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Chapter 414 Women Are Troublesome

If they could find a young man with wealth, the last thing they wanted to happen was to be abandoned in a short time.

Thus, most of them would keep their dirty secrets under the carpet.

Forty minutes later, Gu Ning finally arrived at the horse racing field.

Seeing Gu Ning coming, Pan Zirui immediately went ahead to welcome her.

“Hi, boss!”

When everyone found out that Pan Ziruis boss was a young girl, they were all shocked.

They had thought that Pan Ziruis boss would be a strong, grown-up man! Unexpectedly… Jesus! Did the hell freeze over Or did Lord Pan get possessed by a ghost None of Pan Ziruis friends could believe their eyes or ears.

“Hey, boss, come here and let me introduce you.

This is Zhou Guangrui, Guan Bin, Gao Yongkang and Hu Hao.

Theyre all my close friends.” Pan Zirui introduces his friends to Gu Ning.

Then he turned to the group of his friends.

“What are you looking at This is our boss.”

Gu Ning was surprised.

Since when did she become his friends boss all of a sudden Zhou Guangrui and the others were stunned.

It was insane for them to call a girl boss.

“Why do they need to call me boss” Gu Ning asked.

“Theyre my best friends, so my boss is their boss,” Pan Zirui said and took it for granted, although he was as domineering as usual.

Zhou Guangrui and Hu Hao who agreed with Pan Zirui called Gu Ning their boss at once, but Guan Bin and Gao Yongkang refused to do so.

“Lord Pan, are you crazy to make us call a young girl boss” Guan Bin said with obvious dislike.

“Dont you despise women Why did you change your mind so abruptly Its your own business to call a girl your boss, but Im not going to do the same thing.”

Saying that, he looked at Gu Ning with disdain.

In his eyes, Gu Ning must have trapped Pan Zirui with her beauty.

Although he refused to call a girl his boss, he had to admit that Gu Ning was quite stunning even without make-up.

If Pan Zirui didnt force them to call her boss, he would love to spend some time with such a beauty.

“Exactly, Lord Pan, you cant force us to do the same thing.

Its your personal decision to call a girl your boss!” Gao Yongkang had the same attitude as Guan Bin.

“You…” Pan Zirui was furious because he thought that Gu Ning had been humiliated.

“I think that theyre right.

Its your personal decision and you cant force them to do so.

Besides, you didnt ask my opinion either,” Gu Ning interrupted him.

Pan Zirui wouldnt listen to anyone but Gu Ning, so he gave up in the end.

“Fine, just call her Miss Gu, alright”

Hearing that, everyone was shocked again.

Since when did Pan Zirui become so obedient

“Lets get inside now!” Pan Zirui said, and guided Gu Ning, walking inside.

However, he left his female companion behind.

The young woman was mad, especially when Qiao Nana and Hao Mengqi gave her a gloating glance.

As for the other two young women, they never aligned themselves with those gold-diggers.

Actually, from the beginning to the end, Pan Zirui never mentioned his female companion in front of Gu Ning.

In his eyes, except Gu Ning, all the other women were as unimportant as accessories.

“Lord Pan, dont forget me!” The young woman raised her voice in annoyance.

“Just come along yourself.” Pan Zirui lost his patience and didnt even turn around for a second.

The young woman was raging and hated Gu Ning to death.

In her eyes, Gu Ning must be a siren who seduced her man.

Otherwise, Lord Pan who was well-known for his bias against women would never be so gentle and kind to her.

Either way, the young woman still had to quickly follow them in her high-heels.

Gu Ning, of course, sensed the young womans unkind look, but she didnt care.

As long as the woman stayed away from her, she wouldnt bother to teach her a lesson.

Right at this moment, Pan Zirui complained.

“Women are indeed troublesome.”

“What” Gu Ning squinted at him with a light sense of danger.

Seeing that, Pan Zirui instantly explained.

“Boss, I didnt mean you.”

However, once he said it, Pan Zirui felt like it sounded strange.

It sounded like he didnt think that Gu Ning was a woman, so Pan Zirui changed his words.

“No-no, I mean youre not one of those annoying women.”

Gu Ning remained quiet.

The young woman came to Pan Ziruis side, reaching out her hand to hold his arm.

She did that to show her ownership of him.

However, just as her hand touched Pan Zirui, he got rid of it without delay.

“Just walk by yourself.”

“Jiaojiao, are you blind or something Lord Pan is talking with his boss, and you shouldnt interrupt them.” Hao Mengqi seized every chance to make fun of other women.

Especially when she said the word “boss”, she intentionally stressed the sound.

However, men could never tell the difference.

“Exactly, dont you see that Im talking with my boss Be quiet, or you can leave!” Pan Zirui indeed failed to sense that Hao Mengqi was picking on Gu Ning, but agreed on her criticism towards Xia Jiao.

Xia Jiao was so mad, but couldnt say a word to retort.

“Oh, boss, where are you from” Pan Zirui suddenly asked.

He didnt realize that he knew so little about Gu Ning until now.

“City F,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Guan Bin, Gao Yongkang, Qiao Nana, Hao Mengqi and Xia Jiao showed their disdain.

In their eyes, City F was just a small third-tier city.

Actually, City F wasnt small, but it was barely comparable to City B.

The other people in their group werent that snobbish.

They didnt care where Gu Ning came from, and only those self-centered men and women would think that they were better than others.

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