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Chapter 455 Do You Think That Im Weak

Once they were at the antique street, Gu Ning unconsciously used her Jade Eyes to scan the objects on the sides of the street.

Surprisingly, she did find two real antiques, although they werent very valuable.

When they walked into Xiangyun Antique-store, Gu Ning directly gave Chen Darong the antiques that she had just bought, and Chen Darong was surprised too.

After that, Chen Darong gave a report to Gu Ning about the sales in the store.

Antique stores werent busy every day, but Xiangyun Antique-store was an exception.

It had even sold several pieces of real antiques.

The owners of other antique stores on the street were jealous, but none of them dared to cause Xiangyun Antique-store any trouble, because it had Master Xu and Master Jiangs support.

Although Gu Ning wouldnt do everything behind Leng Shaotings back, sometimes she had to avoid him.

For example, she couldnt show the antiques that she carried with her in front of Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting had been with Gu Ning the entire time, so he would be suspicious if she suddenly took out a lot of antiques.

However, if she showed them in front of Chen Darong, Chen Darong wouldnt have doubt.

Therefore, Gu Ning made an excuse and told Chen Darong to discuss something with her in the office, while Leng Shaoting went to wait for her in the lounge.

When they were in the office, Gu Ning took several Sancai antiques out of her backpack.

Chen Darong rounded his eyes in shock when he saw them.

Gu Ning told Chen Darong to deal with the antiques then left with Leng Shaoting.

That afternoon, Gu Ning received Ning Changkais call.

He told her that everything was prepared, and Gu Ning replied that she would go to meet him tomorrow at noon.

Afterwards, Gu Ning invited Cao Wenxin to dine with them in the siheyuan.

Leng Shaoting was a little upset that he couldnt be alone with his girl, but he didnt say anything.

When Cao Wenxin arrived at the siheyuan, she was totally shocked, because it was rare to see such a beautiful and grand siheyuan with such a long history in the downtown of the capital.

It had to be worth a fortune! Hes so super rich!

“Ningning, I think that brother-in-law cant just be a military officer, because otherwise he couldnt afford such an expensive house!” Cao Wenxin said.

If Leng Shaoting was just a military officer, it would be impossible for him to buy this quadrangle.

“Well, he has many properties under his name and he hires people to manage those properties for him, but I dont know any details,” Gu Ning said.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning was a little curious about Leng Shaotings properties.

She decided to ask him tonight.

As for Leng Shaotings family background, Gu Ning didnt tell Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin told Gu Ning what she had done today and mentioned Su Tongnuo.

After hearing what had happened to Su Tongnuo, an idea dawned on her.

Su Tongnuo was stunning with excellent acting skills, which meant that she had a lot of potential.

She refused to accept the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry, so she had to be a woman with principles.

Gu Ning made up her mind to hire Su Tongnuo.

Of course, she wouldnt jump to conclusions just because of Cao Wenxins words, so she sent a message to K and told him to investigate Su Tongnuo.

Within 10 minutes, K had the result, which proved that what Cao Wenxin had said was true.

Su Tongnuo had annoyed an important figure, and had been shut out of the industry.

The company Su Tongnuo worked for was Feiteng Entertainment, which wasnt very famous in the capital but wasnt small either.

Gu Ning told K to investigate the boss of Feiteng Entertainment to find out whether he had some dirty secrets or not.

If he had, she could use his dirty secrets to threaten him to end the contract with Su Tongnuo.

Of course, she would talk to him nicely first.

If he wasnt willing to do so, she would then threaten him.

“Wenxin, can you help me contact Su Tongnuo” Gu Ning asked.

“Sure,” Cao Wenxin said, although she didnt know why Gu Ning asked the question.

“Please invite her to meet us tonight.

I have something that I want to speak to her about,” Gu Ning said.

“What are you going to talk to her about” Cao Wenxin didnt understand, because they didnt know each other at all.

Gu Ning didnt hide her aim and told Cao Wenxin her plan.

Cao Wenxin was astonished.

“Ningning, youre so unbelievable! Youve established so many companies at such a young age! I feel ashamed of myself now, but can you manage all of those companies yourself” Cao Wenxin was worried after hearing the shocking news.

“Im just the behind-scene boss, and I hire able people to help me manage them,” Gu Ning said.

“Will they take advantage of you, because youre so young” Cao Wenxin asked.

“Do you think that Im weak” Gu Ning said.

Cao Wenxin was struck dumb for a second, then she realized how awesome Gu Ning was.

Gu Ning wasnt afraid to face the head of the gang, so she definitely wouldnt be afraid of normal people.

Cao Wenxin then called Su Tongnuo at once, and told her that Gu Ning was going to sign her.

Su Tongnuo was excited and agreed to meet them today.

Before long, Gu Ning received the e-mail sent by K.

As she had assumed, the boss of Feiteng Entertainment indeed had many dirty secrets.

It wasnt uncommon that they all had some dirty secrets.

Gu Ning also had something that she would never want others to find out.

After dinner, Leng Shaoting drove Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin to meet Su Tongnuo.

Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin walked into the appointed place, while Leng Shaoting waited in the car.

When Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin arrived, Su Tongnuo was already waiting for them.

Seeing Gu Ning, Su Tongnuo was surprised, because she didnt expect that Gu Ning was so young.

However, she still showed her respect towards Gu Ning even though Gu Ning seemed like a student.

“Tongnuo, please let me introduce you.

This is my friend, Gu Ning,” Cao Wenxin said to Su Tongnuo.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu!” Su Tongnuo greeted Gu Ning politely.

“Nice to meet you too, Miss Su.” Gu Ning was also polite.

“Have a seat please,” Su Tongnuo said.

“What do you want to drink”

A waitress gave Gu Ning and Cao Wenxin a menu.

Gu Ning then ordered a coffee, while Cao Wenxin ordered a cup of tea.

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