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Chapter 482 School Opening Ceremony

Nonetheless, Gu Nings excellent performance at studying had already impressed many of her classmates, so they all kindly greeted her when she walked inside.

Shao Feifei, Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya, however, hated Gu Ning as always.

“She doesnt come to classes just because she became the No.

1 in our grade.

I think shell regret when the entrance examination to college comes!” Shao Feifei said with disdain.

After the final exams, all the other students had to attend classes for another week, and after the New Year Festival, they also had to go back to school a week earlier, while Gu Ning had enjoyed her vacation.

“Exactly! I think that she wont pass the exam!” Yang Yulu said.

Although their voices werent loud, Gu Ning still heard their talk, but she didnt care at all.

Afterwards, the class began.

Because of the entrance examination to college, senior students in high school could only have half a day off in a week, but Gu Ning was different.

She would come when she was free, but asked for a leave when she was busy with her business.

Therefore, Gu Ning went to ask for a leave in the head teachers office right after the first class was over.

Her head teacher was displeased, but couldnt do anything about it, because Gu Ning was the No.1 in their grade.

Gu Ning left her school soon after the first class.

Gu Ning had asked for a leave the next day too, because K called her asking for her help.

A friend of his had a car accident and the doctor said that his friends leg had to be amputated.

K told Gu Ning that as long as she could cure his friend, his friend would be willing to follow her lead.

His friend was an ace finance expert as well as an outstanding business administrator.

Gu Ning was of course more than willing to help Ks friend, because he was exactly the kind of skillful person she was looking for.

Gu Ning also planned to get K and his friend to help her run the businesses in her group in the capital.

Although K knew little about business, his detective ability and investigation ability were remarkably excellent, which was indispensable for running a big business group.

When Gu Ning called her head teacher in the night, her head teacher was furious and shouted at her in anger, “Gu Ning! Youve asked for a leave twice within two days! Are you still aware that youre a senior student whos going to attend the entrance examination to college in a couple of months”

Although her head teacher understood that Gu Ning was excellent at studying, the entrance examination to college wasnt something that she could take airily.

“Im sorry, but its an emergency! My friend just had a car accident and his leg is going to be amputated.

I have to visit him!” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Her head teacher didnt know what to say.

After that, Gu Ning told Gu Man the same reason before she left.

She also mentioned Tang Yunfan and told Gu Man that Tang Yunfan had gone back to City B because of his business, so Gu Man had enough time to think about whether she would accept Tang Yunfan.

The next morning, Gu Ning went to the airport and flew to City D.

While Gu Ning was in the plane, the principal of her school had a talk with her head teacher, Zhang Qiuhua.

“Professor Zhang, is there a student named Gu Ning in your classroom” the principal asked.

“Yes, is anything wrong” Zhang Qiuhua panicked a little, because she didnt know whether the principal found out that Gu Ning was absent from classes.

The principal then showed Zhang Qiuhua a picture in his phone.

“Take a look.

Is this her”

There was a beautifully made up young girl wearing a gown at a party in the picture, and Zhang Qiuhua recognized that the girl was Gu Ning at a glance.

“Yes, this is her.

What happened” Zhang Qiuhua asked.

Hearing the affirmative answer, the principal laughed out loud, which struck Zhang Qiuhua dumb, because she thought that the principal was going to be angry.

“Professor Zhang, it seems you dont know yet.

This student called Gu Ning is really successful!” the principal said with obvious pride.

“What” Zhang Qiuhua didnt understand.

“Professor Zhang, have you heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry” the principal asked.

“Of course I have,” Zhang Qiuhua said.

“Jade Beauty Jewelry is the most popular high-end jewelry brand now, and almost half of the important figures in City G attended its opening ceremony,” the principal said, then asked Zhang Qiuhua, “Do you know who the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry is”

Zhang Qiuhua wasnt dumb, and she immediately realized that Gu Ning had to be the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Gu Ning is the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry

Zhang Qiuhua couldnt believe it.

“Gu-Gu Ning”

“Exactly!” the principal said.

“I heard that she made a lot of money by stone gambling, and then established Jade Beauty Jewelry.”

Thinking of that, the principal admired Gu Ning very much.

It was universally acknowledged that stone gambling was a highly risky activity, but Gu Ning was able to make a fortune out of it, which was legendary.

However, none of them knew that all the jade in the Jade Beauty Jewelry store was cut out from raw materials bought by Gu Ning herself.

They didnt know much about jade, but only knew that it cost a lot of money.

“Jesus!” Zhang Qiuhua sat down on the chair in shock, and couldnt believe her ears.

“Professor Zhang, Gu Ning is the pride of our school! Not only has she become the No.

1 in the grade, she has also become a successful businesswoman at such a young age!” The principal was excited.

“Oh, tomorrow is the schools opening ceremony.

Tell Gu Ning to prepare a speech.

I want her to encourage all the students in our school!” the principal said.

Zhang Qiuhua hesitated for a few seconds then said, “Um, she asked for a leave.”

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