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Chapter 423 Family Dinner

“I think she must have been trained professionally,” Cao Ruihua said.

It seemed that this young girl wasnt simple at all.

Did she really have no other aims when she established a close relationship with the Tang family Although Gu Ning had saved Tang Haifengs life, and the Tang family owed her.

They couldnt deny the possibility that she had done it for her own benefits.

Of course, Cao Ruihua didnt want to think that Gu Ning was a bad person either, but one had to be careful.

If Gu Ning simply want to expand her business with the Tang familys support, as long as it was legal, they wouldnt mind, because they did owe her.

However, if her aim was to hurt the Tang family, they would never allow it to happen.

The Cao familys car stopped outside of the main living building.

Cao Ruihua and Tang Yunrong got out of the car, walking to Cao Wenxin and Gu Ning.

“Hi, aunt and uncle!” Tang Jiakai said.

“Jiakai, is this girl your grandpas new granddaughter” Tang Yunrong asked.

“Yes!” Tang Jiakai replied.

At this time, Cao Wenxin and Gu Ning stopped too.

Cao Wenxin pulled Gu Ning, running to Cao Ruihua and Tang Yunrong.

“Dad, Mom, please let me introduce you.

This is Gu Ning; Grandpas new granddaughter.” Seeing Cao Wenxins attitude, she obviously liked Gu Ning.

Cao Ruihua and Tang Yunrong were both astonished then when they noticed Gu Nings face.

Wow, they look exactly alike! Tang Yunrong suddenly had a good impression of Gu Ning.

“You indeed closely resemble Yunfan when he was young!”

“Nice to meet you, Mr.

Cao and Mrs.

Cao!” Gu Ning greeted them politely.

They hadnt officially regarded her as a member of their family yet, so it wasnt appropriate if Gu Ning called them uncle and aunt right now.

Gu Nings good manners also impressed them.

“Nice to meet you too!” Tang Yunrong said with pleasure.

“Hi,” Cao Ruihua said lightly.

It wasnt because he disliked Gu Ning, although he did have suspicions.

Instead, he always looked strict.

And even though he held suspicion towards Gu Ning, he wouldnt show them on his face.

Actually, Gu Ning completely understood that they wouldnt completely trust her yet, because she was still a stranger to them.

If they completely trusted her just because she had saved Tang Haifengs life, they would be too naive to be such a successful family.

They treated her politely now just because she hadnt done anything harmful to the Tang family yet, but it was impossible for them to sincerely regard her as a member of their family in such a short time.

They would when Tang Yunfan finally found out that she was his biological daughter.

However, Gu Ning wasnt in a hurry.

“Its getting dark.

Lets go inside!” Tang Yunrong said.

Although Cao Wenxin wanted to continue, it was late.

Cao Wenxin directly held Gu Nings shoulder and said, “Sister, why dont you go out with me to have fun tonight”

“Where Ill go with you!” Tang Jiakai asked in excitement.

“Just shopping, hanging on the street, having some snacks or something,” Cao Wenxin said and gave Tang Jiakai a knowing glance.

Tang Jiakai immediately understood where Cao Wenxin was really going tonight, and he was more excited then.

“Sounds good.

I can be your driver,” Tang Jiakai said.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, had no idea where they were going to have fun tonight, but she didnt care.

Since they were all in a good mood today, it wasnt a bad idea to hang out with them.

Before long, Tang Yunhang and his wife, Jiang Liwen, came home.

When they saw Gu Ning, they had the same reaction as everyone else.

“Oh, you must be Gu Ning!” Jiang Liwen smiled.

“Its so nice to meet you! Yes, Im Gu Ning.” Gu Ning stood up at once and greeted them.

“Well, we heard about what you did, and that youre so outstanding at such a young age! Again, thank you so much for rescuing my father-in-law,” Jiang Liwen said with sincerity.

“Its my pleasure, and I think its fate that brought us together,” Gu Ning said.

“Youre right.

Thats fate.” Jiang Liwen laughed, and she liked Gu Ning from her heart now.

Gu Ning was so pretty, kind and smart, and she wished she could have a daughter like her.

In fact, Jiang Liwen had always wanted a daughter, but unfortunately, when she had given birth to Tang Jiakai and his twin brother, she had been injured and could not get pregnant again.

If Cao Wenxin wasnt born in the Tang Family, she probably would have adopted a girl as her daughter.

“Come here, and have a seat.” Jiang Liwen pulled Gu Ning to sit down next to her, and then began to chat with Gu Ning.

The meal wasnt ready yet, and Cao Ruihua asked Tang Yunhang to discuss something upstairs.

When they came to Tang Yunhangs study, Cao Ruihua directly told Tang Yunhang his suspicions towards Gu Ning.

He had no intention to stir things up, but just reminded Tang Yunhang to be careful.

Tang Yunhang actually had the same idea as Cao Ruihua.

He didnt believe Gu Ning was just being kind and had no other aims either.

Thus he would treat her politely until she was caught doing harmful things.

“Do you think we need to investigate her” Cao Ruihua asked.

“I dont think so.

If she doesnt want to hurt us at all, itll be rude if we investigate her behind her back, but we do need to be cautious,” Tang Yunhang said.

Cao Ruihua agreed.

When it was dinner time, they all gathered in the dining hall.

Gu Ning was arranged to sit by Tang Haifeng.

Actually, there was no rule for the Tang family to sit by order, and nobody would mind who sat with whom.

Before they started to enjoy the dinner, Tang Haifeng said seriously, “I bet that everyone already knows about Girl Gu.

I invited her to visit me at home in order to let you meet her too.

From now on, shes a member of our family and we will treat her as our family.” Hearing that, everyone agreed, and no one was dissatisfied.

After that, Tang Haifeng introduced his family to Gu Ning.

“Girl Gu, this is Tang Yunrong, my eldest child, and this is Cao Ruihua, her husband.

Tang Yunhang is my elder son, and Jiang Liwen is his wife.

Tang Yunfan is my younger son.

Theyre all your uncles and aunts now.

Cao Wenjun is also a member of the Cao family, but hes busy today, so hes absent.

Jiakai has a twin brother called Tang Jiayang.

Hes studying abroad.”

After the introduction, Gu Ning stood up and greeted them.

“Im so happy to have you all be my family, and Happy New Year everyone!”

“Happy New Year!” they said together.

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