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Chapter 470 Who Is Terrible

Xin Chen worked in politics, Xin Bei served in the army, and Cao Wenjun was a police officer.

Among them, Xin Bei had the greatest achievement, but his identity towards outsiders was just a lieutenant colonel of a certain military region.

Only a few people knew that he was a member of the Red Flame because it was highly confidential.

Cao Wenjun had already heard of Xin Bei from Xin Chen and he admired Xin Bei very much, but this was the first time that they had met each other because of varied reasons.

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“Xin Bei, I think youre old enough to have a girlfriend now.

What do you think of Wenxin” Xin Chen suddenly said to Xin Bei.

Actually, Xin Chen had the intention to introduce Xin Bei to Cao Wenxin today at the Lantern Festival.

In Xin Chens eyes, Xin Bei was an achiever, and Cao Wenxin was also a good girl.

They would be a great match! Of course, all that Xin Chen could do was simply introduce them to one another, and it was totally up to them whether they would be together.

Xin Bei was struck dumb for a second and had mixed emotions at that moment.

Facing Cao Wenxin, he wasnt sure about his feelings towards her.

He didnt like her, nor hated her very much, and didnt think they got along well after what had happened between them.

“You dont need to worry about me.

I think that Ill find my girl at the right time.” Xin Bei didnt deny Xin Chens advice directly, but it wasnt an affirmative answer either.

Since Xin Bei said so, Xin Chen didnt say anything further, but Cao Wenjun was slightly disappointed, because he hoped that his sister could be together with Xin Bei.

Nonetheless, Cao Wenjun also thought that they had just met for the first time, and it was hard to tell at such an early stage.

Meanwhile, Cao Wenjun planned to invite them to have fun together after dinner, so that Xin Bei would have more chances to get along with Cao Wenxin.

What Cao Wenjun didnt know was that Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin had actually already met each other many times.

Cao Wenxin tried to avoid Xin Bei, so she went to find her cousins wife.

Unexpectedly, her cousins wife, Qiao Wei, went downstairs later so Cao Wenxin had to go back to the living room too.

What was worse, Qiao Wei directly sat with the men, and Cao Wenxin had nowhere to hide.

“Wenxin, come here!” Qiao Wei said to her.

In order to not let others find out anything unusual, Cao Wenxin forced herself to go over and sit with them.

However, she then kept playing with the 2-year-old kid to avoid meeting Xin Beis eyes.

Xin Bei also turned away from Cao Wenxin, and kept chatting with Cao Wenjun and Xin Chen.

In others eyes, it seemed like the two disliked each other.

Even so, Cao Wenjun still wanted to conduct his plan for tonight.

After dinner, Cao Wenxin thought that she could finally leave, but Cao Wenjun proposed to have a walk and appreciate the lanterns together.

“Can I not go with you” Cao Wenxin asked.

She really didnt want to spend another minute with Xin Bei.

Somehow, Xin Bei was a little disappointed when Cao Wenxin rejected going out with him.

“Dont you love doing stuff Why not” Cao Wenjun frowned a little.

“Wenxin, go have some fun with your cousins! You dont have anything else to do if you go home alone,” Tang Yunrong said.

“Wenxin, Ill go too.

You wont be the only girl.” Qiao Wei thought that Cao Wenxin was being shy to go alone with the men.

Cao Wenxin opened her mouth, but didnt know how to reject them because it would be very unusual if she insisted not to go with them.

“Fine! Lets go.” Cao Wenxin compromised.

Seeing Cao Wenxin being so unwilling, Xin Bei felt uncomfortable, but didnt say anything.

Xin Chen was the driver; Qiao Wei sat in the passengers seat, while Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin sat behind with Cao Wenjun in the middle.

On the way, Cao Wenxin never spoke on her own initiative, which was completely not her style.

Therefore, the others in the car immediately sensed that something was different, but none of them knew that Xin Bei was the cause.

“Wenxin, what happened to you You didnt talk to us at all today, which is quite unusual,” Xin Chen said.

“I have nothing to say,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Just ignore me please.”

Xin Chen, however, wouldnt ignore her.

“I heard that you visited the capital the other day”

“Yes,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Did you have fun” Xin Chen asked.

Cao Wenxin stopped for a second before she said, “I did when I was happy, but didnt when I wasnt.”

Cao Wenxin intentionally stressed the words when she said she hadnt had fun when she had been unhappy.

She was picking on Xin Bei and Xin Bei knew it.

Xin Bei was a little mad, because she wasnt the only one who had been unhappy.

When they had met for the first time, she had thrown coffee in his face and had told others that he was a terrible man; when they had met the second time, she had hit him with the cue stick; When they had met the third time, she had poured coffee on him again and had even injured his penis! Xin Bei thought that he was the one who had the right to be unhappy.

“What happened during your journey” Qiao Wei asked.

“I met a terrible man,” Cao Wenxin suddenly blurted out.

She regretted it immediately after she said it but it was too late to take it back.

“A terrible man” Xin Bei couldnt tolerate it anymore, and turned to look at Cao Wenxin in annoyance.

The others in the car immediately realized that there must be something that had happened between them that they didnt know about.

“Am I wrong I accidentally hit him once, and he intentionally knocked into me!” Cao Wenxin said.

Xin Bei was amused, and asked, “Really So who threw coffee in my face before she even knew the situation, and who hit me with the cue stick on purpose Who poured coffee on me again yesterday and even injured…” Xin Bei suddenly stopped, because he felt embarrassed to say that in public.

“Fine, I know it was a misunderstanding when we met for the first time, but how about the other things youve done to me”

“You…” Cao Wenxin didnt know what to say.

Hearing that, everyone else knew that the two had already met each other before and had many conflicts.

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