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Chapter 566 Jiang Bowen Calls Gu Ning

Gu Ning planned to shoot the film in order to cover the zombie issue, and he was in charge of it now.

If it couldnt be handled well, he could lose his job.

Therefore, Gu Ning did him a great favor.

Even though he wasnt willing to let his daughter enter the entertainment industry, he wouldnt stop her from joining the film crew.

“Oh, but Im afraid Yihan has to withdraw because her injury couldnt heal within a short time,” Jiang Bowen said in a sad tone.

Hearing that, Jiang Yihan rounded her eyes in shock and couldnt believe her ears.

Why did her father feel sorry for that

Before Lu Yichen said a word, Qiao Yan opened her mouth.

“Mayor Jiang, we came here to check Yihans condition.

If she cant finish her part, she probably needs to end the contract with the crew.

Im sorry.”

“Its fine,” Jiang Bowen said.

“Mayor Jiang, actually, our boss told me to give this to Yihan.

Its a special medicine which can help her recover quickly so that she can keep acting tomorrow,” Lu Yichen said, and felt a little nervous because he wasnt sure whether it was true.

“Your boss Do you mean Gu Ning Is she in City D now” Jiang Bowen was surprised.

“Yes,” Lu Yichen said.

“Thanks!” Jiang Bowen said.

He still remembered that Gu Ning had saved many peoples lives with her special medicine back when they had encountered a zombie at Changyang Mountain.

Lu Yichen was struck dumb for a second.

He didnt expect that Jiang Bowen would trust Gu Ning without hesitation.

It seemed Jiang Bowen knew that the medicine was different.

Without further talking, Lu Yichen took out the porcelain bottle and poured some water into it as Gu Ning had told him, the power crystal melted immediately.

A nurse walked over with a cotton swab in her hands, but she hesitated to unwrap the bandages around Jiang Yihans wound.

“The wound is already wrapped well and its not suitable to unwrap it now.” The nurse wasnt arguing with Jiang Bowen; she just did her job as a nurse.

“Its fine.

Unwrap it,” Jiang Bowen insisted.

Seeing that, the nurse followed his order to apply the water medicine for Jiang Yihan.

Jiang Yihan didnt know whether this medicine was really effective, but she hoped that she could recover as soon as possible.

In the beginning, she thought that it would be painful when the medicine was applied over the wound.

However, when the medicine touched the wound, she didnt feel any pain, just coldness.

After a few minutes, the wound changed significantly, and faded by a third.

“Wow…” Everyone was shocked, even Jiang Bowen, who knew that this medicine wasnt simple, couldnt stay calm.

“It isnt painful now!” Jiang Yihan was surprised as well as excited.

She tried to move her legs, then felt a little pain, because it took time for the wound to heal completely.

Even so, Jiang Yihan was still satisfied.

Jiang Bowen, on the other hand, called Gu Ning at once.

When Gu Ning received Jiang Bowens call, she had just gone back to the Huangdeng Hotel for a short time and was still registering at the reception.

“Hi, Mayor Jiang!” Gu Ning said.

“Miss Gu, why didnt you tell me that you came to City D” Jiang Bowen said.

Gu Ning helped him a lot, so he wanted to thank her.

Gu Ning was surprised.

“Mayor Jiang, how did you know”

“Well, my daughter is studying in the Radio and Television University, and she joined your film crew, but she was injured today so she cant finish her part.


Lu came to visit her with your special medicine, and then I heard that youre in City D now,” Jiang Bowen said, then thanked Gu Ning with sincerity.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for your medicine! My daughter feels much better now.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was astonished that Jiang Yihan was Jiang Bowens daughter.

What a coincidence!

“Youre welcome.

Since she signed the contract with my film crew, I should help her if she needs,” Gu Ning said.

“Well, Miss Gu, you did me a great favor,” Jiang Bowen said.

“Are you free this afternoon May I invite you to join a meal with


“Mayor Jiang, I would love to, but I have to leave for City B in a while,” Gu Ning said.

Jiang Bowen was a little disappointed, but didnt insist.

“Please call me the next time you come to City D.”

“Sure!” Gu Ning said.

Lu Zhan finished registration at the hotel then drove the bus away.

Chu Peihan and the others went to their rooms to pack up, while Gu Ning booked plane tickets for them after she hung up the call with Jiang Bowen.

Leng Shaoting, on the other hand, was checking the plane tickets to City B.

Besides plane tickets, Gu Ning also prepared a thick red envelope for each of them.

Chu Peihan and the others would leave for City F at 5:35 pm, while Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would fly to City B at 5:50 pm, so they could go to the airport together.

It was only 3:30 pm when they all got back to the hotel, so they still had two hours.

After packing up and checking out at the reception, it was already 4 pm, so they took a taxi heading to the airport.

On the way to the airport, Gu Ning took out three thick red envelopes, then gave them to her friends.

“You did the acting for free, so Ive prepared red envelopes for you!”

“Wow, its so thick!”

“Thanks, boss!” They took the red envelopes and thanked Gu Ning.

They had taken far more expensive gifts from Gu Ning, so a thick red envelope was nothing.

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