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Chapter 381 Additional Credit Card from Leng Shaoting

Jiang Zhongyu felt cornered because he didnt know why Leng Shaoting didnt tell Master Leng and wasnt sure whether it was appropriate for him to tell Master Leng about the accident.

“Jiang, just tell me!” Master Leng urged.

Jiang Zhongyu thought for a while.

He believed that maybe Leng Shaoting forgot to mention it to Master Leng, so he said, “Haoyang was kidnapped not long ago; you all knew about it, right”

“Yes.” They nodded.

Leng Shaoxun said, “It was Shaoting who rescued Haoyang!”

“Yes, but the girl who suddenly emerged from beneath the overpass and beat Qin Huiqun was precisely Shaotings girlfriend!” Jiang Zhongyu said.

“What” Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

To their astonishment, the girl who beat Qin Huiqun was Leng Shaotings girlfriend! It was so unbelievable!

“I didnt see her in person, but Zhenghua told me that the girl fainted after rescuing Haoyang.

She was admitted to the hospital and Zhenghua saw Shaoting sitting at the girls bedside holding her hand in the patient room,” Jiang Zhongyu added.

Holding her hand Everyone immediately believed that it had to be Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

Leng Shaoxun instantly took out his phone and watched the video again.

Although the girls face wasnt clear, it was amazing to see her agile movements.

In the beginning, everyone thought that Leng Shaotings girlfriend was an ordinary girl.

Unexpectedly, she was very incredible.

Is she a female soldier

Only Master Leng knew that Leng Shaotings girlfriend was just a senior student in a high school.

For the second time, Master Leng had the feeling that Leng Shaotings girlfriend could be more outstanding than he had expected.

All in all, everyone was amazed by Leng Shaotings girlfriend, who they hadnt even met yet.

Even Leng Yuanqians family made up their mind to investigate her.

Meanwhile, Leng Shaoting arrived at City F.

Gu Qing and Gu Qing didnt have many friends, so nobody came to visit them during the Spring Festival.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya joined them for dinner today as well.

When it was about time to eat, Gu Ning received Leng Shaotings call.

She made an excuse and left her home without hesitation.

The moment that Gu Ning walked out of Zone G, she saw Leng Shaoting standing by the car.

Seeing Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting opened the car door for her.

Gu Ning quickly walked towards him and got in the car.

“Happy New Year, this is for you.” Leng Shaoting handed a red envelope to Gu Ning after he got in the car.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, but she soon realized what was going on.

However, the red envelope was pretty thin.

“No way, its so thin.

Is there just a single yuan inside” Gu Ning asked.

However, she was just joking.

“Of course not,” Leng Shaoting said.

Gu Ning didnt use her Jade Eyes to see what was inside, because she wanted to open the gift in person.

She took it and could immediately tell what was inside from the feel of the envelope.

It was a card.

Is it a bank card Gu Ning thought to herself.

She was right.

There was a credit card in the red envelope.

“Why” Gu Ning was surprised.

She just wanted a red envelope for fun, but he gave her an additional credit card.

“Buy anything you like,” Leng Shaoting said.

Although Gu Ning didnt lack money, it showed a mans love for you if he was willing to spend money on you.

“Arent you afraid that Ill max it out” Gu Ning asked.

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“Its fine.

I have more cards.” Leng Shaoting didnt care at all.

It was good news if Gu Ning maxed his card out because it meant that he was useful in her heart.

On the contrary, he was afraid that Gu Ning wouldnt use his card because he knew that Gu Ning didnt lack money.

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning snorted with laughter.

“It seems that my boyfriend is super-rich!”

It was a gift from Leng Shaoting, so Gu Ning accepted the additional credit card.

She knew what she should do and what she shouldnt, and she absolutely wouldnt use Leng Shaotings card for no reason.

She didnt lack money, and she wasnt used to spending a mans money either, but if it was a gift from her boyfriend, she would love to use it.

Leng Shaoting flushed a little and asked, “What do you want to have for dinner”

“No idea, whats your opinion” Gu Ning asked.

Leng Shaoting thought for a while, “Lets go to a nearby restaurant.”

“Great!” Gu Ning replied.

During the meal, Gu Ning received Chu Peihans call.

Chu Peihan invited her to see the fireworks show at Qingjiang Square at 10 pm.

It wasnt allowed to set off fireworks in cities, so people could only do it in an empty space far from the downtown.

Qingjiang Square was at the riverside, and people were used to setting off fireworks there during the Spring Festival.

Gu Ning thought for a while and agreed.

Su Anya called soon after Gu Ning ended the call with Chu Peihan.

She also invited Gu Ning to watch the fireworks show.

Although Gu Ning and her friends werent very close to Su Anya yet, they were willing to be friendly to her.

Therefore, Gu Ning invited her to watch the show along with them.

After dinner, Gu Ning went there with Leng Shaoting.

The firework show began at 10 pm, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at 8:30 pm.

Apart from the fireworks show, there were many fun activities in Qingjiang Square too, like Chinese lanterns, acrobatics performance and so forth.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to buy two flower lanterns.

They wrote down their wishes and put the flower lanterns on the river.

After that, they went to buy sky lanterns and set them free into the air.

A short time later, Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi arrived, followed by Mu Ke and An Yi.

They all greeted Leng Shaoting when they saw him.

Su Anya arrived afterward, and there were two other pretty girls by her side.

One was around 15 years old, while the other was around 20 years old.

“Gu Ning, it has been a while! Did you forget me already If I hadnt called you today, you probably wouldnt have invited me to have fun with you guys!” Seeing Gu Ning, Su Anya ran over and hugged her.

They had only met Su Anya three times since they had known each other, but they all got along quite well.

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