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Chapter 537 He Declined to Be My Boyfriend

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting sat on one side, while Bai Xueyan and Allan sat on the other.


Leng, please allow me to offer you free drinks this time,” Allan smiled and said to Leng Shaoting

“Thanks,” Leng Shaoting said.

He wouldnt reject this time.

He had rejected the free drinks last time because Gu Man had been there.

Gu Man was his future mother-in-law after all and he had to prove himself.

Bai Xueyan glanced at Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning then said with obvious envy, “Look at you two! Youre meant to be together.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was pleased.

“Here is the menu.

Please order as much as you want.

Its all on Allan.” Bai Xueyan gave the menu to Gu Ning, then glared at Allan like he was her enemy.

Allan wore a wry smile, but he actually didnt mind how many drinks they ordered.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting just had dinner and were already full, so they ordered two drinks and a plate of fruits.

Bai Xueyan, however, was displeased.

“Why did you order so little”

“We just had dinner and were already full,” Gu Ning said blinking her eyes.

“Fine,” Bai Xueyan said.

“Give the menu to me,” Bai Xueyan said, then she ordered five different types of snacks, a fruit salad and spaghetti.

Gu Ning and Allan were both astonished.

“Can you eat all of that” Allan asked.

“What Didnt you say its your treat this time” Bai Xueyan questioned him.

“Of course,” Allan said.

“Im just afraid that youll hurt your stomach by eating too much.”

“None of your business,” Bai Xueyan said then ignored him.

Allan then didnt say anything further.

Their drinks and snacks were soon placed on the table and Bai Xueyan immediately started to eat alone.

Gu Ning and Allan understood that she was in a bad mood and needed to vent her anger.

After a short while, Allan stood up and left.

“Whats wrong It seems like youre in a terrible mood,” Gu Ning asked.

From Bai Xueyans attitude towards Allan, Gu Ning believed that Allan must have something to do with Bai Xueyans bad mood.

She didnt know whether Allan knew that Bai Xueyan liked him, but she couldnt see any hint of fondness for Bai Xueyan from Allan.

Anyway, it was hard to draw a conclusion from appearances.

However, there was a huge age gap between them, so Gu Ning thought that it wasnt very likely that they would get together.

Although as long as the two loved each other age wasnt a problem, only a few people could make it happen.

Allan was almost 30-years-old, while Bai Xueyan was only 17-years-old.

She wasnt even an adult yet so she was just a teenager in Allans eyes.

“Nothing,” Bai Xueyan said.

Since Bai Xueyan didnt want to say it right now, Gu Ning stopped asking.

After a long while, Allan didnt come again, and Bai Xueyan began to wear an absentminded look.

“Im done.” Bai Xueyan only finished a third of the food that she had ordered.

Actually, she was already full, and she had ordered that much just to vent her anger.

“Gu Ning, he declined to be my boyfriend,” Bai Xueyan said all of a sudden.


Gu Ning was surprised.

To her astonishment, Bai Xueyan already told Allan about her feelings towards him, and Allan had already declined to be her boyfriend, but why did Allan still seem fine to be around with Bai Xueyan

“He said that Im too young to be his girlfriend and that Im just a teenage girl in his eyes, but Im already 17-years-old now and Ill be an adult in two months!” Bai Xueyan said.

“He said that he likes mature, sexy women, but I will be a mature sexy woman in a few years!”

Hearing that, Gu Ning didnt know what to say.

It was their personal affair after all.

“How can he say that Im too young to be his girlfriend Isnt he too old to be my boyfriend” Bai Xueyan said in anger.

Right at this moment, Allan walked to them, and Bai Xueyan closed her mouth at once.

However, before Allan walked to their table, he was stopped by a woman halfway.

“Hi, Allan!” the woman greeted Allan and her voice sounded so gentle and alluring.

The woman was tall and slim and had long, dark red hair with large waves, wearing a black tight-fitting sweater, a pair of black stockings and red high-heels.

She looked very sexy and charming.

Seeing that, Bai Xueyan was extremely displeased, staring at the womans back like she was going to tear her apart.

Allan, on the other hand, seemed unwilling to see the woman and disdain flashed through his eyes.

However, out of politeness, Allan still greeted her, “Hi, Miss Wu, may I help”

“Allan, can you sit with me for a while” the woman asked.“I would love to, but my friends are there waiting for me,” Allan said.

“What a shame! Well, actually I came here alone.

If you dont mind, may I join you” The woman wouldnt let Allan go.

In fact, Allan didnt come here often, while she was a frequent guest in order to meet him.

Unfortunately, she rarely succeeded, so she definitely wouldnt let him go since she finally encountered him.

“Um, sorry, Its not up to me,” Allan said.

It was a gentle way to reject the woman.

If the woman wasnt dumb, she would let him go right now.

“Sorry, no!” Bai Xueyan interrupted them, “Its my reservation, and I dont want strangers to join us.”

Hearing that, the woman turned to look at Bai Xueyan and she was very displeased.

Actually, she had already decided to leave since Allan said that but what Bai Xueyan said annoyed her, so she changed her mind.

However, when Bai Xueyan saw the womans face, she snorted with laughter.

The woman had done plastic surgery so many times that her face looked really strange now.

It wasnt hard to notice that her face was completely artificial now.

“Whats so funny” the woman frowned and asked.

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