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Chapter 288: The Wang Family Is in Trouble

Around 10 pm, Gu Ning received Ks call.

He already sent the evidence that he found against the Wang Family to her email box.

“Boss, are you a spy sent by our nation Why are your enemies all criminals” K asked and joked, because the people that Gu Ning asked him to investigate every time were so special.

“Im not, but Im too outstanding and some people are jealous of me,” Gu Ning said resignedly.

Although she was kidding too, it was the truth.

“Well, it seems that it is not an easy task to work for you.

I wish I could travel around!” K complained.

“You cant regret, unless you want your legs to be the same as before,” Gu Ning said.

K immediately realized that he shouldnt have said that.

“No-no, of course not.

Bye!” After that, K hung up at once.

Gu Ning couldnt help laughing.

She then sent a message to K and told him to investigate the second son of the Tang Family in City B.

She wanted to find out what he was doing 18 years ago.

Leng Shaoting was in the shower, so he didnt know that K was talking with Gu Ning.

A while later, he walked out of the bathroom and pressed against Gu Ning without delay.

They started kissing and touching each other, and Gu Ning totally forgot to check the email sent by K.

However, while they were both sexually excited, Gu Nings phone rang and interrupted them.

Leng Shaoting was displeased, but didnt stop Gu Ning from answering the phone.

It must be something important if someone called her at night.

It was Qiao Ya.

She told Gu Ning that some people had just broken into the factory of Colorful Jade Provider, but they got control of them the moment that they got inside.

It turned out that the Wang Family sent them.

Qiao Ya asked Gu Ning how to deal with it.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was mad.

It seemed like the Wang Family wouldnt give up until they succeeded!

“Take a video of their account, then call the police,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning understood that the police wouldnt punish them when faced with the Wang Familys influence, but Gu Ning also had no intention to use them against the Wang Family.

She merely wanted to cause a sensation.

“If the police ignore the case, you can post it on the Internet,” Gu Ning added.

Qiao Ya followed Gu Nings order.

She called the police first, but the police indeed ignored her.

Thus Qiao Ya and Gao Yi posted it on the Internet afterwards.

The news immediately went viral, because the Wang Family was notorious for its rude and arrogant behavior.

Many people disliked them and seized every chance to criticize them.

The police didnt expect that it would go viral.

In order to stop it from spreading further, they immediately sent policemen to handle it.

The police also called Wang Hongming because the Wang Family was involved in this case.

Wang Hongming was annoyed after he found out that his plan B had failed as well.

To his surprise, there were many people who were excellent at fighting guarding Colorful Jade Providers factory.

Wang Hongming of course refused to admit that the Wang Family was involved.

Although the people confessed that the Wang Family sent them to damage the factory, Wang Hongming denied it, so they were sentenced as thieves in the end.

Gu Ning didnt show any disappointment, because she already had her plan.

The next day around nine oclock, Wang Hongming said to Lin Jian, “Spread the news that the boss of Colorful Jade Provider is the so-called Queen of Jade, and tell other raw material providers not to sell raw materials to them.”

Wang Hongming did that not because he knew the relationship between Colorful Jade Provider and the Queen of Jade, but because he wanted to cut off the raw material supply of Colorful Jade Provider.

“Sure!” Lin Jian replied.

However, right at this moment, Wang Hongming received a call.

After answering the call, Wang Hongming was stunned.

Just then in City Teng…

All the computers in the Internet cafés were hacked.

There were lines of words shown on the screens.

Wang Yanfeng, the son of Wang Bokang who is the vice mayor of City Teng, is involved in the crime of raping teenage girls many times.

On May 12th last year, Wang Yafeng raped and killed his teachers 16-year-old daughter because he had been dissatisfied with his teachers education.

Wang Bokang, as the vice mayor, had secretly arranged another person to replace his son and the man had been sentenced to death.

There was also a video attached to the lines.

In the video, Wang Yafeng looked terrified squatting and trembling in a corner.

He confessed everything he had done illegally.

In his confession, he had conducted rape at least 10 times in the past three years, and all the victims were common girls who didnt have a powerful family background as support.

Especially on May 12th last year when Wang Yafeng was a senior in a high school, his teacher had criticized him because he had been involved in a fight.

Wang Yafeng then raped and killed his teachers 16-year-old daughter along with one of his classmates.

Afterwards, under the arrangement of Wang Bokang who was the vice mayor of City Teng, Wang Yafengs classmate had been sentenced to death, but Wang Yafeng had successfully gotten away with it.

In Wang Yafengs phone, there were pictures and videos of his rapes.

He used the pictures and videos to threaten those victims to stay quiet.

Those victims werent able to act against the influential Wang Family, so they had to shut their mouths.

The second the scandal was exposed, it caused a great sensation across City Teng.

People were all irritated.

Many called the Public Security Bureau and demanded that they investigate the case.

The Wang Familys reputation was completely ruined this time.

What they had done was totally unacceptable!

Meanwhile, each of the officials in City Teng also received a message to which the same video was attached.

Their anger was ignited too, and all went to Wang Bokangs office to criticize him.

Zhang Yuancheng, who was the head of the Public Security Bureau, went to arrest Wang Bokang in person.

As for Wang Yafeng, he had already been sent to the Public Security Bureau beforehand and was now under the control of the police.

In fact, only Wang Hongming and Wang Bokang knew of Wang Yafengs scandal in the Wang Family, but it was beyond their imagination that the scandal was exposed now.

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