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Chapter 461 Cao Wenxin VS.

Xin Bei

“Not really.

Wenxin is going back to City B, and Im going back to City F.

Its not departure time yet, so I decided to sit with Wenxin for a while,” Gu Ning said.

“How about you Where are you flying”

Xin Bei sat next to Gu Ning and replied, “Im flying to City B.

Im going to visit my uncle for the Lantern Festival.”

Although both Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin knew that it was just a misunderstanding when they had met each other for the first time, they still disliked one another because of the terrible first impression.

Therefore, they both kept talking to Gu Ning, trying to ignore each other.

Gu Ning didnt want to be involved in their conflict, so she made an excuse, walking to the ladies room.

“Ill go with you!” Cao Wenxin immediately stood up and followed Gu Ning.

“Why do you still hate him I thought that you already knew that it was just a misunderstanding,” Gu Ning asked with doubt.

Cao Wenxin contorted her mouth.

“I simply dont like him.”


You win,” Gu Ning said.

A while later, passengers who were flying to City B started to board, including Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin, but they deliberately kept a distance from each other.

However, no matter how much they disliked one another, they coincidentally sat next to each other in first class.

“What the f*ck” Both of them swore at the same time.

And glared at each other afterwards at the same time too.

Cao Wenxin turned her head away in order to not see Xin Bei, so she wouldnt be in a worse mood.

Meanwhile, a fragrant breeze blew past their noses, and a gentle female voice sounded by Xin Beis ear.

“Sir, the plane is about to take off.

Please fasten your safety belt.”

“Thanks!” Xin Bei smiled politely and reached out his hands to fasten the safety belt, but the stewardess had already squatted by him.

“Sir, please let me help.”

However, before the stewardess could touch the safety belt, Xin Bei rejected politely.

“No need, thank you so much!”

It wasnt the first time that Xin Bei had been treated so well in a plane, and he knew the reason clearly.

All the stewardesses wanted to hit on the handsome young man who was sitting in first class.

The beautiful stewardess stopped her hands and looked disappointed.

“Im sorry if Ive bothered you, Sir.”

Cao Wenxin snorted with laughter, but didnt say anything.

The plane soon took off.

When it flew steadily, the stewardess intentionally walked by Xin Bei many times, but Xin Bei lowered his head reading the entire time, and ignored her.

Finally, when it was time to serve drinks to passengers on the plane, the stewardess walked to Xin Bei first.

“Sir, what would you like to drink”

“Coke, thanks,” Xin Bei said, but didnt give the stewardess a glance.

The stewardess was very disappointed, but didnt show it because she had been well-trained to be polite.

“No problem.

Please wait a second.”

Before long, the stewardess poured a glass of Coke for Xin Bei.

Maybe because she was too focused on Xie Bei, the stewardess directly forgot to ask Cao Wenxin what she wanted, and Cao Wenxin was very displeased.

“Hey, what about me”

The stewardess was struck dumb for a second and turned to Cao Wenxin at once, “Oh, Im sorry.

What would you like to have, miss”

“Coffee,” Cao Wenxin said.

The stewardess then gave the coffee to Cao Wenxin.

However, when Cao Wenxin had just taken it, the plane suddenly had turbulence and the coffee slipped from her hand onto Xin Bei.

Cao Wenxin couldnt help laughing, but Xin Bei was mad.

He looked at Cao Wenxin who was gloating and clenched his teeth.

“Cao Wenxin, you must have done it on purpose!”

Cao Wenxin didnt feel guilty at all.

The stewardess, instead, panicked and apologized in a hurry.

“Sir, Im so sorry.

Please let me help you wipe…” Saying that, she took out a towel and wanted to help Xin Bei wipe the coffee stains off.

“No, thanks.

Ill do it myself.” Xin Bei grabbed her towel, cleaning the coffee stains from his chest on his own.

The stewardess was disappointed after Xin Bei had rejected her twice, so she left quietly knowing that it was impossible for her to get near the man.

Xin Bei glared at Cao Wenxin again, and Cao Wenxin stopped laughing.

Although she laughed, she didnt want to cause any more misunderstandings, so she explained.

“It was not on purpose! It was because of the turbulence.”

Xin Bei was mad at Cao Wenxin, but he didnt say anything, and stood up walking to the washroom.

They disliked each other, so they barely talked.

When there was no conflict, both of them were silent.

After a while, Cao Wenxin was going to the washroom, and walked by Xin Bei.

Coincidentally, the plane had turbulence again, and Cao Wenxin directly fell into Xin Bei.

Cao Wenxin was surprised and instantly reached out her hand to grab something in order to keep her balance, but her hand was about to touch Xin Beis chest at this time.

Xin Bei didnt like Cao Wenxin, so he wanted to see her fall and wasnt willing to let her touch him.

Therefore, he hit her hand away.

However, right after the hit, another accident happened.

Cao Wenxins hand was hit away by Xin Bei, so she lost her balance and fell onto Xin Bei with her hand accidentally pressed against Xin Beis penis.

Being attacked all of a sudden, Xin Bei felt great pain and pushed Cao Wenxin away with great force.

“Cao Wenxin!” Xin Bei clenched his teeth once more, glaring at her.

Nonetheless, when Xin Bei saw Cao Wenxins face, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“Im sorry.

I-I didnt mean to…” It was the first time that Cao Wenxin had ever touched a mans penis, so her face flushed completely, and she ran to the washroom in a hurry.

Xin Bei, on the other hand, was left in great pain on the seat.

How could he be so unlucky today The plane always seemed to have turbulence at the wrong time.

Xin Bei now regretted that he had hit Cao Wenxins hand away.

If he hadnt done that, his penis wouldnt have been injured.

Cao Wenxin quickly ran into the washroom, and saw that her face was as red as a cooked lobster.

She immediately turned on the faucet, trying to cool her face with the running water.

Her face gradually cooled down after being patted with cold water, but her heart still kept pounding fast.

Cao Wenxin didnt dare to leave the washroom, and stayed there for over 20 minutes.

Someone waiting outside eventually lost patience and knocked on the door.

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