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They didnt think a few minutes were enough for them to hide any antiques.

The cashier immediately went upstairs, while those public servants from the Bureau of Cultural Relics sized up the objects in the store.

However, there werent many real antiques left, only a few objects without high value.

The rest was all crafts.

However, those public servants didnt think that these were all the goods on sale.

Real antiques could be hidden in a warehouse.

After all, it wasnt safe to place real antiques on the shelves in the store.

When they were talking, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting heard them, so Gu Ning and Chen Darong walked out.

As for Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning told him to leave through the window before them, taking the real antiques.

Because Chen Darong was there, Gu Ning couldnt directly put them away in her telepathic eye space.

She had to bother Leng Shaoting to take those real antiques away.

After all, she needed to keep her secret.

“Boss, Manager Chen, people from the Bureau of Cultural Relics are here,” the cashier said worriedly.

“Its fine.

Were done.

Lets go downstairs now,” said Gu Ning.

Then they went downstairs together.

The public servants from the Bureau of Cultural Relics met Gu Ning for the first time, but they had seen her photos before, so they recognized her at a glance.

After that, the leader of those public servants said, “Miss Gu, nice to see you.

Were from the Bureau of Cultural Relics.

Because of active grave-digging, there are lots of antiques on the market now.

We have been ordered to search antique stores.

Please cooperate.”

He was very nice.

After all, Gu Ning was an important figure, and there was no need for them to offend her.

And if they had a bad attitude, it would seem as if they were deliberately finding fault with Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning was indeed targeted, they still needed to hide their purpose.

“Since its your job, we will definitely be cooperative, but I need to see your documentation,” said Gu Ning.

Whether it was really an order from a senior official or if she actually was the target, she had to see the documents.

“Of course,” said the leader, then gave Gu Ning the search warrant.

Because it was real, they didnt need to hide.

After reading the search warrant, Gu Ning let them do their job.

Afterwards, they began to search around.

Although the cashier and other employees were still worried, they trusted Gu Ning.

Since she agreed to let them do the search, everything should be fine.

Those public servants searched around the hall first, but failed to find a single real antique.

There were barely any very valuable antiques.

The leader wondered whether Gu Ning knew they were coming and had already hidden valuable antiques away.

“Miss Gu, I heard that there are a lot of valuable antiques in Xiangyun Antique Store.

Why cant we see any” asked the leader.

“Because theyve all been sold.

You should know that there are less real antiques on the market lately.

I didnt have many good pieces recently.

Thats the reason why were selling crafts now,” said Gu Ning.

It wasnt a secret that Xiangyun Antique Store started to sell crafts, but those public servants didnt believe that there werent real antiques in this store.

There used to be a lot.

How come all the real antiques disappeared suddenly

“Youre right, but since we need to do a search, we must be meticulous.

Miss Gu, can you take us to the warehouse or offices We need to do a thorough search,” said the leader.

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