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Chapter 286: Tang Yunfans Daughter

To be specific, Gu Ning could be Tang Yunfans daughter! Although there were many people who resembled each other in this world, Gu Ning didnt want to ignore the possibility that she might have a close connection with the Tang Family.

Leng Shaoting was sensitive and immediately sensed Gu Nings small emotional changes.

In fact, he had the same thought.

Does Gu Ning really have a relationship with the Tang Family

“But what” Gu Ning couldnt help asking.

Although she knew that it was a little impolite, she was eager to find out what he wanted to say.

“Hes been occupied by his career throughout his lifetime.

He never got married, or had a kid.

Otherwise, no one would doubt that youre his daughter,” Master Tang said.

Occupied by his career and never got married, or had a kid

Gu Ning had mixed emotions now.

She wasnt sure whether her guess could be correct.

According to Gu Mans account, Gu Nings biological father had disappeared in an accident, which meant that he could be dead already, but what if he had survived If he had survived, why didnt he come back for Gu Man It had been 18 years.

However, Gu Man also told her that when they had met each other, the man had completely lost his memory.

In that case, it was possible that the man had regained his memory after he had survived but had forgotten the memory of when he had been with Gu Man! It sounded insane, but was indeed possible.

Gu Ning thought that maybe Tang Yunfan didnt marry, or have children not only because of his career, but also because he had already found but lost his love and couldnt accept anyone else.

Those were just Gu Nings guesses, but no matter what, she made up her mind to investigate it.

She didnt want Gu Man to wait for 18 years in vain.

“Well, I want to meet this uncle after what Grandpa Tang has told me.

Im curious how closely we resemble each other.

Actually, I was born in a one-parent family and my mother brought me up with great effort.

I never knew what my father looked like,” Gu Ning said and felt sad.

Speaking of family, Leng Shaoting was slightly unhappy too.

He had met both of his parents, but had lost them when he had only been 10-years-old.

And now he could only look at the photos of his parents.

Hearing what Gu Ning said, Master Tang felt a deep sympathy for her.

He hadnt known that Gu Ning was born in a poor family, and unconsciously wanted to take care of her.

All of a sudden, an idea dawned on Master Tang.

“Why dont you treat my second son as your foster father Ive always wanted to have a granddaughter like you!”

Master Tang looked at Gu Ning with anticipation.

He was being serious, and wasnt joking.

Master Tangs bodyguards, Tang Wen and Tang Wu, understood Master Tangs affection towards Gu Ning, but to their surprise, Master Tang was willing to foster Gu Ning.

In the past, they would probably have thought that it totally changed Gu Nings fate, because she suddenly became a super-rich heir from being a dirt poor girl.

However, after Gu Ning had saved their masters life, they believed that this girl wasnt simple, and that it wasnt a bad thing to have a close relationship with her.

All the rich people valued their health above money.

Gu Ning understood that Master Tang wasnt just saying it, but she didnt agree immediately.

“Grandpa Tang, I think that its a big deal and that we should consider your second sons opinion.”

And she should consider it as well.

If she closely resembled another man, but the man wasnt her biological father, she was reluctant to have a closer relationship with him.

She cared about Gu Mans feelings.

If Gu Man saw a man who greatly resembled her love, but they werent the same person, she would be hurt.

Gu Man would inevitably meet the Tang Family if Gu Ning accepted Tang Yunfan to be her foster father.

On the contrary, if Tang Yunfan was Gu Nings biological father, Gu Ning was more than willing to let them meet each other again.

As long as they still loved each other, Gu Ning was happy to see her family reunite.

Gu Ning didnt want Gu Man to be alone for the rest of her life.

She was still young and she should live her own happy life.

In addition, Gu Ning was leaving for the capital soon, and she would be apart from Gu Man.

If Gu Man had a reliable man to keep her company for the rest of her lifetime, Gu Ning would of course agree.

“Well.” Master Tang felt that it wouldnt be easy.

He understood his sons personality so well, and knew that Tang Yunfan would probably disagree, but if he insisted on doing it without Tang Yunfans approval, Gu Ning would be embarrassed.

Master Tang was a little disappointed.

Seeing that, Gu Ning smiled and comforted him, “If you really want to have a granddaughter like me, please take me as your granddaughter, and Ill regard you as my grandpa too!”

Hearing that, Master Tangs eyes lit up at once.

“Ha-ha, I think thats a good idea!”

“Are you studying in a high school or a university now” Master Tang asked Gu Ning.

“Im a senior in high school, and Im going to attend the National College Entrance Exam in half a year,” Gu Ning replied.

“Which university do you want to attend How about City B I can take care of you if you study in City B,” Master Tang said.

Since he already took Gu Ning as his granddaughter, he naturally treated her like his own granddaughter.

“Shes going to the capital, and Ill look after her.” This time, before Gu Ning could answer Master Tangs question, Leng Shaoting opened his mouth first.

He seized Gu Nings hand, as if she was leaving him for City B.

Although Gu Ning had no intention to study in City B, Leng Shaoting was afraid that she would change her mind because of Master Tang.

Gu Ning understood that Leng Shaoting didnt want to lose her, so she held his hand in hers to show her determination.

“Thanks, Grandpa Tang, I already made the decision to go to the capital,” Gu Ning said.

“Fine, but if youre free, do come to City B and have fun.

Ill pay the bill!” Master Tang added.

“Sure, I will,” Gu Ning answered.

After they chatted for a while longer, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting said good-bye to Master Tang.

Seeing Gu Ning leaving, Master Tang suddenly felt lonely for no reason.

When they walked out of the tea house, Leng Shaoting asked, “Do you want to investigate it”

Gu Ning understood what Leng Shaoting was talking about.

“Ill handle it myself, but dont worry, no matter what the result is; Im determined to go to the capital.”

Leng Shaoting was slightly disappointed that Gu Ning declined his help, but he didnt insist.

Gu Ning was determined to go to the capital after all, and he didnt need to worry that they couldnt be together in the future.

After that, they continued to have a tour around the antique street.

In the end, Gu Ning accidentally picked up two real antiques.

One was worth a million yuan, while the other was worth around eight million yuan.

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