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Chapter 458 The First Actress

Although his secretary was curious, he knew that he shouldnt ask any questions.

Gu Ning had sent a message to Su Tongnuo and told her to wait for her news.

Su Tongnuo trusted Gu Nings ability, but she was still nervous while waiting for the result.

After Xia Zhihongs secretary told them to go to Xia Zhihongs office, Su Tongnuo was finally relieved.

“Tongnuo, why does the chairman want to see us in his office” Lin Xiaoxia didnt know that Su Tongnuo was going to leave the company, so she was worried.

“Is he going to force you to do something disgusting again” Thinking of that, Lin Xiaoxia was mad.

Su Tongnuo smiled lightly.

“Xiaoxia, do you still remember that I told you that if Im going to leave this company, youll go with me”

“Yes,” Lin Xiaoxia said, but she still didnt understand why their chairman wanted to see them in his office.

“Lets go! Youll find out soon.” Su Tongnuo didnt tell Lin Xiaoxia directly, but pulled her, quickly walking to the chairmans office.

When Lin Xiaoxia found out that they could leave the company, she was thrilled.

Although she could quit her job at any time, there was nothing better than that she could leave together with Su Tongnuo.

Xia Zhihong didnt even dare to ask for the liquidated damages.

And since he didnt mention it, Gu Ning wouldnt bother to pay him.

After that, Su Tongnuo and Lin Xiaoxia went back to their office and packed their stuff.

Everyone around them was surprised.

“What are you doing” someone asked.

“Leaving this place,” Su Tongnuo said happily.

“What Leaving Feiteng Entertainment You ended your contract” Everyone was shocked.

Su Tongnuo and Lin Xiaoxia packed their stuff and went straight downstairs.

Gu Ning was waiting for them at the front door.

The shocking news that Su Tongnuo successfully ended her contract with Feiteng Entertainment quickly went abroad in the company.

It was universally known that Su Tongnuo had annoyed an influential figure that their chairman didnt dare to irritate.

If Su Tongnuo was able to end her contract, either the influential figure forgave her or she had support from another more influential figure.

Li Jiayue smashed a cup on the floor when she heard the news.

She refused to accept the fact that Su Tongnuo was going to be famous, and made up her mind to be more successful than Su Tongnuo.

Although Su Tongnuo already ended her contract with Feiteng, Gu Ning still had something to discuss with her, so Gu Ning told Lin Xiaoxia to leave before them, while Su Tongnuo and Gu Ning went to a nearby café.

Leng Shaoting was still patiently waiting for Gu Ning in the car.

Gu Ning took out the contract and gave it to Su Tongnuo.

“Here is the contract.

If there is no problem, you can sign it.”

Su Tongnuo read the contract through, and was completely surprised when she noticed the ratio of the companys take to her take.

It was 6-4, which meant the company would take 60% while she could have 40% of the profit.

Usually, the ratio was 8-2.

If the actors were A-list, the ratio would be 7-3, and it was rare to see 6-4, unless the actor was a household name.

“Boss, are you sure” Su Tongnuo asked with uncertainty.

Gu Ning smiled.

“Yes, Im sure.

Its just the beginning.

If you can become one of the A-list, the ratio will be 5-5.

Work hard!”

Su Tongnuo was shocked again.

If she could become an A-list actress, she could have 50% of the profit! Her new boss was really generous! After the shock, Su Tongnuo kept on reading

The company would provide a single bedroom apartment for her and pay the utilities.

If she had her own house, the company would give her three thousand yuan monthly as a housing allowance, and reimburse her for utilities.

Although Su Tongnuo had been shut out of the entertainment industry for a year, she had been famous before and had made a lot of money too, so she had her own house.

In that case, she chose to have the housing allowance of three thousand yuan.

At the end of the contract, Su Tongnuo signed her name.

“The company building is still being redecorated so we are renting a studio for now.

After the Lantern Festival, were going to shoot a TV series.

Although you work for me now, Ive promised the director that he could choose actors on his own.

Therefore, I dont know whether you can be the leading actress, but youll have an audition for it.

And since you have already joined us, I will definitely help you become famous.

If you cant get the leading role, I can let you play a role with some lines in the show at least.

Dont worry.

Youll have plenty of chances in the future.”

“Oh, our company is brand new, so no famous actors will join us yet.

And we might use many new actors.

I hope you dont mind or feel aggrieved,” Gu Ning said.

“I wont.

Thank you so much!” Su Tongnuo didnt care if she could only be a role with several lines in the show.

As long as she could show up again, she was happy enough.

In addition, she would work hard for her future


“Alright, Ill inform you about the specific schedule later.

You can leave now.”

After that, Gu Ning and Su Tongnuo separated.

It was almost 11 am, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to have lunch first.

After lunch, Gu Ning rested for a while before she went to Colaine Pharmaceutical Company around 2 pm.

The production lines were all ready and Gu Ning took a bottle of power crystals.

There was a 100 crystals in the bottle and each was the size of a pearl and shone like a diamond.

Afterwards, a power crystal was taken out to be tested.

As the result showed, it didnt contain any chemicals at all, which surprised everyone in the factory.

Even water contained hydrogen and oxygen, but the power crystal was like something that never even existed.

Since there were no harmful chemicals in the power crystal, it was safe to be used in the medicine.

Workers in the medical factory then started to make medicines with the help of machines.

The first kind was cold medicine.

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