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Chapter 473 Lay Her Cards on the Table

When Cao Wenjun and Cao Wenxin got home, Tang Yunrong asked Cao Wenxin, “Xin, what do you think of Xin Bei”


Xin and Tang Yunrong had talked a lot about Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin in the Xin Familys house right after they had gone out together to have fun.

Tang Yunrong was very satisfied with Xin Bei.

Although they werent snobbish people, they of course would choose a family which was at the same level as their own family if they had choices.

Even though Xin Beis family wasnt very rich, Xin Bei was very outstanding, and it was rare to see such a young lieutenant colonel like him.

“No opinions,” Cao Wenxin said airily.

“What do you mean Do you like him or not” Tang Yunrong asked.

“Like him or not” Cao Wenxin was surprised by her mothers question, but soon realized her mothers intention.

“Mom, we dont get along!”

“Insane!” Tang Yunrong glared at her in annoyance.

“How come you dont get along You just met each other for the first time!”

“Mom, its fine.

Just let them go with the flow,” Cao Wenjun immediately interrupted them.

“I…” Tang Yunrong still wanted to say something, but Cao Wenxin went directly into her room.

Clearly, she didnt want to hear another word about Xin Bei.

In her eyes, it was impossible for her to be together with Xin Bei, because they argued all the time.

However, thinking of what had happened on the plane, Cao Wenxins heart pounded fast and her face flushed.

She had never encountered anything more embarrassing than that yet.


Xin also couldnt wait to ask Xin Beis impression of Cao Wenxin the moment they were home.

Xin Chen and Qiao Wei gave their mother a resigned look.

Before Xin Bei could say a word, Xin Chen opened his mouth.

“Mom, just let it be what itll be.” Saying that, Xin Chen winked at his mother, and Mrs.

Xin instantly understood that it didnt go well.

Nonetheless, when Xin Bei was alone in his room, he couldnt help thinking about the question his aunt had asked him.

What do you think of Cao Wenxin

Actually, there was nothing bad about Cao Wenxin.

She was pretty and full of a sense of justice.

Unfortunately, they always argued, so it wasnt a good thing if they were together

The next morning, after Gu Man left for work, Gu Ning called Tang Yunfan.

Gu Ning had no intention to let Tang Yunfan secretly stare at them all the time.

Since Tang Yunfan was paying special attention to Gu Man, it meant that he was willing to go back to her side, but he just had his worries.

Gu Ning thought that it was acceptable that Tang Yunfan took it as a long-term plan that he was going to face Gu Man one day, but she could lay her cards on the table beforehand.

Because she had never spent time with Tang Yunfan there was no pain from feelings for him to have to relieve.

Tang Yunfan was quite surprised when Gu Ning called him, but he didnt know that Gu Ning had already discovered him.

“Hi,” Tang Yunfan said gently.

He didnt sound as cold as usual.

“Hi, Uncle Tang.” Before Gu Ning laid her cards on the table, she decided to call him her uncle for now.

“I know that youre in City F now and that youve been following my mother for a couple of days.

Can we talk”

Hearing that, Tang Yunfans body stiffened in shock.

To his astonishment, Gu Ning had already discovered him.

He was a little worried that Gu Ning would mistake his aim.

“Sure.” Since Gu Ning had already discovered him, Tang Yunfan thought that it was better for him to meet her.


Can you come to my home” Gu Ning said.

She didnt bother to tell him the address, because he already knew it.

Gu Man was out for work, so Tang Yunfan agreed to meet Gu Ning at her home.

When Tang Yunfan walked towards Gu Nings home, he was getting more and more nervous, even though Gu Man wasnt home.

A dozen minutes later, the bell rang, and Gu Ning went to open the door.

Seeing Tang Yunfan, Gu Ning stayed calm.

“Uncle Tang, please come in.”

Tang Yunfan walked inside, and glanced around Gu Nings home, which was warmly decorated.

He felt at home even though it was the first time that he had walked into this place.

His wife and daughter lived here, which made him feel relaxed.

“Please have a seat, Uncle Tang,” Gu Ning said, and poured a cup of tea for him.

“Uncle Tang, please have a drink.”

After knowing that Gu Ning was his daughter, Tang Yunfan felt extremely sad when Gu Ning called him her uncle, but he couldnt say anything now.

“Uncle Tang, why have you been following my mom these days Do you think that I approached the Tang Family for my own benefit, so you came here to conduct your investigation in person” Gu Ning asked on purpose.

“Of course not!” Tang Yunfan denied it at once.

“Then why” Gu Ning asked.

“Your behavior could be easily misunderstood.”

“I…” Tang Yunfan, the famous, successful Lord Tang in business, was short of words in front of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt urge him.

Instead, she remained patient waiting for his answer.

Tang Yunfan calmed himself down soon, and lied, “I came to City F for business, and I accidentally lived in the apartment across from your home, so I paid a little attention to your family, in case you need my help.

After all, my father likes you very much, and even regards you as his own granddaughter, so I absolutely should take your family as my own.”

“Are you sure that the reason Master Tang takes me as his own granddaughter isnt because Im literally his granddaughter” Gu Ning asked and smiled.

“You…” Tang Yunfan rounded his eyes in shock.

He didnt expect that Gu Ning already knew.

Seeing that, Gu Ning directly laid her cards on the table.

“Actually, when Grandpa Tang told me that I closely resembled his second son, he also told me that you disappeared for a year 18 years ago, so I got someone to investigate.

Too many coincidences amount to fact, so Im very sure that youre actually my father.

However, my mother thinks that youre already dead, so I havent told her yet.

You dont remember anything about that year after all, and I didnt know your opinions.

I didnt want to hurt her feelings.”

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