zhou Zhenghong

No matter what the relationship between them was, Shao Ping felt jealousy already.

He was worried that someone would help Zhou Zhenghong to restart his business, which would be a threat to him.

He had done a lot to defeat Zhou Zhenghong.

Zhou Zhenghong just gave him a cold glance, then walked straight to where the stones were cut out.

“Lets see what you can get.” Shao Ping followed up.

As long as there was someone to cut the raw materials, people in the shop would gather around to have a look.

Although there were several machines, Gu Ning wasnt in a hurry to cut hers out.

After drawing the lines, the worker started to cut.

After a cut, a light green showed.

The worker raised his voice in excitement, “A green jade!”

The crowd was excited at once.

The most excited one was Zhou Zhenghong.

A green jade! There was a green jade in it!

Shao Ping, at the same time, felt upset, with his eyes full of viciousness.

He had schemed so hard to make Zhou Zhenghong go bankrupt.

Was he going to fail

No, no…

Before long, an emerald the size of a mans palm was fully cut out.

Its color was light and pure.

It was of the hibiscus type.

Hibiscus type was the type ranked between glutinous rice type and ice type.

It belonged to the upper quality types, and was very valuable.

Feeling the strong power, Gu Ning naturally absorbed it in.

The jade was out.

People began to bid.

“Five million yuan.”

“Six million yuan.”

“Eighteen million yuan.”

At last, the jade of the hibiscus type was bid to a high price of eighteen million yuan.

It was sold at the price of eighteen million yuan at the end.

No one was more thrilled than Zhou Zhenghong.

He finally had money.

“Miss Gu.” Zhou Zhenghong walked to Gu Ning, wanting to talk about the money.

“You can keep all the money in your card for now,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Zhou Zhenghong was struck dumb.

“Arent you afraid I would take all the money and disappear”

“I trust you,” Gu Ning said with determination.

She didnt really trust Zhou Zhenghong, but wanted to give him a test.

If he ran away, then she had made a wrong decision.

If he didnt, then he passed the test.

With the money, it wouldnt be difficult for Zhou Zhenghong to start his business afresh.

And when he found out what were in Gu Nings raw materials later, he would know what the right choice was.

Feeling he was being trusted, Zhou Zhenghong was moved.

He was an upright man himself.


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