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Chapter 366 Gao Yi Wins

Gu Qinyang was jealous too, but he knew that it had nothing to do with him, and he had no right to be involved.

In addition, Jiang Xu, Gu Qing and Gu Man were all rich now, it was unwise for him to annoy them again.

Gu Qinxiang had worked hard for over a dozen years to become a successful businessman with twenty million yuan in assets, while Gu Qing and Gu Man became rich within such a short time! Several months ago, they couldnt afford dozens of thousands of yuan!

Gu Qinyang wasnt an idiot, and he knew that he had to respect them now.

Therefore, Gu Qinyang just stayed quiet and listened to his mother complaining the entire time.

After hanging up with his mother, Gu Qinyang told his wife, Wen Yulan, what he had heard from his mother.

Wen Yulan had the same feelings as him.

She was jealous of Jiang Xu, but understood that she had to respect them from now on.

Change was the only constant, and the wheel of fortune turned!

Jiang Xu went back home and told Gu Qing and Gu Man about what had happened today.

They understood that Gu Qinxiangs family would find out about it sooner or later.

Meanwhile, they were also worried that Gu Qinxiangs family would cause them trouble again.

When it was almost 10 pm in Dihao Clubhouse, a handsome host walked out onto the boxing stage and gave a short opening speech.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dihao Clubhouse! Well be holding a kickboxing match tonight on this stage.

There will be three boxers on behalf of Dihao Clubhouse, and you may challenge any one of them.

If you win, you can go home with a hundred thousand yuan.

And if you lose, dont worry, you dont need to pay anything.”

“Its a kickboxing match, so well set a bet for fun.

You may decide the bet ratio, but be careful, because you have to pay for the result if you lose,” the host said.

After that, three men walked out, standing on the stage.

Boxer No.

1 was tall and muscular; Boxer No.

2 was a man of medium size, while Boxer No.

3 was thin and short.

However, all of them were professional boxers and it wasnt wise to judge them from appearance.

Most of the people came here tonight for this kickboxing game, so many of them were interested in challenging.

At the same time, only a few of them dared to set the bet ratio, except for those who were either rich or confident.

Gao Yi wasnt in a hurry to challenge them, but had decided to see their performance first.

Many of the audience went up to the stage to challenge the three boxers, but none of them could stay on the stage for over five minutes.

Finally, a man set the bet ratio to gamble for a time, and most of the audience bet that the boxers would win, because they were professionals.

The result wasnt surprising at all.

The boxer won and the man who set the bet ratio lost over ten million yuan.

After a long time, no one could beat the boxers.

It was time for Gao Yi to go up.

He went up to the stage and challenged Boxer No.


However, except for Gu Ning and the others who bet on him, hundreds of audience members in the hall bet on Boxer No.


The odds were 1:1.

Seeing that most of the audience bet on Boxer No.

2, Gu Ning laughed.

They could win over ten million yuan this time.

Once Gao Yi won, the money would be his.

Gu Ning and Qiao Ya stayed calm, while Chu Peihan and the others were nervous.

Before long, the game began.

“Tie Jun, Tie Jun, Tie Jun!” The audience under the stage shouted the name of Boxer No.

2 to encourage him, but voices that supported Gao Yi were barely heard in the crowds acclamation.

The moment the match began, Gao Yi and Tie Jun moved quickly.

The boxers on behalf of Dihao Clubhouse had constantly won tonight, so Tie Jun was a little arrogant now, even though Gao Yi was confident enough to set the bet ratio.

Tie Jun hit Gao Yi immediately, but Gao Yi didnt avoid him.

Instead, he grabbed Tie Juns hand like lightning

The scene shocked the audience.

None of them could believe his or her eyes.

“Jesus! Its impossible!”

“Is it real”

The audience burst into discussion.

“Wow! Yi is so awesome!” Hao Ran and the others shouted with excitement.

Tie Jun was amazed too, and struggled to get rid of Gao Yi.

Tie Jun was a professional boxer, so Gao Yi wasnt able to beat him down within seconds, but it still wasnt easy for Tie Jun to get rid of Gao Yis control.

Right now, Tie Jun didnt dare to despise Gao Yi, because he realized that he had met a powerful opponent.

Afterwards, Tie Jun attacked Gao Yi again with full force.

His heavy fists hit towards Gao Yi without hesitation.

Gao Yi didnt meet his fists, but instead stepped backwards.

And when Tie Jun focused on attacking Gao Yi with his fists, Gao Yi seized the chance to kick

Tie Juns leg.

Although Tie Jun tried to avoid it, he was kicked right in the calf.

He didnt fall down immediately, but stumbled backwards a few steps, and his calf ached.

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Within a short time, Tie Jun was noticeably weaker than Gao Yi, which made those who bet on him feel anxious.

They shouted again to encourage him, “Tie Jun, fight! Tie Jun, fight! Tie Jun, fight!”

Tie Jun understood that it wouldnt be an easy game this time, and he was mad too.

He got his balance back and attacked Gao Yi once more with his fists and kicks at the same time.

Gao Yi immediately reacted and moved more quickly than Tie Jun.

It was obvious that Gao Yi was better than Tie Jun at fighting.

If it continued, Tie Jun was doomed to fail.

Right when everyone had that same idea in mind, Tie Jun was kicked off the stage by Gao Yi with a loud sound.

Gao Yi won.

“Yes! Yes!”

No one was more excited than Hao Ran and his friends.

They had easily won a lot tonight.

From the beginning to the end, Yu Mixi was extremely nervous, but luckily, she was one of the few winners too.

“What Why didnt I bet on Gao Yi!”

“Who knew that he would win!”

The audience burst into discussion again.

And most of the audience regretted that they made the wrong decision.

“I challenge you!” Boxer No.

1 said to Gao Yi.

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