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Chapter 450 Apologize Before Disappearing

Cao Wenxin thought for a while.

“Whats the background of Coastline Clubhouse”

“Im not clear.

Why ask” Xu Qinyin was curious.

“Um, Ive noticed that there is a game room on the second floor…” After what Cao Wenxin had been through at the Earth Nightclub, she didnt dare to win money in entertainment places anymore.

She wouldnt win of course, but Gu Ning would.

Xu Qinyin didnt understand why there was a conflict between the background of Coastline Clubhouse and the fact that Cao Wenxin wanted to play slot machines, but Gu Ning understood it at once.

“Its fine.

Lets go!” Saying that, Gu Ning stood up.

Gu Ning had done her investigation and neither the Qing Gang nor the Kirin Gang owned the Coastline Clubhouse.

It could be another gang of course, but Gu Ning didnt care about it since she had already handled the two biggest gangs in this country.

She didnt care about it, but also didnt want to get in trouble.

Therefore, she decided to keep a low profile.

Gu Ning then told Leng Shaoting that they were going to the game room, and left with Cao Wenxin and Xu Qinyin.

Seeing Cao Wenxins back leaving Xin Bei snorted with disdain.

“Xin Bei, why do you have to act like this against a young girl Be a man!” Chen Meng said.

“F*ck off,” Xin Bei said angrily, and ignored Chen Meng before going back to play cue sports.

“Well-well, Xin Bei, youre not in a good condition today!” Xu Jinchen shook his head.

Normally, Xin Bei was excellent at playing cue sports, but today he played it far worse than Si Ming.

The three girls went to the second floor and exchanged chips of ten thousand yuan before they walked inside.

Because of their outstanding appearance, the moment they entered the game room, many people paid attention to them.

They went to a slot machine, but four hoodlums walked towards them before they had even begun to play it.

Those hoodlums leered at the three beautiful girls, and said with obvious levity, “Hey, beauties! What are you playing Let us help you! Were pretty good.”

“No,” Cao Wenxin said coldly.

“Leave us alone.”

“Dont be so cold!” a man said.

“You want to play with us Im afraid you cant afford the result.” Gu Ning sneered.

The group of hoodlums was displeased at once.

The leading man of them said, “What Interesting! There is nothing we cant afford here.”

“If so, lets have a try then.

The bet is ten thousand yuan.

If you win, well listen to you.

If we win, you must apologize to us before you disappear.

How about that” Gu Ning said calmly.

She didnt seem nervous at all.

“Ningning.” Xu Qinyin was a little worried.

She wanted to stop Gu Ning, but was interrupted by Cao Wenxin, “Dont worry.

Well be fine.” Cao Wenxin had no worries at all.

She completely trusted Gu Ning now.

Xu Qinyin was worried that Gu Ning might lose, but she didnt think that the hoodlums dared to hurt them.

Leng Shaoting and the others were right upstairs, and they would protect them.

Although Gu Ning was calm, the hoodlums didnt take it seriously.

“Well, you dared to bet with me, so Ill let you know who the boss here is! I think well have a great night tonight,” The leading hooligan said, and seemed sexually excited already, as if he was in control of everything.

Gu Ning was extremely displeased.

Those hoodlums were merely digging their own graves.

People around them all gathered to watch the drama.

However, few of them were positive about Gu Nings situation, because those hoodlums were regular visitors here and they were quite good at playing slot machines.

“Lets begin!” Gu Ning smiled, but still seemed cold.

Gu Ning and the leading young man stood in front of slot machines.

Both of them bet on all the lines.

The young man pulled the spin on his machine before Gu Ning, and the slot machine started to make a loud noise.

Meanwhile, the 10 reels moved fast.

Gu Ning pulled the spin after he did, and the 10 reels on the screen of her machine began to move fast.

The hooligan pressed the stop button earlier, and the slot machine stopped at once with a sound like someone just slammed on the brakes.

The 10 reels gradually stopped one by one from left to right, and everyone fixed his or her eyes on the screen.

The picture of 200 times was already lined up along one line among the five lines that appeared on the screen of the young mans slot machine.

Although 200 times wasnt much, the young man was satisfied enough, because it was hard to win even though he bet on all the lines.

The group of hoodlums looked Gu Ning and the others with great pride.

“Well-well-well, girls, get ready to go back home with us tonight!”

“Ha-ha, ha-ha!” They laughed out loud.

“I dont think so,” Gu Ning said.

She abruptly pressed the stop button and the pictures gradually stopped.

At the same time, the lines on the other slot machine all showed the result.

The young hooligan won a line of 200 times and another of 100 times.

However, before they could gloat, they noticed that the pictures on the screen of Gu Nings slot machine began to show on one line after another.

Everyone was shocked.

There were pictures of different times showing on every line!

Within seconds, chips started to pour out of the slot machine at great speed.

“No way! She won all the lines!”

“Jesus! She is unbelievably lucky!”

“There must be at least a hundred million yuan in it!”

More and more people surrounded Gu Ning with jealousy.

Although Cao Wenxin was mentally-prepared, she was still astonished once more.

“Am-am I in a dream” Xu Qinyin couldnt believe her eyes.

“Do you need me to pinch you” Cao Wenxin asked.

“No, thanks.” Xu Qinyin rejected at once.

Gu Ning then looked to those young men and said coldly, “You lost the game.

Apologize before you disappear.”

“Do you know who I am How dare you ask me to apologize” The young man denied what he had agreed, because it was very shameful to apologize in public.

He had agreed to do so before just because he believed that he wouldnt lose.

“Are you going to apologize or not” Gu Nings voice was low and threatening.

The young men immediately felt like they were in a frozen room and couldnt help trembling from the chill.

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