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Chapter 285: Meet Master Tang at the Antique Street

“Im not certain that the jade is from our warehouse, but I can send people to slide into their warehouse and have a look.” Lin Jian wasnt very sure, and didnt want to believe it either.

“Great, bring several men who are good at fighting along with you to have a look.

If its true, steal the raw materials back!” Wang Hongming ordered.

His expression was malicious.

If Gu Nings raw materials which contained jade were all from his warehouse, he of course wouldnt tolerate it.

This time, he hated Gu Ning to death.

“Sure!” Lin Jian answered before he walked out.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left the street of stone gambling for the antiques street.

Although they had been there the day before yesterday, they wanted to have a tour again during the day.

“You came to City Teng for a task.

Is it appropriate that youre with me all the time” Gu Ning asked Leng Shaoting on their way to the antiques town.

She knew that Leng Shaoting had his plane, but she still felt a little guilty.

“Its fine.

Were going to encircle a drug trafficking gang this time, and we already have undercover agents busy gaining their trust.

As long as they can find the den of the drug gang, well be informed before we take action to encircle and suppress them,” Leng Shaoting said.

Since Leng Shaoting said so, Gu Ning relaxed.

When they arrived at the antiques street, there were indeed far more antiques during the day than at night.

Compared with the antiques street in City G, City Tengs antiques street was a lot more active.

Gu Ning immediately used her Jade Eyes to scan the antiques displayed on the stands.

While they were walking along the street, Gu Ning noticed a real antique with thick power.

It was a blue and white porcelain plate, but it was held in another persons hands.

Gu Ning gave the person a glance.

To her surprise, it was a familiar face.

“Hi, Master Tang!” Gu Ning walked over.

The person was exactly Master Tang.

Master Tang heard her voice, and looked over.

“Girl Gu, what a coincidence!” Master Tang was excited to meet Gu Ning.

Gu Ning greatly resembled his son, Tang Yunfan, so Master Tang had an inexplicable intimacy towards her.

In addition, Gu Ning had saved his life and she had a great character, which all made Master Tang think highly of her.

Master Tangs sight then fell on Leng Shaoting.

He thought that the man looked familiar, but couldnt remember where they had met before.

“This is…” Master Tang asked Gu Ning.

“Oh, this is my boyfriend, Leng Shaoting,” Gu Ning introduced.

“Nice to meet you, Master Tang,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Nice to meet you too.”

Master Tang was a sophisticated, witty man, thus he immediately sensed that Leng Shaoting wasnt simple.

Although Gu Ning was just 18-years-old now, she behaved like a mature woman, so Master Tang didnt think that it was inappropriate that the two were boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Are you shopping for antiques, Master Tang” Gu Ning took a look at the blue and white porcelain plate in his hands.

It was a valuable one, and Gu Ning didnt know whether Master Tang was just lucky or if he was an expert.

“Yes, I felt bored so I came here to have a look.

I think this plate looks good,” Master Tang smiled, but then he approached closer to Gu Nings ears and said, “I actually dont think that there are real antiques here.

Its getting a bit boring too.” Saying that, Master Tang was about to put the plate down.

Gu Ning immediately stopped him.

“Since you think it looks good, why dont you buy it Its a great decoration either way.”

Gu Ning also gave Master Tang a knowing eye to persuade him to buy it.

Master Tang was surprised.

He understood that Gu Ning wouldnt make him buy this plate for no reason._ Is this plate a real one Does she know antiques _ Master Tang thought to himself.

Nevertheless, how can she be so sure

Seeing that Master Tang was confused, Gu Ning gave him an affirmative nod again.

Master Tang was surprised and curious, but it wasnt the right time to ask the question.

Since Gu Ning told him to buy it, he would do so.

It was cheap after all.

Accordingly, Master Tang told his bodyguard, Tang Wen, to pay the money.

“Girl Gu, are you free now Why dont we have a cup of tea together” Master Tang invited.

“Sure!” Gu Ning understood why Master Tang invited them, so she didnt reject.

After that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting followed Master Tang, walking into a private room of a nearby tea house.

The minute that they were in the private room, Master Tang asked Gu Ning, “Girl Gu, why are you so sure that this plate is real”

“My instinct,” Gu Ning replied.

“What Your instinct” Master Tang was slightly displeased.

Apparently, he wasnt satisfied with the answer.

“My instinct is always right.

If you dont believe it, you can turn to an expert and have it checked,” Gu Ning said calmly.

No matter what, Master Tang was going to have it appraised.

They then started to enjoy the tea while chatting.

Leng Shaoting stayed silent, but didnt feel bored or uncomfortable at all.

As long as he was with Gu Ning, he felt happy enough even if he just sat by her side.

Master Tang tried to talk with Leng Shaoting at the beginning, but he soon realized that Leng Shaoting was not a talkative person.

Although Master Tang was from an influential family, he wasnt arrogant, and stayed low-profile.

He was always serious and strict, so many people, including his own family, in City B were in awe of him.

However, when he faced Gu Ning, he was very kind, maybe because she was his life-saver, or maybe because she was adorable, or even maybe because she resembled his son who he loved and cherished the most.

Gu Ning explained later, “Master Tang, please dont mind him.

He never loves talking.”

“Ha-ha, its fine.” Master Tang didnt mind at all.

“However, you dont need to call me Master Tang all the time.

I dont feel close to you if you call me that.

If you dont mind, you can call me Grandpa Tang.

To be honest with you, you closely resemble my second son, so Ive always had an inexplicable intimacy towards you, but…”

Speaking of it, Master Tang sighed heavily and looked sad.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning had a strange feeling.

_I closely resemble Master Tangs second son Master Tang has an inexplicable intimacy towards me Is there any connection _

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