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Chapter 388 Unbelievable Network

“Who” Su Zhenhao was confused looking to Yuan Jisong

“Gu Ning,” Yuan Jisong said.

Su Zhenhao was surprised.

“Do you know Gu Ning”

Su Zhenhao and Yuan Jisong had gone to the same high school, and they were close friends.

Most importantly, what they had achieved today relied on their family background, and their support to each other was also indispensable.

Because of their close relationship, others had even mistaken them as a couple of gays!

“Shes the girl who saved my life,” Yuan Jisong said.

“What” Hearing that, Su Zhenhao was astonished.

Yuan Jisong had told him the gravity of the situation.

If the young girl hadnt dashed out to rescue him, the knife would have been stabbed into his chest.

Since Gu Ning was able to rescue a person in such a dangerous situation, she must be surprisingly agile.

Thinking of the attack, let alone Yuan Jisong, even Su Zhenhao felt scared.

Su Anya was about to walk into the front hall.

Su Zhenhao curbed his astonishment towards Gu Ning and walked to Su Anyas side.

He faced the crowd and smiled.

“Thank you so much for attending Anyas birthday party! Please enjoy yourself!”

Everyone congratulated and toasted the 18th birthday of Su Anya with champagne.

A short while after Gu Ning and the other girls entered the front hall, Su Anya was pulled away by Mrs.

Su to chat with their guests.

Hao Ran and the others then came to gather with the girls.

Yuan Jisong walked to Gu Ning and said, “Hi, Gu Ning, nice to see you again.” Yuan Jisong didnt show any disrespect because Gu Ning was much younger than him.

She was his lifesaver after all!

“Hi!” Gu Ning smiled.

Many people around them saw Yuan Jisong greeting Gu Ning on his own initiative, and were all surprised.

The rich playboys who wanted to pick Gu Ning and the other girls up stopped their steps right away.

“Hi, Mr.

Yuan.” Gu Nings friends also greeted Yuan Jisong.

They were all aware of what Gu Ning had done, so they werent surprised that Yuan Jisong would come to greet Gu Ning.

Yuan Jisong nodded to them as response and said, “Well, I wont bother you any longer, so Ill go over there to talk with my friends.”

In fact, Yuan Jisong intentionally walked to Gu Ning and greeted her, because he had noticed that some rich playboys were aiming at Gu Ning and the other girls.

He did it to warn them to stay away.

“Ha-ha, Girl Gu, happy to see you again!” Gu Changjiang and Qin Haozheng walked to them after Yuan Jisong left.

“Hi, Master Gu, Master Qin.” Gu Ning smiled.

Qin Haozheng was a little embarrassed to see Gu Ning, “Girl Gu, Im sorry for what Yiqing did to you.

Please accept my apologies.”

“What happened” Gu Changjiang was puzzled.

He knew that Qin Yiqing wasnt a kind girl, and Qin Haozheng apologized to Gu Ning because of her, so Gu Changjiang thought that Qin Yiqing must have annoyed Gu Ning.

“Please dont mind it, Master Qin.

It was just a misunderstanding.

I already forgot it,” Gu Ning said.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have helped Qin Yiqing in the shopping mall the other day.

“Thanks,” Qin Haozheng said.

It was Qin Yiqings fault after all.

“Its no big deal,” Gu Ning said.

Qin Haozheng opened his mouth wanting to say something but didnt say it in the end.

“Well, then see you around.”

After that, Qin Haozheng and Gu Changjiang stepped away.

Qin Haozheng intended to talk about Qin Yifan because he wasnt in a good condition because of Gu Ning.

However, since Gu Ning had already rejected him, it wasnt appropriate for Qin Haozheng to bring it up again.

“Oh, I had no idea that youre a friend of Miss Su!” An Qian walked to them holding Le Zhengyus arm.

“Hello, An Qian and Mr.

Le!” Gu Ning smiled.

“Ha, it seems that you have an unbelievable network!” An Qian raised her eyebrow and teased.

“Well-well, its nothing.

I even lost count how many important figures I know,” Gu Ning joked.

“Oh! Tell me more about that!” An Qian said.

Su Zhenhao was afraid that Gu Ning and the other girls would feel uneasy in such a formal situation, so he kept glancing at them once in a while.

However, when he saw that many respected figures went to greet Gu Ning, he was shocked.

He had never heard of an influential Gu Family in City G, so he assumed that Gu Ning must be a girl from an ordinary family.

Unexpectedly, she knew so many people of high social status.

Jin Kexin, on the other hand, almost went crazy because of jealousy.

She couldnt understand why Gu Ning was able to know so many important figures.

Su Anya followed her mother making a round in the hall before she came back to Gu Ning and the other girls.

“Sorry about that.

Please dont mind.”

“Of course not.” Gu Ning and the other girls didnt mind at all.

Jin Kexin thought for a second and said to Su Anya, “Anya, happy birthday to you! Ive prepared a gift for you.

Its a jade pendant from Jade Beauty Jewelry.”

Jin Kexin handed Su Anya an exquisite small box.

While she was giving Su Anya the birthday gift, Jin Kexin sent Gu Ning several provoking glances.

Jin Kexin believed that there were only a few people who could afford a gift which was worth over a hundred thousand yuan.

In truth, this jade pendant was prepared by Jin Kexins mother.

Jin Kexin didnt think that the other girls could send more expensive gifts to Su Anya than hers.

“What A jade pendant from Jade Beauty Jewelry Wow, it must be expensive!” Several young girls around them immediately surrounded them with excitement.

Jade Beauty Jewelry was quite popular among rich ladies.

However, the brand was too expensive, No matter how rich the family was, few parents were willing to buy such expensive jewelry for their daughters.

It was inappropriate for young girls to wear such expensive jewelry at such a young age, and it was also dangerous if they encountered robbers.

“I have always wanted a jade pendant from Jade Beauty Jewelry, but my parents wont agree to buy one for me.

They say a young girl shouldnt wear such expensive jewelry.”

“Me too.

Although my mom has a jade pendant from Jade Beauty Jewelry, and she let me put it on a few times, but I still want to have my own piece!”

“My dad promised to give me one on my birthday, but my birthday is still half a year away! I cant wait that long!”

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